Disdainful Stroke


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Common
Khans of Tarkir Common
Promo Set Common

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Disdainful Stroke


Counter target spell with converted mana cost 4 or greater.

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Disdainful Stroke Discussion

GS10 on By all means, draw

2 days ago

Maizena. Disallow is awesome, but not strictly better than Disdainful Stroke in EDH. At least in my playgroup, Disdainful Stroke is pretty much a hard counter to anything relevant. This being said, Disallow would have been in there if I owned a copy, I didn't think the difference between that and the countermagic I ran was worth making an extra proxy for that matter. Dream Halls looks nice! I wouldn't necessarily run it here, but definitely keeping an eye on it for my ever-upcoming storm deck! Also, your hint on Archfiend of Ifnir was a great one! By the time I originally started making the list Amonkhet spoilers were barely out so I didn't look much into them, but that one is a perfect fit here! Thanks!

bradtheimpaler13 I could have sworn that I ran Psychosis Crawler in the deck. Maybe it was a last minute cut or I just didn't find my copy in time for the final list and replaced it with something else. Since this was a one-trick-pony of a deck, it was thrown together quickly and stripped apart soon after. I like keeping lists for future reference and this one was tremendously fun (for me at least!) so it is a card that will probably make the cut the next time I play Nekusar. Thanks!

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Modern Sultai Control

1 week ago

Your creatures right now seem like too much mana for irrelevant effects. I don't see how this deck plans on beating burn ever. Cutting 2 silumgar and 2 sphinx to add 2 Thragtusk could help quite a bit - he gains you life immediately and has great value because if he's removed he leaves a token behind. I also second the addition of Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet. Great card against so much of the meta. 2 kalitas and 1 thragtusk would be a great split. And keep tasigur of course. He's real good.

Disdainful Stroke is near useless in modern - only a few decks even have cards at 4+ mana. You'll definitely want 4 Fatal Push in here to beat any aggro deck and many of the midrange decks too.

Finally, Cryptic Command is usually the go-to big counterspell in control decks in modern. It can't replace your mana leaks, but it is the best card for pulling ahead against almost any deck. It's super versatile and useful in almost every situation.

CaptSillva on BBC = Budget Blue Control

1 week ago

A few things, firstly Torrent Elemental is not allowed in this deck. Because it has black and green mana symbols in its effect text, it is considered to be a black/blue/green creature by commander color identity rules.

Next, this deck could due to be a bit more focused. I understand that its themes are spread out to showcase blues abilities, but I feel like your friend would be served if it showed what a concrete theme was. Also some of these card choices are just a bit too weak even for a budget build, namely Mana Leak, Card:Ceremonious Rejection, Dispel, Darksteel Ingot, Commander's Sphere, and Looter il-Kor. While some of these may be fine card, I don't think they are well suited to this format or just this deck.

Baral really wants to counter spells so you guys could try Guile and a budget friendly counter package that includes Remove Soul, Arcane Denial, Disdainful Stroke, Broken Concentration, and Counterspell.

cplvela0811 on Modern Sultai Control

1 month ago


I would start along these lines, for the inclusion of Delver of Secrets  Flip & Maelstrom Pulse:

-1 Abrupt Decay

-1 Painful Truths

-1 Disdainful Stroke, possibly -2.

-1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

And or -1 or 2 lands, to remove 5 slots > 4x Delver of Secrets  Flip and 1x Maelstrom Pulse. This is my advice Itachi.

Maizena on By all means, draw

1 month ago

Nice list!I would change Disdainful Stroke for Disallow.

Dream Halls is also a great card. You will be able to chain some "wheels" with it.

aekrusty on Geist Of Saint Traft EDH

2 months ago

Hi DanteAlighieri I've been playing Geist for a time and have some budget ideas. If you're going to play multiplayer forget about "counter target spell unless it's controller pays X" or "return target permanent to it owner's hand". They're useless in EDH, due the large amount of mana at disposal. I'd reccomend adding: Void Shatter, Disdainful Stroke, Arcane Denial, Desertion, and Dismiss. On the other hand if you're playing Duel Commander you should take the tempo route. I'd reccomend: Rattlechains, Mother of Runes, and lock cards as Pithing Needle, Phyrexian Revoker, Nevermore. +1

infinitelennies on Hope I'm Not BUGGING you

2 months ago

Thanks for commenting so many times and creating the illusion that people are actually talking about this deck lol.

My reasoning for playing Stubborn Denial is this: Force Spikeing things people play turn 1-2 is still usually going to counter them. Plus a good 70% of the time I'm needing the card as a "Counter your removal spell targeting Tasigur" or something like that. If anything, I want to add in more creatures to trigger Ferocious. And I've seen RUG lists playing Denial with only eight creatures that trigger ferocious.

I understand that Ceremonious Rejection costs one mana, and I understand how big a deal that is. But like I said, it doesn't counter the shenanigans of TitanShift, plus you need to realize Disdainful Stroke helps shore up the fact that I usually can't do anything about big permanents. "Spells that cost more than four" represents a lot more things that will kill me than "Spells that are colorless". That's how I look at it.Without Disdainful Stroke I'll lose to a fringe jank not-viable-in-Modern Dragon tribal deck I get matched up with for game one, or something like that. I'd honestly rather lose to Affinity than lose to Dragon Tribal.

I'm starting to warm up to the idea of putting Snapcaster Mage back in. I am 100% sure this deck needs more creatures. I'm not playing more than two though.

infinitelennies on

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions. Here are the problems I see:

You're only running five sorceries. That combined with the fact that you ditched the Lilianas means you will struggle to get Tarmogoyf over 3/4. Sometimes 2/3.

Adding Smother seems like you're really banking on everyone playing low-cost creatures. It will be great if that's all you run into, but you will lose to Standard decks if all of your interaction is for small creatures.

Snapcaster Mage is iffy. I feel like his value goes down when you don't have access to Lightning Bolt.

Sideboard:You seem to have replaced Disdainful Stroke with Ceremonious Rejection. Rejection hits Affinity, but Stroke hits TitanShift and Tasigur. TitanShift is a much worse matchup for this deck. Also note that neither counter really hits Bant Eldrazi that well thanks to Cavern of Souls.

Playing Dismember over Murderous Cut goes back to my problem with Smother.

I tried Vendilion Clique before. It wasn't as valuable as usual because I already have the Delvers. Plus it just makes you hate Lingering Souls even more.

Shadow of Doubt and Surgical Extraction are amazing against both Tron and TitanShift, which are both bad matchups. Something as simple as T1 Thought Scour targeting opponent and Surgical Extraction targeting Cinder Glade has won me a game. The same goes for Tron.

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