Ceremonious Rejection


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Ceremonious Rejection


Counter target colorless spell.

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Ceremonious Rejection Discussion

xenon240z on Whir of Skysovereign

1 day ago


Ceremonious Rejection does sound great at one copy!

The reason I don't like Ballista is because it turns on a lot of removal from our opponents that normally doesn't line up very well (grasp, fatal push, shock). I could see siding in creatures like this for game 2 when they side out their removal though.


Great to hear you like the deck! I actually used to play with Gearseeker Serpent in the early versions of the deck. It was mono blue and looked something like this: Mono Blue Improvise. After that, the deck went through a bunch of changes. I didn't give up on Gearseeker Serpent though. I still played with it in an FNM and a Game Day. One of the biggest problems with it though is that it's pretty terrible to have in your opening hand and overall makes hands that include it harder to keep. With improvise decks, consistency is one of your biggest issues. Cards like Pia Nalaar are mainly in the deck to help consistency, giving you a semblance of battlefield presence and an artifact in one card.

That's a lot of jumbled info to take in, so I'll narrow it down to a few points on why the Serpent doesn't make the cut in my list.

  1. Is it better than any of the payoffs in the current list? I believe that 10 payoffs is the right number in an improvise list, so assuming that's correct, we'd have to shave one or more of them to make room for the Serpent(s), otherwise, our draws get unbalanced and clunky. In this list, the payoffs are 4 Maverick Thopterist, 4 Bastion Inventor, and 2 Whir of Invention. IMO, Serpent is far worse than these. Thopterist provides ramp, pilots, and blockers. Inventor is already a 5/6 most of the time thanks to Inventor's Goggles and has hexproof. And Whir is a centerpiece of the deck.

  2. Could we make room for it by taking out a piece of interaction (i.e. Metallic Rebuke or Battle at the Bridge)? Unlikely. I've liked 6 pieces of interaction, especially with the best deck (Mardu Vehicles) being so aggressive.

  3. This deck is excellent against spot removal. Serpent is not. Think about Unlicensed Disintegration.

  4. We already have access to unblockable with Key to the City, and you'd be surprised how few times the Serpent's ability actually feels good to use. 6-mana is a real cost.

With that said, Serpent can be awesome when it lets you double spell with an improvise card, especially with Metallic Rebuke and Battle at the Bridge. If you really want to play it, I say go for it. I would take out a Whir of Invention or the third copy of Battle at the Bridge/1st copy of Unlicensed Disintegration depending on what your list looks like.

I hope this helps! All in all, I like to play cards that I have fun playing. If you have fun with Gearseeker Serpent I definitely think it could earn a spot in your list.

kts777 on Whir of Skysovereign

5 days ago

Hi,we tested the deck and have some new feedback about the sideboard.

Maybe 3 Negate is correct and maybe 1 Warping Wail is ok,I cut a basic land and add aAether Hub in our deck.

Ceremonious Rejection is out of our expectation in test,maybe it's the best 1-mana counterspell now.Ceremonious Rejection can counter something like Ballistatower;TKS;Reality Smasher,marvel;Heart of Kiran(maybe this one is not important).I remembered I also sideboard in Ceremonious Rejection to u/w flash just because they have the Copter before,so we also can sideboard in it in the mardu ballista and the Eldrazimuch more than before matchup.

You are right although Unlicensed Disintegration isn't a counterspell,but maybe it's more powerful than a counterspell. But I also don't find the how manyUnlicensed Disintegrationshould we use.It's a real 3-mana spell.in my test,maybe less than 3 is ok but intuitively,it's not right.I hope to hear your test result.It's all rightBattle at the Bridge is also really powerful and can help us win some bad matchup,but maybe we should let all of them to the sideboard?

We use Implement of Combustion to beat the 4c,but how about the Ballista?We also can use the powerful standard card in our deck.It work great in the jeskai decklist. I will test it in our Grixis deck.

The jeskai improvise decklist: enter link description here The mana base isn't good nowbut I don't know how to make it better... my friend will use the decklist to play some tournaments this week and maybe he can give us some feedback about the jeskai version.

xenon240z on Whir of Skysovereign

6 days ago

Very awesome to hear you and your friends have been trying out the deck to some success. This is great feedback and I really appreciate it.

I think taking out the Dispel in the sideboard is a great idea with the format where it is right now, especially when the hate cards like Release the Gremlins and Fumigate are sorceries, like you mentioned. It's hard to know which counterspell is the best. Negate is obviously the most powerful, and I already have 2 copies in the sideboard. Going up to 3 might be correct. I like the idea of Warping Wail with being able to counter sorceries and interrupt Saheeli combo, but I don't think we can support it with enough colorless sources (we currently have six). Going up to 4 Aether Hubs would do it, but runnng more than 2 has been problematic in my testing. Both Invasive Surgery and Ceremonious Rejection don't particularly excite me as being a little too narrow.

Another option is Unlicensed Disintegration, while it's not a counterspell, it's particularly powerful with all the planeswalkers running around. We could take out 1-2 copies of Battle at the Bridge in the main for a copy or two of Unlicensed, and then put another copy in the sideboard. I still think Battle is really powerful, but you're right about it decreasing in power with B/G lessening in popularity.

