Halimar Depths


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Common
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska (DDM) Common
Worldwake (WWK) Common

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Halimar Depths


Halimar Depths enters the battlefield tapped.

When Halimar Depths enters the battlefield, look at the top three cards of your library, then put them back in any order.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Halimar Depths Discussion

FogonaFrog66 on Sidisi Lands (But secretly The Gitrog Monster)

1 week ago

I love your deck, love the thematic inclusions. I run a Muldrotha Lands deck, and some helpful glue card have been: Wayward Swordtooth. Exploration on a 5/5 body isn’t really terrible, especially at 3 mana. World Shaper has huge upside because it can fill your GY if they don’t choose to kill it, or put huge amounts of lands out should you chump block or sacrifice it. For example, after a Scapeshift, that’s incredibly powerful. Turntimber Sower. This card synergizes with Scapeshift, Titania, Gitrog, and can get you back key utility lands. Speaking of utility lands, Petrified Field, Command Beacon, Cephalid Coliseum, Bojuka Bog, and Halimar Depths are all lands worth considering, with your access to Harrow. I’d also consider Sylvan Scrying or Expedition Map to have even more. Last but not least, if you wanted to win the old fashioned way, Avenger of Zendikar teamed up with Craterhoof Behemoth usually does the trick. (No points for being original, though). Hope any of my suggestions have helped, keep up the great work!

dgalarza on Counterburn Rebirth

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions, Collamus! I've been testing them out and I liked how Thing in the Ice  Flip fills up the turn 2 plays and that it passes the Lightning Bolt test. Delver of Secrets  Flip is my 2nd favorite card ever, but I preferred to run Halimar Depths, and Temple of Epiphany on turn 1 and didn't like how Delver cuts into the instant/sorcery count. I also built a Grixis Delver deck and wanted to do something a bit different with this one. I'm not brave enough to run a turn 3 enchantment in Fevered Visions on such a low land count and playing ideally at instant speed. I'll put away my biases and try it out. Who knows?

Kalle_b on Narset - Dragons

3 weeks ago

Academy Ruins Cascade Bluffs Command Tower Eiganjo Castle Flagstones of Trokair Halimar Depths Hallowed Fountain Island Maze of Ith Minamo, School at Water's Edge Mountain Mystic Gate New Benalia Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Plains Rogue's Passage Rugged Prairie Temple of the False God
paste this:
1x Academy Ruins
1x Cascade Bluffs
1x Command Tower
1x Eiganjo Castle
1x Flagstones of Trokair
1x Halimar Depths
1x Hallowed Fountain
1x Island
1x Maze of Ith
1x Minamo, School at Water's Edge
1x Mountain
1x Mystic Gate
1x New Benalia
1x Oboro, Palace in the Clouds
1x Plains
1x Rogue's Passage
1x Rugged Prairie
1x Temple of the False God

The_Besticle on Noyan Dar, Creatureless... I promise...

3 weeks ago

Cascading Cataracts, Temple of Enlightenment, Rogue's Passage, Halimar Depths, Drownyard Temple, Deserted Temple.

If your goal is to get Noyan out as fast as possible, why is there so little ramp? A few that come to mind: Commander's Sphere replaces itself when faced with removal/becomes superfluous. Azorius Signet because signets are phenomenal, Azorius Keyrune is a creature when you want it to be.

Feroz's Ban, Ghostly Prison, Propaganda, and the like protect you. Granted, they aren't instants or sorceries but they warrant consideration.

Oh, and Darksteel Garrison.

zellss on Izzet a burn deck?

3 weeks ago


Good suggestions, but I had considered most of them. This deck has been turned into a draw value deck rather than a cast instant/sorcery deck.

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius has to be paid into to go off.

Talrand, Sky Summoner is too subject to removal. I had Murmuring Mystic in here, but removed him when I strayed from the casting. I would also not consider Thermo-Alchemist for this reason. I had Firebrand Archer in here, but also took her out for the same reason as Murmuring Mystic.

I will have to see if I have a Lightning Bolt. My instants/sorceries are based off of what I had on hand. This is the same for my land base. I did not think of Halimar Depths, but I don't think reordering the top three once is worth a land that enters tapped. Same with Skyline Cascade being a one time trigger.

I might put more mana rocks in, but I would have to find something to cut.

Gattison on Izzet a burn deck?

4 weeks ago

Got a few quick and easy suggestions for ya.

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius
Talrand, Sky Summoner
Lightning Bolt
Halimar Depths
Skyline Cascade
Scalding Tarn
Firebrand Archer
Izzet Locket
Izzet Cluestone
And finally, you could look into "wheel" effects, such as Wheel of Fortune for even more draw.

A lot of these are obvious upgrades you're probably already aware of, but maybe not. =)

kamarupa on Blackmail

1 month ago

I think if your main goal/plan is to Traumatize yourself, the more spells you can cast out of the graveyard, the better. I like to search for cards on TCGplayer.com because I find the advanced search tool to be easier to use than the one that Wizards of Coast offers (though sometimes the Wizards search can find cards that TCG can't - it's rare though). You can just add "flashback" to the description TCG's advanced search and then select Modern for Format and then click the colors you want to look at and it will bring up every card with flashback. Here's a link to that search, which shows there are 37 spells with flashback that are either White, Blue, Black or Colorless: https://shop.tcgplayer.com/magic/product/show?OracleText=flashback&RequiredFormat=modern&Color=White%2cBlue%2cBlack%2cColorless&Color_ExcludeUnselected=Exclusive

I don't find any non-basic mono-blue lands that I really like except Halimar Depths - it's okay, but not so amazing it's a must add. Choked Estuary looks great. Good choice!

catar2 on We Love Freebies! *Primer*

2 months ago

Hey Cloudius, your strategy seems solid. Extra turns will give you enough protection once you got there.

Talking about your removal slot: it shows 4 single target removal and 7 boardwipes. Counters are also a form of single target removal, so technically you have 9 STR and 7 boardwipes. Although you might want to protect your extra turns with it. All in all, that is pretty solid. Maybe you want to exchange a symmetrical boardwipe with In Garruk's Wake or Plague Wind. Btw, you have Mystic Confluence three times in your deck. I know it overlaps, but you have to add two more cards.

However, your draw slot seems to be a bit weak. I know that you get your stuff with the Yennett triggers, but in EDH we love to draw cards. Suggestions: Mystic Remora, Rhystic Study, Land Tax, Jace's Ingenuity, Stroke of Genius, Sphinx's Revelation, Skeletal Scrying, Night's Whisper, Read the Bones etc.

Btw Frantic Search is not card draw, but card selection.

Strionic Resonator might also be good to get two Yennett triggers. And Mind's Dilation is nice to get extra value.

For top deck manipulationCrystal Ball, Portent, Soothsaying and Halimar Depths might be good.

All that being said. Your deck looks like a lot of fun, I really would like to play it =)

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