Halimar Depths


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska Common
Worldwake Common

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Halimar Depths


Halimar Depths enters the battlefield tapped.

When Halimar Depths enters the battlefield, look at the top three cards of your library, then put them back in any order.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Halimar Depths Discussion

McDeity on Grand Arbiter.

1 day ago

Nice deck- I enjoy seeing other people playing Commander Unchained. I am fortunate that my playgroup--after some persuasion-- came around to playing with fun cards as well.

A few notes after reviewing the list- Brainstorm, Sensei's Divining Top, Halimar Depths are all great cards, but to truly maximize their strength you need to run more ways to consistently shuffle. It looks like you run Windswept Heath, so you're on the right track, but a Polluted Delta, Arid Mesa, Scalding Tarn, etc would go a long way towards making those spells more reliable. I'm actually not even certain that they're correct in this list: only Terminus and Long-Term Plans seems to have much synergy. A Preordain, Ponder, or even Crystal Ball may just be a better effect. If you do decide to up the shufflers, Jace, the Mind Sculptor probably becomes better than Jace Beleren as well.

Hokori, Dust Drinker and Rising Waters could be upgraded with Static Orb and Relic Barrier. The Orb is weaker in general, but combos with Barrier and Blinkmoth Well to allow you to fully untap while your opponents can't. Similarly, Winter Orb was re-un-re-errated (the only word to describe its messy history) to where if it's tapped, it turns off. This means that it too will work with ways of tapping it to be the only person who gets to have fun.

Since you're running Enchanted Evening (presumably to get cute with Aura Thief), you could look at subbing Sphere of Safety in for a lesser card.

Anyhow, these are just some ideas after taking a look around. I've been piloting an Arbiter deck for a few years now, and occasionally enjoy checking in on what other people are doing wit him. God bless, and best of luck in your conquests.-McDeity

C.LewisMTG on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

4 days ago

Oh absolutely. Making this list competitive is huge for me going into the future and as of this morning after reading your suggestions we have a private version of the deck in which we are testing 4 Ghost Quarter, 2 Gemstone Caverns, 2 Halimar Depths and a single Tolaria West, going a little lighter on basics to make room for it and to not hurt our Leyline of Sanctity sideboard plan. Will keep you posted on updates (: escesare

C.LewisMTG on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

4 days ago

Hey thanks for going so in depth about the list (: The choice to not play utility lands in this version of the list in particular, is because of curve and nothing else. The deck to consistently get our pieces basically has to cast a Cantrip on turn one, would love to cast a Hunt turn two, have our assault turn 3 and the swans on four. Where as I believe I could get away with some number of them for an advantage in better matches and to be better prepared for the long haul of modern (so past turn 5 lol) I fear that many utility lands may hurt the chances of getting my strict curve, even if it only does cause me to mulligan 1 out of every 10 times, I value having a keep-able hand with such a linear game-plan. Now I'm not eliminating it as a possibility, as I very much enjoy the idea of getting to play a number of Ghost Quarter, Gemstone Caverns was a huge consideration in the beginning choice of making this Jeskai, and Halimar Depths and I've even considered Tolaria West to search out Cavern of Souls for counter heavy match-ups, which could also find some more utility lands. The utility lands are something that moving forward that I will be messing around with, and testing out in the upcoming week

As far as Mystic Speculation my thought process is I either want a combo piece, more lands, or ways to find a combo piece, and I feel Mystic Speculation sets up Treasure Hunt a tad better than Serum Visions can, as I see Serum Visions as getting 1 random card and fixing 2, rather than getting to just fix the top 3. I could absolutely be wrong, but this has just been my thought process about it, as with 41 lands being in the deck there are more odds for Serum Visions to draw me a land rather than something proactive in a time of need. Faithless Looting wouldn't be bad at all, and I love it's recursion factor, I'm actually very interested in trying it. Probably wont play Sindbad, and I'm not a personal fan of Day's Undoing because I don't like the idea of giving my control opponents a new 7.

