Chemister's Insight


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Chemister's Insight


Draw two cards.


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Chemister's Insight Discussion

Squirrelbacon on Hatebears (list for FNM on 2/15/19

1 week ago

Fair enough, hopefully you find a good balance online! Are you planning on shifting into paper magic as well or only based on Arena?

Also, I saw you had Thought Erasure in the main also, so what if you went down to 2 Kitesail Freebooter . It is a significantly worse top deck later on than Erasure since you don't get to surveil... Maybe change...

-1 Kitesail Freebooter

-2 Chemister's Insight

+3 Basilica Bell-Haunt

I feel Bell-Haunt has a ton of upside. It kinda blows out mono-red, which is a deck that any 3 color deck should be aware of due to the nature of shocklands and fast mana. The discard is extra credit, but also have a 3/4 body makes it a decent attacker or blocker dependent on what you want. Everything in your deck (besides Bishop of Rebirth ) dies to Lightning Strike and Skewer the Critics .

Squirrelbacon on Hatebears (list for FNM on 2/15/19

1 week ago

A couple of ideas for you, hopefully nothing too major!

First off, I want to address the SB choices. You are in Esper colors, which is full of plenty of extra options to keep the deck flexible. Right now, you seem very focused on creatures, which is fine, but I feel that makes the deck far too narrow... here's a few options:

Negate --> What's a Teffi anyway, I know I don't want to see him... Also clean answers to Settle or any other sweepers going on.

Disdainful Stroke --> See above, but add in creatures (I'm looking at you, Hydroid Krasis !!)

Smothering Tithe --> This one is eh... but it might help in the control matches.

Depose / Deploy --> I have been EXTREMELY impressed by this card in playtesting so far, but this one is also somewhat opinionated.

Warrant / Warden --> See above.

Unbreakable Formation --> BONKERS

Ethereal Absolution --> I play tokens... be prepared...

Settle the Wreckage --> Lopsided board wipe, kinda. Can be useful if your meta is full or aggro.


Your deck seems to be focused on early disruption and overall being annoying. You have a lot of interaction, so here's a few ideas for the main:

Hero of Precinct One --> Only if you add in a few more multi-colored spells, but I love this card.

Kitesail Freebooter --> I know it is in your sideboard, but since the rest of the deck is so disruptive it may be worth a thought.

Basilica Bell-Haunt --> What's mono-red anyway...

Seraph of the Scales --> Significantly more expensive, but, she good. at least, so I've heard.

Several of the cards can be shifted around, for example Kitesail Freebooter can probably just replace Ministrant of Obligation in the main, even if for only 2 or 3 copies. I think any of the split cards I put for the sideboard could go in the main as well, Plaguecrafter can shift to the SB (meta dependent). I also feel that Chemister's Insight doesn't have a home in this list, since you want to out-value and disrupt rather than win through card advantage in a design like this.

Have you thought about adding in a planeswalker anywhere? Both new walkers I feel a soft spot for in my heart, I even added Baby Dovin to my tokens list, (which is now bant) and I just have a soft spot for new Kaya as well.

These are all just opinions, but if you have any questions about my suggestions or want some help let me know!

skoobysnackz on Nexus of Fate combo

2 weeks ago

There are several ways of taking infinite turns with Nexus of Fate . Yes, one of the newer ones is using Primal Wellspring but I think those decks want to win off Expansion / Explosion rather than Teferi. I think the deck started out with just Teferi, Hero of Dominaria , Search for Azcanta  Flip, and Chemister's Insight to help draw a nexus when you need it. It also had tons of "fog" effects which is very similar to taking an extra turn against the aggressive creature based decks. Now we also have the addition of Wilderness Reclamation which lets you float mana and activate azcanta an additional time each turn for every copy of reclamation you have. A board state with a flipped Search for Azcanta  Flip, a Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and at least one Wilderness Reclamation would be incredibly difficult to beat without Unmoored Ego or something.

Ozzmium on Jeskai Flicker

3 weeks ago

Interesting list, but there are cards that stand out as, not so good.

You don't have too many removal/reach/draw spells, so maybe substituting Rix Maadi Reveller for Dire Fleet Daredevil could work out. It would allow you to get an efficient body on the board as well as utilising and then exiling high value cards like Chemister's Insight , Vraska's Contempt or even just an Opt

Your curve is an upside down bell, maybe try cutting the four 6cmc+ cards and leave Teferi as the top end? Riverwise Augur fills in your empty 4 drop spot, gives you extremely powerful card selection on a body, and also sticks around as a future flicker target.

And my final thought would be looking into an UWG build and comparing it to your own. There's a lot of super powerful ETB effects in green like Pelakka Wurm , Knight of Autumn , and Frilled Mystic

FSims81 on Grixis Dragon Control

3 weeks ago

First, I think you should swap Search for Azcanta  Flip for Treasure Map  Flip. You'll still get to scry, and Treasure Map provides extra mana or card draw which is great for casting or triggering Niv. Second, Chemister's Insight is just too expensive. Try Chart a Course , Radical Idea , or Discovery / Dispersal in it's place. Third, Quench is fine for early game but Spell Pierce does just as much. I'd honestly drop both Quench and Sinister Sabotage for Ionize . Lastly, Cry of the Carnarium doesn't fit what you're doing. If I'm your opponent and I see you cast that, I'm immediately targeting your big fliers for removal to exile them. Run another Ritual of Soot instead since you have no creatures it would affect.

DarkSwitch on Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good (RNA Spirits Tribal)

3 weeks ago

Struyk, I don't really want to replace Dovin with anything since he's my only form of card draw. He may not stay in the deck and be replaced with Chemister's Insight , as it's more consistent. I do want to add another Unbreakable Formation , but I don't know what to cut to fit it in. I like Favorable Winds since they're difficult to remove and most opponents don't usually want to remove it from the board, but I might cut one to fit another Unbreakable Formation . Thanks for the suggestion!

Illuminate21 on RNA - Grixis Control

3 weeks ago

Alright, time to get some words of wisdom (Complete utter crap advice) from me.

Something I use in my Dimir deck is the combination of Mission Briefing and Anticipate , specifically looking at the latter card. I run a touch lighter on some removal spells and have about 5-ish boardwipes, and has 7-ish counter spells. (4x Sinister Sabotage , 3x Syncopate )

My engine of Mission Briefing , Anticipate , Chemister's Insight and incidental Surveil allows me to sculpt my hand to suite the deck I’m vs’ing. I could give a link to the deck if you like, however it is a bit different since I steer away from money cards like Vraska's Contempt , and try for a flash-Control deck; so no Doom Whisperer .

Hope I could help, gl, and serve Bolas well! :D

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Chemister's Insight occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 3,94%

Blue: 0,96%

U/R (Izzet): 1,89%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0,0%