Shatter the Sky

Shatter the Sky


Each player who controls a creature with power 4 or greater draws a card. Then destroy all creatures.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Shatter the Sky Discussion

funnyguy99 on Black and White control

1 month ago

Very cool deck! I'm working on a BW control list myself and have found that Kaya's Wrath or Shatter the Sky to be helpful. Read the Bones is another helpful draw alternative. Otherwise, looks like a fun list!

Minousmancer on Abzan Stoneblade

2 months ago

My first suggestion would be to take out your "Shock" 2020 lands. Thin some of your pain lands with Temples. Maybe add a couple Mazemind Tome or Spare Supplies . I'd try to add more Maul of the Skyclaves and some Valkyrie's Sword s.

I think Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients would be amazing since she's an all powerful Stoneforge Mystic .

Possibly add several boardwipes such as Shatter the Sky , Extinction Event , Doomskar , or Devastating Mastery whick reminds me you might think about some of the "Ultimatum's" as well.

Now, I think your Sideboard I have no idea. Maybe some Necropanther s or Venerable Warsinger s and a Nine Lives to start.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Rainbow Shrine

3 months ago

Several of these cards aren't in Standard or are only legal in bo1. You don't really need an alternate win-con with shrines. Stone Fangs will give you that. What you need are boardwipes like Shatter the Sky , Doomskar , or Extinction Event . You also need to get this deck down to 60 cards, because this is just peak inefficiency.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Cast Your Deck In 1 Turn in Kaldheim Standard!

3 months ago

Does this deck need to be five colors? Let's see what we can cut out. Niko is U/W and your other combo pieces are green, so those three are in. The only red besides Phylath is Volcanic Geyser , which doesn't really need to be there. If you have the luxury of casting whatever you want from your deck, you can win in all sorts of ways. Thassa's Oracle , anyone? Black is only from Binding the Old Gods , which is disposable as there's other removal in bant. Sweepers like Shatter the Sky or Doomskar are probably the go-to here, but spot removal like Banishing Light might be useful too.

There, that's two fewer colors to tax your manabase! You'll still need some splash of red to get Phylath out though, but that's easy enough with so many duals in the format. If you do insist on have five colors, look at some other base-Bant five-color manabases to see what you need. 8x Fabled Passage and all basics won't work most of the time.

As cute as the Epitaph Golem play is, it won't be useful most of the time. You really need to win the turn you combo off or you've done basically nothing.

The last real problem is surviving until you get Nyxbloom Ancient to survive a turn and all your cards in hand. You need ramp most of all, so Lotus Cobra may be of some use in addition to what you have. If you want to sacrifice some other card's slot in the deck to keep your own stuff alive, Snakeskin Veil is an easy enough protection spell. From there, it's a matter of drawing cards. Omen of the sea is a good start. Mazemind Tome is maybe better though and doesn't need a specific color (a major plus for a 3.5 color deck).

I recognize some serious jank when I see it, and this looks fun to pull off!.. Besides the 180 clicks to draw 60 cards part. Hopefully your opponents just concede at that point.

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Unlimited Power

3 months ago

Brash Taunter seems like a really good card for this deck. It's a little mana expensive, but it is a redirect creature and it has value on its own as well, and doesn't need the indestructibility from Boros Charm to go infinite with Guilty Conscience.

Browbeat / Risk Factor seems pretty good as well, as you either get to burn your opponent or look for your combo pieces.

To be able to survive until you get your combo, you'll need some kind of protection. Board wipes like Storm's Wrath or Shatter the Sky or Doomskar or Extinction Event or any of a thousand others works. You're in Mardu, the color combination with every board wipe in existence at its disposal. Storm's Wrath gets extra damage with redirect effects as well, at the cost of being less effective than the others.

Honestly this is a really fun idea for casual, as long as your friends don't mind being burned out of nowhere! Combo is typically a low-fun archetype, but this is a cool way to do it. Since this is casual, I might recommend Final Fortune (or the much cheaper Chance for Glory ), as "win this turn or die to your own card" effects typically make for exciting finishes!

usurphling on Offspring's Revenge

4 months ago

Legion Angel isn't the best payoff that you can put in this deck. Ill rather pick another explosive big payoff creature like I mentioned above. Immersturm Predator is doing nuts in my version of offspring's revenge in arena. Im just sacrificing my either Acquisitions Expert or Basri's Lieutenant for value later on in offspring's revenge. Also, if you're going to Burning-Rune Demon , will you consider replacing it with Gravebreaker Lamia with lesser mana cost and more survivability yet still the same ability?

As for rankle, I would just go 3 copies of it replacing the lilianas. I can see her more as a sideboard card against dedicated control decks. Rankle can do damage, discard your big payoff card and draw another card. Also, selecting your sideboard depends on your local metagame or decks that you usually encounter in MTG Arena.

...or go Yorion just like everybody else lol...Since you love to self mill cards and Dimir rogues are in the current metagame, it goes into your favor. Just add more boardwipes like Doomskar and Shatter the Sky if you're worried with go wide decks.

If you really want to stick with Harmonious Archon , I will choose creatures that grows like Immersturm Predator , Oathsworn Knight , Fiend Artisan and Victory's Envoy .

Hope these advices help you more refining your deck.

DanMcSharp on Offspring's Revenge

4 months ago

Hello again gumbogogo,

Personally I don't think Legion Angel does much for you since it comes back as just a 1/1 flying that does nothing interesting. It's a good card but it's not very synergistic with the deck idea so if you're not sure what to cut I would start there.

If you're worried about agro decks more than else you could just add a bunch of board-wipes like Shatter the Sky and Doomskar . You'll probably be able to get back on the board quickly anyway with Offspring's Revenge and if they're not useful, you have plenty of ways to cycle through them with Cathartic Reunion and Thrill of Possibility . You could also main-board some Heartless Act or even Eliminate with the same idea to deal with threats earlier.

Again I know it always feels wrong, but I personally would run this deck with up to 70 cards in the main deck considering the meta, so you should be able to add what you like without having to cut too much.

Personally I wouldn't play too many Harmonious Archon because it would hurt some of your creatures, and even though it evens the battlefield in a way and looks good on your 1/1 tokens, if you're against a creature deck chances are they will have some ways to get +1/+1 counters or anthem effects while you don't, so it wouldn't always work in your favor. You could swap some for something else. Actually Massacre Wurm get's a sweet ETB, could be a fine addition too, but it wouldn't work too well with Harmonious Archon ...

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