Chandra's Incinerator

Chandra's Incinerator

Creature — Elemental

This spell costs less to cast, where X is the total amount of noncombat damage dealt to your opponents this turn.


Whenever a source you control deals noncombat damage to an opponent, Chandra's Incinerator deals that much damage to target creature or planeswalker that player controls.

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Chandra's Incinerator Discussion

Demonarque on Yeet or be Yeeted

1 month ago

I think Chandra's Incinerator would be pretty nice !!

Harbinger69 on Rem Karolus: Extinctionproof

1 month ago

I would add artifact tutors to get your mana reducing rocks, and add one or two more game ending dragons. Radiant Scrollwielder doesn't much for you, and Chandra's Incinerator seems too clunky for what you're trying to do. I would add something with haste to finish of

Deathstroke2791 on YEET! [[Primer]]

2 months ago

king-saproling ooooo I forgot about Chandra's Incinerator, that could be some very useful and repeatable removal. Will mostly come down for at most two mana. This one is definitely going in the maybe board.

Satyr Firedancer is a definite no. Not enough instants and sorceries that deal damage in the deck, although there are some, just not enough to justify a spot for this.

So this is an entire collection of the same type of card. Basically I like these effects, but I don't want too many. The max I would be willing to run is two. It helps flesh out the deck, but it's not the main strategy. I like Light of Promise best out of your suggestions. Could potentially replace Nykthos Paragon if I find I only need to be buffing one creature instead of four or five. Maybeboard it goes for testing. Sunbond is just worse Light of Promise and I don't want too many of these effects. I would rather just have Nykthos Paragon than Cradle of Vitality, it's more efficient. If I were to go with two, which two would you suggest, and what would you suggest be taken in its place?

Adarkar Valkyrie is just too expensive for what it does; I used to run it. Maybe over the next few years, if Boros gets access to a plethora of ramp instead of what we have, it might find a way, but now it's just too slow. Angelic Renewal though is something I've been meaning to add to the maybeboard. Two-mana, choose whenever you'd like to reanimate a creature, is pretty good. Graceful Reprieve is not as flexible as Angelic Renewal, and what I already have in the deck is just better. I actually don't think I need more reanimation. Surprisingly, that's not the issue. While I love the political power of Cauldron of Souls, I used to run it, and I find it incredibly slow and clunky. Could be good in more political groups and slower groups than mine though.

Homura, Human Ascendant  Flip is expensive, clunky, and it costs mana to use on its flip side as well. I have more efficient ways of pushing through damage than him. Not a fan.

Minion Reflector would be a good choice if my reanimation package wasn't so good, but Boros has gotten some buffs in the past year or so, which makes this a sub-optimal choice.

Twinflame.... huh. I always thought this was a threaten effect for some reason. I don't think it could earn a spot, but I see enough there to where I'm more than happy to test it and be proven wrong. Maybeboard it goes. Not as impressed by Heat Shimmer though.

Sorry if it seems like I'm just shooting all your ideas down. Youve made some good ones and given me a lot to think about. This list is just REALLY tight.

t5686monroe on Budget Burn - Chandra's Incinerator

3 months ago

Barbarian_Sun_Pope i agree that the first stage wouldn't be a huge concern, the last stage seems a bit redundant w Chandra's Incinerator but i like the inclusion of some card draw in the deck.

coleslaughter the land count is down to prevent flooding since fetch and shock lands just wouldn't make budget, but Runaway Steam-Kin seems like a great inclusion.

i'd love to bring both those cards into the deck i'm just not sure what to take out. rn i'm thinking of dropping Shard Volley for The Flame of Keld and pushing Eidolon of the Great Revel to the sideboard to make room for Runaway Steam-Kin in the maindeck. maybe dropping Searing Blood out of the build completely ?


6 months ago

Chandra's Incinerator is basically a one-sided board wipe

Young Pyromancer one of the best token generators ever printed, Mogg War Marshal isn't as good but still can be three creatures for two mana with reanimator synergy. Chandra, Acolyte of Flame gives temporary token but they still get the job done considering they are sac fodder.

Oketra's Monument , Monastery Mentor , Hero of Precinct One , Sedgemoor Witch , and Desecrated Tomb give back a bit of your commanders cost. Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder generates 4 tokens every time you cast your commander since it counts as a creature spell with 4 cmc.

Zulaport Cutthroat and Cruel Celebrant are mini purphoros in this deck

Village Rites is just a good value card draw, same with Grim Haruspex .

legendofa on Brian Stacks' Pyromancy (E)

7 months ago

What are your thoughts on Chandra's Incinerator in this, especially alongside Repercussion ?

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