White offers powerful artifact spells and the splash is just as easy as black, but the problem is that if you are playing Thraben Inspector and Servo Exhibition you need a ton more white sources than a small splash so that we can play them when they matter (turns 1 through 3). As long as we are still playing Whir of Invention it basically forces us to remove red if we want to play the white cards, something that changes the entire identity of the deck.

Your English is great! :)

I'm going to test with Unlicensed Disintegration and see how I like it. 3-mana is a lot in this deck for a single spell without improvise, but the effect is one of the strongest in standard.

I hope this helps, and I'd love to hear more about your future experiences with the deck!

knudthedude on The Fly and The Fish - Grixis Delver

6 days ago

Dear all,

thank you for giving feedback!

Dear Parkerfear I do agree with Teddyjunior11 that in general Engineered Explosives is better than Anger of the Gods. Furthermore is my sideboardspace currentnly too crowded for anger.

Dear Seppuku_Fox thank you for all the suggentions. Maybe you are correct that I should play two terminates. I did just remove the Dreadbore for one more Terminate. I do not have the feeling that the Dreadbore is actually meta relevant.

I thought about Ceremonious Rejection and I do like it. I will try to get my hands on a copy to try it out. It would probably also come in very handy vs affinity.

Glimmer of Genius could be tried out but I do think that it is too costy with cmc of 4. Always also thinking about Painful Truths. I might switch cards around soon and try Painful Truths and Desolate Lighthouse both as one of in my sideboard leaving me with another slot for something different.

Fulminator Mage will soon be given to my brothers Junk sideboard leaving me with two copies of Crumble to Dust vs tron and -shift decks.

BTW just went second at the local fnm only loosing vs Jund.

Let me know whats up and cheers guys.

Seppuku_Fox on The Fly and The Fish - Grixis Delver

1 week ago

I wanna start off with congratulations on how far your deck has been upgraded. You commented on my deck awhile ago and I play several decks all at the same time. I have moved away from Modern since dredge became too popular at my LGS but since the banning I have started to get back into Modern semi-competitively.

Depending on your meta....1 Terminate is too few against more powerful decks like Abzan midrange/control, Tron, and Bant Eldrazi. 1 deck in particular is Eldrazi Bant is 60%/40% against you because of its pure value build. Offsetting that is cards like Ceremonious Rejection and Terminate. I do not know your meta and I have already spoken about my believe on spell snare but those two cards I feel will be good additions to your deck. More Terminates and fewer Fatal Pushes. In Terms of Ancestral Vision as a card draw advantage versus control decks. I would recommend the newly printed Glimmer of Genius but scry 2 and draw 2 at instant speed is so much value for a midrange/tempo deck.

In terms of other sideboard choices. Fulmigatpr + Surgical Extraction vs decks that rely heavily on lands such as Tron is much better in an aggro format (Naya Zoo, Affinity, Death Shadow) vs. Blood Moon and Surgical Extraction/Extirpate in a (Nahiri and Jeskai/Azoirous) control format. I believe at the moment that Grixis Delver is better positioned than Grixis Control against most decks. Good Luck and Have Fun. Cheers!

kts777 on Whir of Skysovereign

1 week ago

I saw the decklist this week. I really like it.nice deck. I just played 2 leagues with the deck and the record is 7-3.not bad.I almost persuaded a friend of mine who like Pacification Array used the deck in gp this week.he used 4c finallyAnother friend of mine used the deckthe same 60 main decklistin a pptq and lost out to a jeskai copy cat semifinal yesterday. it's really powerful and unexpected. many people don't have or just don't know the the correct sideboard to beat the deck.

I think maybe more counter spell such as Negate,Warping Wail,Invasive Surgery,Ceremonious Rejectionin the sideboard?(no Dispel) just because the hate like Release the Gremlins,Fumigateor the ramp deck such as marvel deck we don't want to meet. I like the aggro-control version.

And there are too many mardu ballista and 4c and less b/g. so maybe Battle at the Bridgeis not good now?how about change the color grixis to jeskai[thraben Inspector]is more powerful than Elvish Mystic and maybe we also can use the Servo Exhibition

English is not my local language, I hope u can understand...

clayperce on Infection

1 week ago

I know a ton of the top decks have 1x Spell Pierce mainboard and 2x in the side. But I personally prefer using the mainboard slot for hard protection (e.g., Spellskite or another Blossoming Defense) and the sideboard for hard counterspells (e.g., Dispel or even Ceremonious Rejection for some metas).

Either way, draw well!

gabrjaws on Madness of Zombies

1 week ago

This deck is great, Geralf's Masterpiece is such a disappointing card. It looks powerful on paper, but the recursion effect is just plain wrong, for multiple reasons, first being, it costs a mana too much, then it costs the addition of every card in your hand leaving, which in some cases can actually hurt the Zombie plan. Not to mention his body isn't too impressive with all the -1/-1's getting tossed on him. Mindwrack Demon might actually be a better option if he had the horror creature type. I'm really happy to see my favorite zombie in standard is getting some love Cryptbreaker's just so fun to clog the board with, he also works great with psyching the other player out making them think you have a Negate, Grasp of Darkness, Fatal Push, Dispel or even Ceremonious Rejection. The best sideboarded cards in a deck with Cryptbreaker is low cmc control spells. Metallic Mimic might do some fun stuff in here, maybe just as a two drop. Great deck!

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