Isolated Watchtower

Isolated Watchtower


: Add .

, : Scry 1, then you may reveal the top card of your library. If a basic land card is revealed this way, put it onto the battlefield tapped. Activate this ability only if an opponent controls at least two more lands than you.

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Isolated Watchtower Discussion

Liquidbeaver on Ib Halfheart, Goblin Sac-tician [PRIMER]

2 months ago


Den of the Bugbear: Just duh. This is the best manland for us ever.

Treasure Vault: We should be able to take advantage of this to limit the impact of saccing lands to Ib. Have to be careful with our Blood moon effects.

Hobgoblin Bandit Lord: Yes.

Dockside Extortionist: Back in even though it is stupidly expensive in paper. Probably no better Treasure generator for us.

Unexpected Windfall: Really solid draw and treasures? Yes please.


Goblin Sledder: Unfortunately when every card is so good you have to start cutting anything less than great.

Disrupt Decorum: While I love this card and it is very Ib, it is too narrow and too fleeting to run anymore. If you disagree goad me, bro.

Isolated Watchtower/Great Furnace: Average quality of lands went up, bottom of the threshold did too.


Would still like to get Seize the Spoils in, as well as a good number of other token generators. I'm certain that making land-saccing less detrimental is going to really benefit the deck. If you know of better treasure generators that I missed let me know!

HiddenDeftElm on Akatsuki, the Horizon's Shadow

5 months ago

Hi! My advice is replace some of the creatures with cheap or free counter magic. I would defiantly cut Wonder , K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth , Spark Double and Throatseeker the rest is up to you. Don't under estimate free creatures without evasion like Memnite and Phyrexian Walker .

Some disruption spells i would recommend are Commandeer , Chain of Vapor , Flusterstorm . Their expensive so some budget options are Fatal Push , Misdirection , Murderous Cut , Spell Pierce . Also i would recommend some library manipulation like Spy Network , Ponder , Mission Briefing , Lim-Dul's Vault (its good but expensive). Scroll Rack and Sensei's Divining Top are also great top deck manipulation but probably no worth the money.

I recon Access Tunnel , Blinkmoth Nexus , Halimar Depths and Mystic Sanctuary should replace Path of Ancestry , Temple of the False God , Isolated Watchtower , High Market .

Finally i would recommend some better high CMC cards to reveal with Yuriko activation's. Some of the cards i recommended already double as good reveals but you could add: Sea Gate Restoration  Flip, Nexus of Fate , Time Warp . Their not budget friendly but there good. Take out two lands if you use Sea Gate Restoration and Agadeem's Awakening  Flip for obvious reasons.

I hope this helps :D

NensouHiebara on Halvar, Divine Voltron

7 months ago


I run so many Nonbasics because Mono-coloured decks are capable of doing so and maximize the value out of their manabases. Every Utility Land is essentially an 'extra spell.'


Cataclysmic Gearhulk and the cards that don't have generic costs are also unaffected by improvise. Inspiring Statuary can only affects 31 spells in my deck, which is about 47%. A Mana Rock that can't pay towards half of a deck's spells doesn't sound great.

The six non-Equipment artifacts are either already Mana Rocks or have beneficial activated abilties that I'd rather leave open. The lone artifact creature Cataclysmic Gearhulk more often than not dies to its own ability. If Gearhulk does stick around, then I'd leave it untapped so it can attack and block. None of these artifacts could be used to improvise.

This deck functions off of minimal resources. I don't need to drop every Equipment I have available. Halvar  Flip only needs one solid Equipment to be a serious problem for opponents. An alternative threat with one or two Equipment is more than enough. Inspiring Statuary wouldn't have much to work with in most situations.

One of White's major strengths is its ability to purge the board.  Flip I'm not afraid to lose everything if it means stifling my opponents' own gameplans. This is why I don't run a lot of Mana Rocks: they will inevitably get blown up. Inspiring Statuary would be no different. I don't even run Mana Doublers anymore because my heavy use of sweepers utterly ruins their effectiveness.