And ahhh Blood Moon. I actually want Blood Moon in the 75 somewhere, but at the moment, there's just a natural concession to being partially budget.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'm going to make some private side lists to test some of the given suggestions. I'll definitely keep you updated! escesare

escesare on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

5 days ago

Thanks for commenting on my Swan Lands deck! I found your white splash very clever. Leyline of Sanctity is the best silver bullet against Burn and Thoughtseizes, our toughest matchups. Plus white can also be used to cast Swans. +1 from me!

Mystic Speculation is a very interesting choice. Not sure if it's worked out for you in playtests, but it doesn't seem to check out mathematically. On average, it would take 3.4 turns of activating Mystic Speculation to find a combo piece you didn't have. Assuming you start using it turn 3 (since otherwise it's just a worse Serum Visions), that means you get the combo on turn 7.4 average. There are probably much better uses of that time and mana (though maybe there isn't). What about Faithless Looting, Sindbad, or Day's Undoing?

It doesn't seem like you modified the land base much from the original Swan Hunt list. You might have noticed my list has about 20 utility lands. From playtesting, I can tell you it hardly even impacts mana accessibility. Since you have 41 lands, even if you hypothetically cut 20 lands entirely, you'd still have a 21 land deck (and we know those can handle 3 colors). Your list is all-in combo, so you probably can only squeeze in 15 utility lands. That still means you could squeeze in (in order of priority) 4 Ghost Quarter/Tectonic Edges, 1 Dakmor Salvage (further increases your probability of reaching 10 lands), Gemstone Caverns (they're like Simian Spirit Guides that don't reduce your land count), Halimar Depths, 1 Lumbering Falls (to guarantee finishing off your opponent), Bojuka Bogs, 1 Treetop Village, possible Amonkhet bicycle lands, followed by more copies of the above if there's room.

Alternatively maybe you could go Blood Moon! I would definitely play Blood Moon in my list, if I didn't need 3x red, 2x blue, and 1x green, whereas you only need 3x red, 1x blue, and 1x white (and only in sideboard).

And sorry about the above comment (I accidentally hit post), could you please delete it?

Copperlax on 20,000 Creatures Under The Sea

2 weeks ago

lil_cheez Sage of Epityr could work. It won't trigger Quest for Ula's Temple but if I have to Whelming Wave then playing it again would be a nice trigger. I'll have to root around to see if I have any copies.

Halimar Depths is a fantastic suggestion! I'll have to order that one.

lil_cheez on 20,000 Creatures Under The Sea

2 weeks ago

Hatchling could be traded for Sage of Epityr. Not on theme but helps with the top of the deck. Halimar Depths do the same

Tomagotchi on Spell Sword

4 weeks ago

Heres some good utility lands for you:

Halimar Depths: Rearrange the top three cards of your deck, just some useful game setup.

Myriad Landscape: This is essentially one land that will get you two. Its some pretty good budget mana ramp.

Lonely Sandbar: it's a great throwaway when you already have enough land and want to draw another card.

Coral Atoll: Bounce a land bacck to your hand for a land that taps for one blue and one colorless.

Vathlo on Brave the Biohazard (Pauper Infect)

1 month ago

Hello and thanks for the upvote!

  1. Game 2 sideboard plans depends on the deck, but generally it goes:-2Cystbearer +2 Corpse Cur-1 Groundswell +1 Predator's StrikeI usually worry more about Edict effects, since I only have Khalni Garden for protection. Disfigure and cards like it can be countered by pump spells. Terminate I haven't seen and I don't believe is widely played.

2.Pulse of Murasa is meta dependent, I think.For example, my local paper meta MBC is still a thing. So Pulse wouldn't help much in that matchup, because they have more removal than I do creatures post-board. But I could be wrong. I just don't think that the deck is built to really grind out games on purpose.

  1. I don't think the toolbox lands are meta dependent. Although Halimar Depths has been overall lackluster. The ability to look at the top three cards and arrange them is nice, but not being an actual scry effect is sometimes a feel bad. It might become a Sejiri Steppe in the future, or just another Forest.
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