Ceremonious Rejection


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Ceremonious Rejection


Counter target colorless spell.

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Ceremonious Rejection Discussion

CappnPiggy on Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

1 day ago

I'm not real sure what I'd sideboard Recall in against. I'm already running Ceremonious Rejection for Tron/Affinity, and I think Recall wouldn't work well against Affinity since the deck just dumps its hand anyway. I'll test it anyway tho, since I don't know modern very well. Thanks for the suggestion!

clayperce on artifact hate low in modern?

3 days ago

As an additional P.S. ...

2019 is just getting started of course, but we've actually had six Artifact hate cards in the Top 20, over the last two weeks: Abrade #2, Ceremonious Rejection #6, Nature's Claim #7, Stony Silence #9, Ancient Grudge #14, Knight of Autumn #20.

clayperce on artifact hate low in modern?

3 days ago

P.S. I got curious about the change in Artifact hate over time, so I looked it up on MTGtop8.

Here's some data on the Top 20 most played sideboard cards in Modern, each year:

If anything, it appears Artifact hate is going up over time, rather than down

clayperce on artifact hate low in modern?

3 days ago

With KCI, Tron, and Hardened Affinity all towards the top of the format, I believe Artifact hate is relatively high, at least in Competitive play. And Combo decks almost always have either Artifact hate (usually Nature's Claim ) or a bounce spell, to remove an opposing Damping Sphere / Grafdigger's Cage /etc.

FWIW, UR Phoenix usually runs 3-5 hate cards in some combination of Ceremonious Rejection , Abrade , Ancient Grudge , and Shattering Spree . You're right thought that Hollow One doesn't run dedicated hate that often; not sure why.

Kjartan on Shapeshifter Surveil Deck

3 weeks ago

Cutting you deck down to 60 cards would be a huge improvement. You have a lot of underpowered cards, so cutting your deck down to minimum size would make you get to your best cards more consitantly.

Rescue could go. With this few (good) etb triggers, it's not going to be that impactful, and you don't want to bounce your artifacts. (Or it could just become an Unsummon if you got one)

Ceremonious Rejection Seems very specific, but you do surveil a lot, and the card is pretty good, so it may be fine, but I'm not loving it. (Or is it a meta thing?)

Realmwright doesn't seem too useful. I guess it can help you cast Dread Shade, but that's pretty niche.

Amulet of Safekeeping also seems a tad too specific to be good, unless it's a meta thing, (but again, surveil help you get rid of it easily).

Wand of Vertebrae Is probably too RNG to be any good.

With the boosters you've opened, I'm willing to bet you've got some Dimir Guildgates or even Watery Graves, and a couple fixers would be a great addition to the mana base.

Also, I'm sure you've got some Discovery / Dispersal, which is one of the greatest survel cards.

DexztrO on 4c Traverse Shadow (sans White)

1 month ago

I would suggest 2xTarfire for the tribal and 2 damage is still good enough.

I would put the 2xAssassin's Trophy's in the SB as it's more of a flex card so you dont need 2xAbrade and 2xCeremonious Rejection in the SB

1xGhor-Clan Rampager for fetchable trample in the main.

Also I would add 1xBojuka Bog in the SB for a fetchable graveyeard hate card. 5 copies for 1 is really good.

Lastly 1xPhyrexian Revoker is a good SB meta call card but I like it alot.

Here's my list: No-W Death's Shadow

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Flame On (Grixis Control)

2 months ago

I think you are correct about Ceremonious Rejection. I'll start by cutting that, making the disdainful stroke swap, and I'll see where I end up.

Fascinating on surgical extraction. I've never played the card, but I would never expect it to be that good against dredge. They have so many cards I would expect to have to take (between their dredge cards, bloodghast, amalgam, conflagrate...) that I'm surprised it's that good. Rakdos Charm or nihil spellbomb makes them start over which buys me at least a turn or 2 to start churning out elementals or drop a tasigur. I'd expect that even if I extract stinkweed imp they can still go off with life from the loam.

The speed of Surgical is definitely notable. I need to reconsider it, but I also don't want to pick any up until it sees a reprint. And extirpate is almost certainly not a suitable substitute.

Regarding Tron, I've mainly only tested game 1 because I'm too lazy to sideboard when testing against myself. Regardless, I know from my time on delver that Ulamog is a total pain and I usually lose even after I counter it because of the exile cast trigger.

In game 1, if I play turn 2 Pyromancer or Tasigur or Angler, then I am favored to win, unless they Walking Ballista my pyromancer. So basically it's still a pretty bad matchup.

It's decks like Tron that make me wish I played white for Stony Silence.

When trying to keep them off tron they sometimes draw all the lands and crush you anyway. When trying to deal with the threats sometimes they just get a quick (turn 4 or 5) Ulamog and that's it, or they play Wurmcoil and O-stone in the same turn and I can't answer both. With either anti-tron plan the tron deck will still regularly draw hands that cannot be beaten.

Why Fulminator Mage over Molten Rain? Sure, you can K-command Fulminator back to your hand, but you can also Snapcaster-Molten Rain just as easily. In fact, even easier since we play 4 snap but only 3 command.

If you don't draw Surgical, is Fulminator strong enough? I've had plenty of games where I 'waste' a turn Field of Ruining a tron land only for them to get tron 1 turn later and it feels bad.

The sweepers are there to beat Dredge, Humans, Spirits, Hollow One, Affinity, Bridgevine, etc. There might be more subtle approaches to the matchups, but all of those decks are capable of simply pulling ahead with broken synergy. Without a sweeper they will simply overrun me. But with a sweeper even if they pull ahead I can get back into the game.

I agree that 5 is excessive. I added the 5th when I saw the new dredge decks which look like awful matchups. I don't think I can bring myself to play less than 3. While on Grixis Delver Anger of the Gods was the card that over-performed the most.

Do I have problems if I'm considering a white splash for Stony Silence and Rest in Peace in the sideboard? The sideboard would then be 1x Godless Shrine, 3x Stony, 3x Rip, 2 Countersquall, 2 Dispel, 1 Stroke, 3 Anger of the Gods. Seems bad, but Stony Silence is really good against Tron, among the other artifact decks. And RIP locks out graveyard decks hard.

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