Rampaging Baloths

Rampaging Baloths

Creature — Beast


Landfall — Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, you may create a 4/4 green Beast creature token.

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Rising: Commander (ZNC) Rare
Commander 2019 (C19) Rare
Commander 2018 (C18) Rare
Iconic Masters (IMA) Rare
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (E01) Mythic Rare
Commander Anthology (CM1) Mythic Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Mythic Rare
Commander 2013 (C13) Mythic Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Mythic Rare
Promo Set (000) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Modern Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Legacy Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

Rampaging Baloths Discussion

Peoni on Catrunner

1 week ago

Here are some cards you might like: Beast Whisperer, Broodhatch Nantuko, Colossal Majesty, Deep Forest Hermit, Druid's Deliverance, Evolution Sage, Explore, Full Flowering, Gaea's Blessing, Garruk, Primal Hunter, Generous Stray, Giant Adephage, Gilt-Leaf Archdruid (pushing the budget, I know. Just thought I'd throw it out there),Hunter's Insight, Paragon of Eternal Wilds, Rampaging Baloths, Runic Armasaur, Sandwurm Convergence, Second Harvest, Selesnya Eulogist, Seton, Krosan Protector, Shapers' Sanctuary, Snake Umbra, Temur Sabertooth, Verdant Rebirth, Voice of Many.

Figured I'd give you a lot of different choices and you can pick through them for the ones you like.

What I would recommend you do with this deck is turn its focus into a cat and druid tribal deck that incorporates a lot of card draw and token generators along with populate effects. I feel it would bring a lot more synergy to your deck without increasing the price.

IF you ever wanted to break budget a little bit for this deck, I'd suggest maintaining the whole cat/druid/token themes and incorporating a little more of an enchantment focus with cards like Argothian Enchantress, Verduran Enchantress, Yavimaya Enchantress, Eidolon of Blossoms, and Setessan Champion. This would both boost your druid count a bit and your card draw significantly. These combined with enchantments like Beastmaster Ascension, Parallel Lives, Season of Growth and auras such as Keen Sense, and Sixth Sense, would net you a lot of value and power.

You might also consider cutting some of your lands like Blighted Woodland, Desert of the Indomitable, Slippery Karst, and maybe 1 or 2 forests, and adding in more ramp cards. I'd suggest maybe a Kodama's Reach and some artifact ramp like a Mind Stone, but I think you should focus most of your ramp on land auras like Wild Growth, Fertile Ground, Wolfwillow Haven, and Overgrowth. They'd be really nice if you ever decided to go down the Enchantress route.

I knooow this is long I'm sorry but I just see a lot of cool fun and potential in this deck of yours. :^) I tried to keep my recommendations budget but a few pricier choices might've slipped through. I hope this helps!

kraizor on Omnath, Locus of Creation feat. Landfall!

1 week ago

Update 17th of September:

1. Phylath, World Sculptor: I figured out, that at the time I can cast this guy, I have more than enough basic lands under my control, which means I can get enough tokens.
I replaced this for "Spoiler" Rampaging Baloths as this one gives me ETB tokens which I can pump as I need it.
2. Ancient GreenwardenTwo Landfall triggers in addition to playing lands out of your graveyard? 6 mana is huge, though worth the costs.
3. Tunneling Geopede: I honstely underestimated the power of this guy. One damage for each landfall trigger adds up and can close out games out of nowhere.
4. Moraug, Fury of Akoum. A powerhouse when it gets rolling. We are winning games with this, if unanswered.
5. Felidar Retreat: This card surprised me a lot in playtesting. Not only is it better than Zendikar's Roil but it is also more versatile at is gains us an overrun-esque effect.
6. Rude Awakening: I earlier removed this card from my deck, due to it feeling like a win more card, though I realized that I was too greedy and only wanted to use this card for its entwine costs.
After more testing it feels more like a better Mirari's Wake due to its versatility. More mana? No Problem. Trying to finish? No Problem. Trying to finish, but need just a bit more mana? No Problem.
1. Mirari's Wake: Exchanged for Rude Awakening as it is more versatile and technically give me the same benefits.
2. Coiling Oracle: Too often a swing and a miss. Not necessarily bad, but was not convinced from this one anymore.
3. Ghostly Flicker: Not sure about this one, as it is additional protection and can benefit mana if blinking Gaea's Cradle.
Will see how it pans out and if cutting it was a mistake. 4. Ramunap Excavator: Exchanged for Ancient Greenwarden. Also not sure about this one, as it ensures early land drops. Though, do not have problems with this early on most of the time.
5. Rampaging Baloths: Cutted for Phylath, World Sculptor as it benefits my deckstyle more.
6. Dig Through Time: Were not able to cast this card for its delve costs most of the time, as lands in the graveyard are often more valuable than in other decks.

