Remote Isle


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Common
Beatdown Box Set Common
Urza's Saga Common

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Remote Isle


Remote Isle enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add to your mana pool.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Remote Isle Discussion

hosshughes on Do A Baral Roll - Baral $40 Budget Counterspells

2 months ago

@lightningtwister: Can't believe I forgot about Library of Leng. Added immediately!

@Trendy67: I haven't put this together in real life. My deck Tangled Up In Blue - Talrand Morph used to have the same theme, but I found it difficult to operate in multiplayer in my competitive playgroup so I switched it to a combo deck. 1v1 it was a beast though. Diluvian Primordial and Blighted Cataract are only in the deck once but because I put them in two different categories (it's how I like to organize my decks), it looks like they're two copies. Lonely Sandbar and Remote Isle are in for cycling ability and while it does not work with Baral's ability (cycling is an activated ability), late game when you don't need the land, it's nice to sift for something useful. Outside of combo decks, Fatestitcher doesn't have a whole lot of value. The interaction between Voidmage Prodigy and Docent of Perfection  Flip is nice, however with no tutors due to budget, finding/waiting for it would be aggravating. Faerie Trickery and Memory Lapse are good so I shoved those in. Remand and Rhystic Study are also good but I set a hardcap of nothing over $2.

@Clockwurk: Thanks!

@AlbinoNinja: At some point, I'll make an upgrade list for bigger budgets and these will definitely be on there.

libraryjoy on RA RA RASPUTIN!

6 months ago

For more cycling fun, Drifting Meadow & Remote Isle

JimmyInferno on Jalira Knows What She Wants

7 months ago

DarkRequiem still hunting for either whale or palinchron, but I am playtesting some rather big changes, and a silly card, which with Jalira, can be so one sided.

To start, lands are now at 35, with now only 23 islands. I had more in originally in case there was more to add. You're right about the Myrs, so I am not using mana dorks. Land editions include Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse, Lonely Sandbar and Remote Isle. This is so I can thin my deck out and fetch land, albeit tapped, and get some shuffling happening.

Thopter Spy Network is in (finally found one) along with Myr Battlesphere for polymorph targets which will yield nothing but good stuff, also testing Clone Legion as my group has a very consistent and strong The Mimeoplasm reanimator deck.

Sky Diamond is in as another mana rock, I am looking for a spare Thran Dynamo and Training Grounds to add/mitigate mana costs.

Thada Adel, Acquisitor is a powerhouse all game and I finally got one, and nothing but huge success with her so far for some control and potential ramp. Also for control, adding the new card Imprisoned in the Moon because it is such a strong card.

The last card I added which is hilarious and also rather strong with Jalira, is Shared Fate. Now everyone plays someone else' deck, but when I polymorph a creature with Jalira, it comes from my deck. This probably won't stick around but I am pumped to try it out.

To make room for these I had to make some serious cuts: Spelljack, Keiga, the Tide Star, Fool's Demise, Chasm Skulker, Stormsurge Kraken, Colossal Whale, Pentavus and 3x Islands

Church24860 on Ninja

9 months ago

Some lands that I missed would be Remote Isle, Mystifying Maze, and Reliquary Tower.

As for non-ramp artifacts: Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, Crawlspace, Prowler's Helm, Loxodon Warhammer, Inquisitor's Flail, Fireshrieker, Crystal Ball, Crystal Shard, Nevinyrral's Disk, and Whispersilk Cloak are all awesone cards that could work for this deck.

forevermayhem on Teferi, milling yourself, and other wincons

1 year ago

Removed Remote Isle, down to 34 lands.

GrenadeKitten on Mono Blue Gimp Pimp

1 year ago

Perhaps Lonely Sandbar instead of Remote Isle because you're mono blue, Scroll Thief or Stealer of Secrets for card draw, and counterspells like Counterspell or Mana Leak could be good.

The_Angry_Man on A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

1 year ago

NoSoyYucateco - Thank you again for the feedback! Right now, it looks like I am going to do the remove the following:

  1. Coral Atoll, Lonely Sandbar, and Remote Isle. As you stated, Coral Atoll only slows me down, and the cycling provided by the other two is offset by the different ways I have to scry.
  2. Switcheroo...while an interesting effect, generally any creature I intentionally cast I want to keep...and while I can go really political with it, there are other ways to achieve that end.
  3. Dominate - the permanence of the effect is what attracted it to me in the first place, but the deck is able to create duplicates of desirable creatures already, so why waste the slot?
  4. Sky Diamond and Index.

...and add:

  1. Clever Impersonator
  2. Infinite Reflection
  3. Fool's Demise
  4. Phyrexian Metamorph or Caged Sun
  5. Evolving Wilds
  6. Terramorphic Expanse
  7. Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Thank you again for your help!

NinjaKitty778 on Praetor's Momentum

1 year ago

Also, to take a page out of the books of the mono coloured commander decks, try out some of the land from their decks. Specifically: Coral Atoll, Lonely Sandbar, Myriad Landscape, and Remote Isle.

Also also, some other cards to consider: Thought Vessel, Consecrated Sphinx, Font of Mythos, and I've also always found Cyclonic Rift to be of help in a lot of situations.

Food for thought.

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