Skyline Cascade


Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Common

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Skyline Cascade


Skyline Cascade enters the battlefield tapped.

When Skyline Cascade enters the battlefield, target creature an opponent controls doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Skyline Cascade Discussion

Argy on Exert = Win

1 month ago

Just wanted to add that some of the Zendikar lands are great in certain builds.

I used Skyline Cascade and Mortuary Mire to great effect in an Ingest/Process deck.

Hamster2558 on Infinite Crackdown

4 months ago

You could replace Halimar Depths with Skyline Cascade but you may want to have more than just one of those. You can also add Anticipate if you want to control your draws a little bit.

EDHPowerhouse on Infinite Mill Made Easy-Going Infinite

5 months ago

So you want Altar of the Brood on the field with a Midnight Guard, you cast Retraction Helix on the Midnight Guard then endlessly bounce a Ornithopter or Memnite. The combo can be searched up through Disciple of Deceit also can use Twiddle and Tideforce Elemental to search multiple times. Using Skyline Cascade and the scry lands to control early game. Maybe getting out Ghostly Prison turn three to buy you some time.

Sendaran on Blue White Budget Willbreaker

5 months ago

Lands that target creatures are absolutely hilarious with Willbreaker. Rogue's Passage is one of the best options. Sandstone Bridge, Skyline Cascade and Soaring Seacliff are other options in your colors. Ruins of Oran-Rief can be used against Eldrazi, so sideboard only at best.

Kytheon's Irregulars is another budget option for things you already have. Topplegeist is nice too, although you'll miss on the extra fun from delirium without some other changes. It's still a solid one drop.

And here's a random list of dirt cheap things that get those triggers in different ways: Beacon Hawk, Abuna Acolyte, Benevolent Ancestor, Crossbow Infantry, Jhessian Balmgiver, Viridian Longbow, Zealous Inquisitor. The last 3 are probably the most interesting and flexible even without Willbreaker in play.

Opifex on Putting the "No" in "Mono-blue"

5 months ago

Ghostly Flicker also works on Ring of Three Wishes and Skyline Cascade but I do that in D̷̠͈͕̞̳̥͎̱́͡ream ̞̝̜̮͖̞̝̜̮͖̞̝̜̮͖̞̝̜̮͖H̯orizon because I can Chord of Calling into the Drake. A new possible win condition though for mono blue is Mechanized Production Trail of Evidence and Tamiyo's Journal good for drawing into a win and it a static effect that gives potentially continuous draw.

DanoMania on Mono DynaBlue

6 months ago

I thought about it. Then i thought that 4 energy wasnt worth cutting into islands for Engulf the Shore so i thought i would use Skyline Cascade instead. Im tinkering with Aethersquall Ancient as well. Rise from the Tides might need to go to SB instead of Main Game 1. I'll try the Aether Hub though.

Guardians on 0-Drop-Storm [Frontier/Aether Update!]

6 months ago

The main one for you I can think of is Sea Gate Wreckage, for when you don't have one of the pieces needed, you can play all your artifacts and be hellbent to draw extra.

Other ones I can think of would be Spawning Bed, Foundry of the Consuls, Skyline Cascade, Tomb of the Spirit Dragon. Did you consider the blue-white khans lifegain land

pandith on Awaken

8 months ago

I don't think 25 lands without any sort of ramp is going to do you any good even though 25 is a lot. If you are already thinking about adding green then I would suggest Weirding Wood. I use it in one of my decks and it's pretty good if you have a lot of high cost cards. I usually never have a problem casting a creature that costs 6 or 7.

I think you should take out 2-3 Blighted Cataracts, they may be useful for card draw, but that's only once you have six other lands out, and it produces colorless mana. You need to think about adding in Port Towns and Prairie Streams, replace the Meandering Rivers and the Skyline Cascade for these. Also if you're really into the idea of adding green then you should also add in Botanical Sanctums and perhaps other green/white or green/blue cards depending on how many green cards you add in.

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