I don't need to give it a try when I know it's going to fail.


Explorer's Scope and Isolated Watchtower don't have any consistency. They look at the top card of the library and hope for the best. Sensei's Divining Top isn't going to fix them. I can be mana-screwed with Top out as well. Scrying Sheets is a land that hasn't aged well. Tthere are plenty of lands that straight up draw cards

jamochawoke on Halvar, Divine Voltron

7 months ago

Also Explorer's Scope is another equipment that can ramp you slowly, or fairly reliably if you can filter your deck fairly reliably. The only way I know how in mono-white is and Sensei's Divining Top . Scrying Sheets can be kind of a pseudo-filter that at least can put snow lands in your hand if you run those.

I almost forgot about Isolated Watchtower as well.

jamochawoke on Anafenza, Alpha Strike

7 months ago

Hi there! I've been playing around with 2 mono-white EDH decks for a while. You can see how I solved some of the biggest problems white has in them:

Pure Nahiri


The things I see you can easily add to help for ramp are:

For card draw you can use these:

bushido_man96 on I got 99 swords but feast and famine aint one

10 months ago

jakeyuki12, good points on the lands.

Reliquary Tower would be a good one to go into this deck for one of the other colorless tappers, due to all the card draw. You'll also want more basics to make use of Sword of the Animist, and I don't think you run enough currently to make decent use of that or Isolated Watchtower. Cryptic Caves is ok, but Bonders' Enclave might be better for card draw, if that's what you are wanting. Westvale Abbey  Flip seems very out of place here.

Reznorboy on

11 months ago

This is already pretty good for casual play. It's actually probably a bit better than a lot of casual decks. (Though not so powerful that you should worry about it). Making the deck legal was the important step.

With play you'll figure stuff out. The biggest thing is that you acknowledge when something is not working and actively do something about it. It will slowly become optimized.

Anyway, I would add some lands. Mathematically, you should have 36 (now at 30). I would add some cheap non-basics, I would go for:

Geier Reach Sanitarium (Synergizes with Commander and helps fix your hand) Isolated Watchtower (Synergizes with your high number of basic lands) Myriad Landscape (Ramps you) Terrain Generator (Ramps you) Command Tower (Both Colors) Temple of Epiphany (Both Colors)

I would still cut a lot more creatures and planeswalkers. In 4 player games, remember that people will only attack you as much as they feel that it is necessary. If it appears that you're doing very little, or you only intervene when necessary, people won't be attacking you. I would replace all but the creatures/planeswalkers that you feel are actually necessary and useful, rather than thinking you need them to attack/block.

Then, you will also probably want 5-10 mana rocks (artifacts that produce mana). Virtually every deck in EDH uses mana rocks, because the ones available with the card pool are generally much better than those in other formats. Good, budget examples are: Sol Ring Arcane Signet Fellwar Stone Mind Stone Thought Vessel Darksteel Ingot Skyclave Relic Prismatic Lens

And lastly, some other good budget cards are (I would recommend you pick some, not all of these):

Dispel Hidden Strings Desperate Ritual Seething Song Past in Flames Burning Inquiry Faithless Looting Mystic Remora Underworld Breach Blood Moon Time Reversal Bonus Round Molten Psyche Mana Geyser Merchant Scroll Echo of Eons Commit / Memory Gitaxian Probe Vandalblast Blasphemous Act Serum Visions Misdirection Flusterstorm Tolarian Winds Ponder Frantic Search

Also, if you ever get bored/tired of Izzet, Nekusar, the Mindrazer can be built to function very well and in a similar manner with virtually all of the cards you already have (or will have).

(Note: Some people who play EDH are very particular about playing against people with good decks. If you see people act uneasy around you because your deck is "too good", just remember that you can always try to lower the power of your deck or find other people to play with.)

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