Ghitu Encampment


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning Uncommon
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Urza's Legacy Uncommon

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Ghitu Encampment


Ghitu Encampment enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add to your mana pool.

: Ghitu Encampment becomes a 2/1 red Warrior creature with first strike until end of turn. It's still a land.

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Ghitu Encampment Discussion

skoobysnackz on Jankrakul, the Combo's torn

1 month ago

These Polymorph/Indomitable Creativity decks seem to be very popular on this site and for good reason, but I've got to think you can find better ways to get tokens out than Abstruse Interference and Spawning Breath. For one, you could try Goblin Assault, it doesn't give you the tokens immediately like Abstruse Interference does, but by the time you would cast Polymorph or creativity on turn 4 you would get your token, and an extra chump blocker every turn after that. I don't know how well Swan Song has been for you but I would suggest Remand to help dig for polymorph and creativity. Once you cast either one its pretty much gg so that extra card in their hand won't matter too much. Another commonly used tactic for Polymorph decks is to use manlands, especially Mutavault because of it's low activation cost (you can also try Blinkmoth Nexus, Faerie Conclave, Ghitu Encampment, Kher Keep or Wandering Fumarole). Finally, adding a third color to this deck could help with protection and more tokens (although it's definitely not necessary). I decided to add green because of Beast Within for protection, and because it has some very good token generators. Here's my version of the deck, take a look if you want some ideas for splashing green and let me know what you think: Temur Creativity. Keep it up, +1!

Red_X on Temur Scepter Combo

1 month ago

Personally I'd throw in a couple manlands. You're running enough ramp that a tap land on turn 3-4 plus shouldn't really hurt, it allows you to actually play magic when you don't have the combo, and you can pressure decks like control and tron that have a hard time dealing with non-cast threats that dodge sorcery speed removal. Manlands would actually address all your problems, since it would be a secondary win condition, avoid discard, let you do something with mana, and avoid chalice.

P.S. in your colors the manlands are Celestial Colonnade, Raging Ravine, Stirring Wildwood, Wandering Fumarole, Needle Spires, Lumbering Falls, Faerie Conclave, Ghitu Encampment, Treetop Village, and Forbidding Watchtower.

Enral on Queen Marchesa and her Royal armada!

1 month ago

Very cool take on marchesa...have you thought of inclusion of manlands like Mutavault/Forbidding Watchtower/Ghitu Encampment/Lavaclaw Reaches/Spawning Pool to crew your vehicles in case you don't have a creature on the board? Token generator like Assemble the Legion/Bitterblossom/Elspeth, Sun's Champion are also great for more crew.

hoardofnotions on Mina and Denn's Huge Tracks of Land

1 month ago

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx seems strong in almost anything. maybe swap the Arbor Elf for Voyaging Satyr then

Ghitu Encampment and Raging Ravine are clever with your commander, block and bounce take no damage

Spinerock Knoll, Thawing Glaciers, Winding Canyons, Myriad Landscape, Temple of the False God,

Akoum Stonewaker doesn't seem that mana effient

Barrage of Boulders there are cheaper no block effects, Gruul Charm

Fireshrieker could be replaced with Berserkers' Onslaught

Grazing Gladehart or Retreat to Kazandu could be Lifegift, more players(especially those who ramp) more lifegain

are Embodiment of Fury and Embodiment of Insight strong enough?

Into the Wilds could be Druidic Satchel

Breaker of Armies effect could be much cheaper Taunting Elf or more versitile Nemesis Mask or Noble Quarry

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre could be Kozilek, Butcher of Truth same graveyard shuffling, better effect

Xenagos, God of Revels could really speed up the deck.

Boundless Realms could kill with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle (another good card with valakut is Prismatic Omen)

Decimate and Ghirapur Orrery from your maybeboard seem good too. I really want to hear how the orrery works if you make the swap

Hope some of this helped, and looks like a fun deck!


Jareht on Modern Warrior Synergy

2 months ago

I would cut the Always Watching for 2 or 3 Mardu Ascendancy, you dont want multiple cards on board which give you vigiliance. Mardu Ascendancy synergizes well with Brutal Hordechief and Rush of Battle, even if it doesnt grant lifelink for the goblin tokens.

Also Mardu Ascendancy protects your board against small Boardwipes like Pyroclasm or Anger of the Gods.

Sorin, Solemn Visitor would also fit in good, also Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and Ghitu Encampment as an one-off.

Lame_Duck on Vroom

3 months ago

You've got this listed as a Modern deck, but Sol Ring is very much not legal in the format.

Also, with so many Vehicles and so few creatures, it seems like the deck would be very vulnerable to Anger of the Gods or Wrath of God type effects that will kill all your creatures and leave you unable to crew the Vehicles. You could try some man-lands to increase the deck's resilience: Mutavault or Ghitu Encampment or Dread Statuary, maybe.

Surrak_and_Roll on Zurgo, King of Warriors

6 months ago

Great looking deck, +1 from me! Zurgo warriors was actually a deck I considered building but I went with Anafenza (Check out the deck if you'd like Anafenza, the Pros and Khans.) Personally the only changes I'd really make would be to the mana base. I'd replace Mardu Banner with Commander's Sphere, it's the same effect but without the mana cost to draw a card. In an aggressive deck like this lands that enter untapped are very important so I'd highly recommend Sulfurous Springs. I'm also not a fan of the Ravnica bounce lands especially in a deck like this as they enter tapped and set you very far behind if they're destroyed, perhaps a good replacement for them would be the man lands like Needle Spires, Lavaclaw Reaches, Shambling Vent, or even Ghitu Encampment for the warrior subtype.

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