Magosi, the Waterveil


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar (ZEN) Rare

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Magosi, the Waterveil


Magosi, the Waterveil enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add {{U}} to your mana pool.

{{U}}, Tap: Put an eon counter on Magosi, the Waterveil. Skip your next turn.

Tap, Remove an eon counter from Magosi, the Waterveil and return it to its owner's hand: Take an extra turn after this one.

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Magosi, the Waterveil Discussion

AnderDan on Rowan Kenrith, Battlemaster

3 days ago

Yeah, I think you're right, PurplePudding. I misread the emblem. Because it doesn't say 'may', it messes up the Magosi, the Waterveil + Deserted Temple combo by forcing us to skip two turns. I've removed Magosi from the deck.

Flooremoji on MagicalHacker - List of All 2-Card Infinite Combos

2 months ago

Hey, Would By Gnome Means and Magosi, the Waterveil work? technically you would need artifacts or counters but...

BMHKain on

2 months ago

Also, how does the Magosi, the Waterveil combo not work? Did you check the URL? Or is there a ruling for it that nullifies both the skipped turn & Extra Turn? I'd be more than happy to remove the card from my deck, though I don't mind playing it over and over each turn... x/

enpc on

3 months ago

Your Magosi, the Waterveil combo doesn't work.

Also, you should work on your combo package - when you assemble something like Isochron Scepter + Paradox Engine you should be able to that turn win the game. To give you an example, I have a Thrasios, Triton Hero + Tymna the Weaver deck which assembles Isochron Scepter + Dramatic Reversal + mana rocks/dorks to get infinite mana. I then use Thrasios, Triton Hero's ability to draw until I have access to my Walking Ballista which I can cast for as large as I need to kill each opponent. you should be thinking of those kind of game ending plays, not "repeatable counterspell on a stick" kind of thing.

BMHKain on Regarding Paradox Engine...

3 months ago

@zwells3: I see. Very well. I'll see what other P1, T1, or 1/1 Options I can find. Good thing the Magosi, the Waterveil combo is still in tact, I mean, I do have Snow-Covered Islands, & Cloud of Faeries is ETB based... So there's still hope yet for that... I just need something besides Nephalia Smuggler...

MtgNewb99 on Blue Black Control

3 months ago

Thanks for the help, counterzenith and SnakeInASuit! When I first added in Magosi, the Waterveil I didn't even see the skip your next turn part. Guess I was too excited for more turns! I also like the combo with Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Baneful Omen, Basically I would play the Baneful Omen, draw the Emrakul, use Jace's 0 ability to put it back on the top, reveal it at my end step and hit for 15. I do see that this is all a bit slow. So, I've edited it a bit. Cheers!

counterzenith on Blue Black Control

4 months ago

I really love this deck. It is super original, and contains a lot of cards I have not seen played in modern before, but it still feels like a good old fashioned control deck. I do have a few suggestions, however. A lot of your threats cost quite a lot of mana. In control decks, it is always better to keep your threats as cheap as possible, especially against other control decks, so that you can keep mana open to counter any spells that would remove your threats. For that reason, I would recommend adding in some more Creeping Tar Pits. They are cheap threats that allow you to keep up mana to protect your plays. They are especially good now Jace, the Mind Sculptor is legal, as they can kill Jace, the Mind Sculptor without worrying about blockers. I would take out Shelldock Isle and Magosi, the Waterveil for this, as Shelldock Isle is far too slow to give any advantage, and Magosi, the Waterveil is a downright terrible card, as control decks never EVER want to skip turns; skipping turns gives your opponent a free turn to resolve their cards, which is exactly what control decks don't want to happen. The same issue shows up with a lot of your counter/disruption cards. Cards like Counterlash and Draining Whelk don't offer a big enough advantage to make them worth running in face of the risk they will just be beaten by cards like Mana Leak and your opponent's threat will be resolved. I definitely understand the desire to add more threats in. When I made my first control list, I added a load of extra wincons in, because I couldn't see how the traditional control decks hoped to win the game. However, many cards in control decks that seem just to be control cards at first glance actually are excellent wincons. A good example of this is Jace, Architect of Thought. This card is brilliant, and is one of my all-time favourites. It's excellent at stalling the game, and it is surprisingly easy to get to the point activate its -8. Once you've done that, you've basically won the game! If you would be willing to completely change this deck up, I would suggest taking out most of your wincon cards, and replacing them with cards that can act as both control and wincon. However, I completely understand if you don't want to. I really think this deck has a lot of potential, and so I've made two lists that are my own versions of this deck. One is an U/B control list that has a lot of the creatures taken out and is more traditional, and one is a list that is much more similar to yours, but has just been tweaked, just in case you don't want to take out the cards that make the deck unique. The more traditional list still has a lot of the uniqueness of the original deck, just some of the suboptimal cards have been removed.

Traditional Control Version:

Non-Traditional Version:

ThallionDarkshine on Mono Blue Fun

4 months ago

This deck looks sweet, and I really like some of the cards you've got in here (especially Lunar Mystic, never knew an effect like that existed), but I feel the deck is somewhat lacking in direction. You've got some sweet stax pieces (Rising Waters and Ward of Bones), some awesome instant/sorcery support (Lunar Mystic and Disciple of the Ring), along with tons of other cool cards. Overall I think you need to pick a theme and stick to it. There are some cool cards in here that don't really have synergy with the deck (Grozoth, Riddlekeeper and small mill package, and the Donate + Illusions of Grandeur combo).

I don't have that much in the way of suggestions, since I don't know which of your themes you want to focus on. However, here are some things that synergize nicely with your commander. Forcing creatures to block is very powerful with Tromokratis, since it forces them to block with their entire team if possible. In addition, preventing their creatures from blocking or tapping them down basically makes him unblockable, giving you a fairly quick kill. Courtly Provocateur can either make utility creatures attack and die or force creatures to block, making your commander's swing into a pseudo-board wipe. Grappling Hook is a repeatable form of this effect that also grants double strike, turning your commander into an incredibly powerful beater.

Now, on to ways to stop creatures from blocking to make Tromokratis unblockable. Tamiyo, the Moon Sage is a great source of card draw that can also tap down troublesome permanents. Frost Titan, while probably the worst of the titan cycle, is still a troublesome card to deal with, and can lock down permanents. If you're willing to commit to running numerous colorless sources (and you've already got a bunch of colorless rocks), Endbringer can prevent big things from attacking, basically give Tromokratis unblockable, and even give you card draw. Fatestitcher is a great card in mono-blue, since not only does it serve as ramp, it can also tap down problematic stuff at instant speed.

Finally, some general blue good stuff. Cyclonic Rift is one of the best removal spells in the format. Whelming Wave can occasionally serve as a one-sided board wipe. I'm not sure if you have a reason for excluding Sol Ring, but otherwise it definitely should be making the cut.

I think you might want to cut back on some of the non-basic lands you've got in here, even if just to slightly improve the odds on Scrying Sheets. Some of the stuff you've got in here (Magosi, the Waterveil) just seems like a worse island in the vast majority of situations.

Sorry if this comment was overly general, let me know what kind of direction you want to take with the deck and I'll try to give you some more specific suggestions.

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