Welcome to my Queen Marchesa Deck!

This deck is a work in progress, as are the accordions. I am just getting back to magic after a several year hiatus. The goal of this deck is to explore the idea of Aikido in MTG, following in the footsteps of precociousapprentice's Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control primer. For any suggestions to help improve the deck, please stick to creatures, instants, sorceries, enchantments and artifacts. I am aware that the land base could be faster with fetchlands, etc. but do not currently have the money for those things. I am trying to do this with cards I have on hand, plus a few spendy cards like Grim Tutor that I do not own.

The goal of this deck is to encourage attacks to go in directions that I like (aka, don't hit me) while I cultivate a good board and hand state for myself.

I want this deck to be non-threatening in it's board state. I want players to decide to hit my opponents because it is their best option, rather than attack me.

I also want to be able to use cards that I love like Serene Master or Parallectric Feedback to good effect.

The win conditions of this deck are based on using your opponents strength against them and so may need to be adjusted for your meta.

Deflecting Palm - seems self explanatory

Serra Ascendant - with all the ways to protect / redirect damage, plus the flying creatures with lifelink, this should be a decent mid-range beater if the Path of Peace fails

Master of Cruelties - potential surprise assassination with Key to the City + Profane Command, Acidic Soil, or something similar.

Winning against big baddies

Brash Taunter - this guy is here for defense, but is not afraid to go on the offense when necessary

Delirium - same as above

Backlash - duplicate

Winning vs tokens etc

Batwing Brume - make sure you use correct mana, ask me how I know

Rakdos Charm

It's a bit situational, but winning versus infinite draw

Angel's Grace + Runeflare Trap or Sudden Impact


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