Ceremonious Rejection


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Ceremonious Rejection


Counter target colorless spell.

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Ceremonious Rejection Discussion

Snydog17 on Whale in the Ice

17 minutes ago

You need a scootch more blue mana, because most of your 2 drops are blue, so try 8 Islands and 4 Plains. Also, you might want to consider running Ceremonious Rejection to fight all of the Vehicles decks. Just a few thoughts, hope it helps.

Jimmy_Chinchila on Speedway Champions

10 hours ago

Ceremonious Rejection is solid against Vehicles and artifact builds. Good SB card I'd think. Looks pretty solid, +1

Golfer29 on Budget Grixis improvise

16 hours ago

Alright, I got some advice from a friend and, for the sideboard, I'm looking at this:

4 Lost Legacy

2 Horribly Awry

2 Ceremonious Rejection

4 Release the Gremlins

3 Quicksmith Rebel

Lost Legacy is standard against saheeli combo, but it also hits relavent creatures.

Horribly Awry is there specifically to deal with Scrapheap Scrounger, due to it exiling what it counters, but it hits most creatures.

Ceremonious Rejection helps prevent artifact shenanigans.

Release the Gremlins kills artifacts that already got on board and can give us more creatures late game by blowing up our own artifacts.

Quicksmith Rebel, aside from confusing our opponent, gives an alternate win con. It turns out a team brought grixis improvise to the protour, but had issues with dealing enough damage. Some decks can just stall and clog the board up. Quicksmith rebel lets us tap an artifact, and it's not like we have a surplus of those, to deal two damage. Not huge, but it can close out a game.

Golfer29 on Budget Grixis improvise

1 day ago

Thank you for responding so quickly Manfrudo. I'm also sorry about the wall of text, I didn't actually realize how many questions I had.

You've sold me on the deck, any recommendations for the sideboard? Ceremonious Rejection and Lost Legacy seem obvious, but I'm not sure what else to run. Release the Gremlins looks good against vehicles or anything artifact heavy, but what about g/b aggro? I'm not sure what to do other than Fatal Push.

Kpan on Dynavolt Deadlock Hulk

1 day ago

Cool deck, been playing control for years and it's nice to see some new ideas! Here's some personal adjustments I would make:

Reasoning: You don't need 4 Engulf the shore, with Anticipate, Glimmers, and Gerahulk flashback, you'll find a copy when you need it. Trophy mage seems weak, only good against super aggressive decks to chump, and even then its not that great since you will easily find copies of the artifacts with those card draw spells. More than 1 copy of Rise from the tides is a little overkill, you only really need 1 in a control decks where you want to maximize the amount of early game spells to stay alive. Playset of Gearhulk is almost a must in mono-blue control as a win con and pure value, especially with all the instants and dynavolt towers. Don't underestimate planeswalkers! Jace is a great addition to this deck and my strongest suggestion. Turn 4: Play engulf on their endstep ==> Turn 5: cast jace on your turn on an open board ==> proceed to win.Lmk if you have any questions! :)

Rasanck on Honey Bunches of Nope

3 days ago

Your deck is based around Baral, Chief of Compliance and needs to turn 4x of him to count for removal and consistency. It would also allow you to have a clear dump for Geier Reach Sanitarium if your opponent can't remove baral, so I'd drop 2x Aether Meltdown for 2x Baral, Chief of Compliance .

I'd replace 3x Compelling Deterrence with 2x Unsubstantiate and a Jace, Unraveler of Secrets since you'd be able to remove spells while they were on the stack as well as creatures on the field, possibly allowing you to return your own Torrential Gearhulk to then flash in the gearhulk on the field to use a counter spell or draw spell in your graveyard, and Jace is great mainboard. You also don't have a zombie to activate its other effect, making it worse. You can sideboard these, however.

I'd drop 1x Void Shatter main board and go with a Disallow as disallow also prevents triggered and activated abilities. It's absolutely crazy.

I don't think any of your enchantments should go in this deck as they don't do enough for what they cost as opposed to other cards.. I'd replace 3x Trail of Evidence with 3x Anticipate . 2x Mechanized Production should be dropped for 2x Thing in the Ice  Flip, and 1x Torrential Gearhulk should be dropped for a thing in the ice.

Thing in the ice will flip, returning the gearhulks to your hand, allowing to use them more than just the once.

I'd also drop 1x Engulf the Shore for 1x Crush of Tentacles so you have the chance of removing all of their non-land permanents, not just creatures as well as getting an 8/8 Kraken.

We can gut the sideboard of counter spells that aren't going to change the game and spells you can use to change the game depending on how you're doing. This would leave you with 2x Ceremonious Rejection ,2x Compelling Deterrence , 1x Disallow , 3x Dispel , 1x Jace, Unraveler of Secrets , 2x Rise from the Tides , 2x Sphinx of the Final Word , 2x Summary Dismissal .

The total changes would look like this.

-2 Aether Meltdown Mainboard-2 Mechanized Production Mainboard-3 Compelling Deterrence Mainboard+3 Anticipate Mainboard-3 Trail of Evidence Mainboard-1 Engulf the Shore Mainboard+3 Unsubstantiate Mainboard+1 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets Mainboard-1 Torrential Gearhulk Mainboard+3 Thing in the Ice Flip Mainboard+2 Baral, Chief of Compliance Mainboard+1 Crush of Tentacles Mainboard+2 Compelling Deterrence Sideboard+1 Sphinx of the Final Word Sideboard+3 Dispel Sideboard-1 Negate Sideboard+2 Rise from the Tides Sideboard-1 Horribly Awry Sideboard-1 Westvale Abbey Maybeboard-1 Rise from the Tides Maybeboard-1 Thing in the Ice Maybeboard

What do you think?

DarkAngel367 on AER - Grixis Control

4 days ago

Here is the lint to the decklist.

Differences Mainboard:

Taken Out:

-1 Radiant Flames

-1 Void Shatter

Put In:

+1 Yahenni's Expertise

+1 Disallow

Differences Sideboard:

Took Out:

-1 Ceremonious Rejection

-2 Dispel

-1 Release the Gremlins

-1 Weaver of Lightning

-1 Transgress the Mind

-1 Yahenni's Expertise

-2 Thing in the Ice  Flip

Put In:

+3 Fatal Push : Really good against Mardu vehicles, kills Heart of Kiran easily of you can't negate it, also decent against danger noodles Winding Constrictor.

+1 Collective Brutality : Really good card against aggro, usually kill a dude and gain some life.

+1 Ruinous Path : Added second path because I kinda hate Gideon, Ally of Zendikar

+2 Radiant Flames : One of these replaces the Yahenni's Expertise that I mainboard in my version. The other one replaces the weaver of lightning, I just found the extra board wipe more useful.

+1 Ob Nixilis Reignited : Useful against control matchups, also really good against any midrange-y deck like B/G counters.

+1 Lost Legacy : Kills Saheeli combo.

Snydog17 on Dimir Alignment

4 days ago

With how you are going with this deck, I would recommend a couple more counter spells. Negate, Ceremonious Rejection, and Void Shatter are prime counters for Standard. Engulf the Shore might be a good board clear, but test it out yourself.

Combo decks are awesome, and I hadn't considered using Secret Salvage to activate Hedron Alignment. Well done.

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