1. Eternal Witness As is tradition, have to mention, that I want to play her.

Ehsteve on Lord Windgrace Sits Behind A Chasm

3 weeks ago

Lands, lands everywhere

Cleansing Wildfire

I am surprisingly up on this card for a few reasons: land destruction, low cost, draws a card and can be used on your own land for fixing mana. This enables triggers on land entering the battlefield, entering the battlefield, fills the graveyard giving you that little kick you might need to get the value engines rolling.

Valakut Exploration

Now this, this I love. Potential to dome each opponent for massive damage. The one thing that makes me hesitate slightly is the seperate paragraph for the card. If you get a whole bunch of land triggers then the enchantment is removed, you can still play those cards for one turn, but then they remain in exile. This can lead to massive blowouts if your opponents have any kind of instant interaction. What this also means is that you have to be very careful about counting how many lands are played per turn, and know that you can potentially permanent exile important cards (i.e. Glacial Chasm) by accident if you crack a fetch on an opponent's end step. It's not a complete deal breaker but it means you have to keep your lines of play very tight.

Nahiri's Lithoforming

Interesting effect. You get to sacrifice lands, draw cards and play more lands. I like to think of this kind of like an expensive Scapeshift that doesn't search, so you are at the mercy of the topdeck, that said you could by the same merit draw absolute gas. Works much better with Amulet of Vigor.

Roiling Regrowth

Pretty much a Harrow with the downside of the basics entering tapped, but the upside of not having to sacrifice as part of the cost which makes it a little less painful if countered.

Quick aside: landfall creatures

Just because a creature has landfall doesn't make it anything close to an auto-include in these kinds of decks, this is primarily because there are effectively no infinite land ETB trigger loops, so you need to ensure that any landfall triggers are definitely worth it. As such this negates most of the landfall creatures in Zendikar Rising so I will just include the ones that are worth talking about.

Scute Swarm

A way to make lots of tokens. I'm not convinced 100% on how effective they will be but you will always have more than 6 lands, and that means you will make a metric tonne of these bad bois (doubling their number per landfall trigger). These can get out of hand quickly and are cheap to play which is why I like them more than Rampaging Baloths. Art is also awesome.

Phylath, World Sculptor

Pretty much just a Avenger of Zendikar but cut down slightly. The main issue is that it relies on basic lands and only pumps one plant per landfall (unlike all plants with Avenger of Zendikar).

Mythic TRASH

Just to clear it up, I think that so far the cycle of mythic spells with a painful mono-coloured land on the other facing are the definition of trash-tier. In commander they're filler at best if you have nothing better to do because the spell side is underwhelming. The green one is at best playable, but I think there are far better 7-mana plays in commander. Feel free to discuss.

iNinjy on Omnath, Locus of Creation

3 weeks ago

Thanks MLS91, I could see pulling out the Cloudskater since it’s basically 2+bounce to loot, and possibly also the blue expedition since it’s mainly there just as cheap card draw.

My reasoning on the ramp spells like Harrow, Migration Path or Avatar of Growth is that they guarantee hitting the 3 landfall triggers on Omnath. One extra mana (when his 2nd gives you 4 floating) is worth it in my opinion.

Essentially I’m going for a lands-matters, uh, token swarm thing? I want to reliably hit 3 lands on my turn, and of course being able to get a land out on everyone else’s for the lifegain is great too. Land-based creatures like Titania, Protector of Argoth,Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar and Radha, Heart of Keld with landfall trigger creatures like Rampaging Baloths, Omnath, Locus of Rage and Avenger of Zendikar. Probably need to add a finisher though I’m already looking at Moraug. Maybe Overwhelming Stampede or Finale of Devastation?

kdglenny on WetNath

3 weeks ago

Field of the Dead -Animist's Awakening -Lotus Cobra -Rampaging Baloths- Grove Rumbler -Avenger of Zendikar- Liege of the Tangle just ideas. also a card called ramuntap excavator. wouldn't link

sub780lime on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 month ago

Trying to determine if I have a place for Elder Gargaroth and Oran-Rief Hydra. My potential targets are Titania, Protector of Argoth, Ant Queen, Rampaging Baloths. Worth slotting in either one over one of the 3 options?

Multani, Yavimay's Avatar - The Land is Angry

Commander / EDH sub780lime


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