Ceremonious Rejection


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Ceremonious Rejection


Counter target colorless spell.

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Ceremonious Rejection Discussion

Ballzanya on Fighting a mere illusion...

1 week ago

Sideboard should also have two Ceremonious Rejection to deal with tron.

capriom85 on W: Standard H: Modern, EDH, ...

2 weeks ago

I am building a U/W Approach deck. I need some stuff. My whole binder is fair game for this.

This is what I need:

2x Dovin Baan4x Glimmer of Genius2x Censor4x Opt1x Cataclysmic Gearhulk1x Torrential Gearhulk1x Fumigate4x Settle the Wreckage4x Irrigated Farmland4x Glacial Fortress4x Disallow2x Insidious Will3x Ceremonious Rejection4x Supreme Will2x Field of Ruin

There may be a few more in my binder I need and didnt list. Ifnits listed I need it.

Oloro_Magic on Jeskai casual

3 weeks ago

This list doesn't look so much of a control list than it is a Kiln Fiend agro list, either way the creature count needs to be cut and you need some better counters. Mana Leak is a nice cheap counter that is pretty good, however you really want Cryptic Command or Spell Snare. Negate and Ceremonious Rejection can also go in the side. That would make the deck a bit more controlling, also Supreme Will is unfortunately just not good enough for modern and should be replaced by something like Serum Visions or possibly Nahiri, the Harbinger and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn combo. Basically, you need to decide if this is going to be a Kiln Fiend agro or a more control oriented deck which makes use of the counters I mentioned above.I'd be more than happy to help with either route by the way.

As for lands, for now try to get your hands on any duals (preferably ones that can come in untapped) as you can, the ideal mana base would have Celestial Colonnade, Desolate Lighthouse, Scalding Tarn, Steam Vents, Hallowed Fountain, Glacial Fortress, etc.

Fromberger on UB Faeries

3 weeks ago

Hi, Lothen, I didnt have the opportunity to try the Affinity matchup yet, but its amongst my reasons for putting two maindeck Spell Snare. The sideboard plan would be something like -4 Ancestral Vision, -2 Go for the Throat, +1 Liliana, the Last Hope, +1 Engineered Explosives, +2 Ceremonious Rejection, +1 Damnation, +1 Collective Brutality.

Regarding Tron, Spreading Seas alone wouldnt be enough and after turn 2 I really wouldnt like to tap for it, also Bitterblossom is the ideal play for turn 2, so my plan of choice was even more counterspells after sideboard ( Ceremonious Rejection, Disdainful Stroke, Countersquall ) and the two Thoughtseize as well. The Vendilion and Mistbind Cliques can take care of the rest. Im actually more worried about the Eldrazi Tron matchup, but I played it last week and the sideboard seemed solid as far as I can tell.

The best uses of Pendelhaven I havent tested yet, namely blocking Lingering Souls tokens and surviving Izzet Staticaster, but its a flex slot. I could try Ghost Quarter later, but im not in love with the idea of playing just one (and the manabase could hardly afford two).

The discard spells I intend to try later in some number between 4 and 8, the current focus on counterspells is just the beginning of it. I am new to the archetype and there is a lot to experiment in it. :)

GardeNoir on U/b modern faeries

3 weeks ago

Ceremonious Rejection for eldrazi, maybe Flaying Tendrils for elves/merfolk. Burn is tricky, I use Sword of Light and Shadow but I've seen others use Batterskull. I've also heard Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is good, but have yet to use it. Not quite sure what you'd cut, but consider those card if that's your local meta!Good Luck, fae friend!

TheAnnihilator on Jeskai Rush

3 weeks ago

Okay, so your sideboard is all over the place. xD My suggestions: go down to 1/2 Wear / Tear, since they are super blank against most decks. Give a one-of Celestial Purge a shot, as it hits everything relevant from Grixis Shadow and Lilianas and Bobs from BGx decks. I also suggest playing the 3rd and 4th Path in the board. 2x Disdainful Stroke for ETron and GTron, Valakut, Death's Shadow, etc., 1x Ceremonious Rejection for overlap with Affinity and Lantern. 1x Engineered Explosives could be good too.

hwagner on UB Faeries

3 weeks ago

Hello! I played faeries for a while about a year ago and I loved them! The main list looks really solid! When I played, I played the full 4 Creeping Tar Pit, and 4 Snapcaster Mage. I also played with the numbers of Mistbind Clique and I personally liked 3 the best. Also Liliana of the Veil is great in faeries!

Im a little confused on the Gifted Aetherborns in the sideboard. What matchups do you bring it in for? Also, if you're not running Hurkyl's Recall in the sideboard then i think you should have 3-4 Ceremonious Rejection. Affinity is a really bad matchup and it works well-ish against it. Also is good against Tron and Eldrazi tron which are tough matchups. All 3 decks make up a large percentage of the metagame so its helpful to have tools against them.

Phantom5 on UB Control 1.0

1 month ago

You need lands. 25 to 26 lands to be specific. Go for dual lands that are on color. The Scarab God is used to prey upon the opponent's graveyard. Just play with their best threats. x2 or x3 suggested, but I run 0. Ceremonious Rejection is a sideboard card. As a control player, you'd want almost all of your interactions to be at instant speed. You also need instant speed draw spells.

My UB List: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/12-09-17-fXM-ub-control/

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