Secret Rendezvous

Secret Rendezvous


You and target opponent each draw three cards.

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Secret Rendezvous Discussion

1empyrean on Did I just solve white's …

3 months ago

I actually think that this is more in line with , both in terms of flavor and mechanically. The type of unity white wants is more like Alms Collector and Secret Rendezvous.

I think Sigarda's Splendor is the kind of thing white should have more of, along side investigate and tax effects.

bxli on

7 months ago

Already made some changesDemMeowsephs

  1. Some Creatures changes I end up adding: Yawgmoth, Thran Physician , Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit , Elenda, the Dusk Rose and Luminarch Aspirant . Also changed Citadel Siege for Felidar Retreat as it can give me tokens to sac and more counters not just 2

  2. Cut Mind's Eye , Black Sun's Zenith , Blot Out the Sky , Infernal Offering , Secret Rendezvous and Debtors' Knell

  3. More added: Sword of Truth and Justice , Sign in Blood , Beacon of Unrest , Command the Dreadhorde , Ambition's Cost and Victimize

  4. Doubts with: Custodi Soulbinders as it can give me a lot of tokens but I have to be set up already with my tokens or wait for oponents to set up their own table. I think I can swap it for something more usefull. Scheming Symmetry maybe I can get Profane Tutor until I have a more solid tutor.

Maybe quit some lands for other cards as: Phyrexian Altar The Ozolith Coat of Arms

B0NGUS on New hubs to be added

7 months ago

While I mentioned two cards that would also be clear group hug cards legendofa, that's not all I see politics as of course. I simply didn't go deep, for reasons of time, attention, mental disorders, etc. Anyway, incentivizing hostile actions elsewhere, deterring hostile actions towards yourself, and all manner of effects that cause behaviors to change or deals to be made is more politics than group hug.

Secret Rendezvous is a "What will you do for me if I give you three cards?"

Curse of Disturbance motivates swings against an opponent.

Cunning Rhetoric deters swings against ourselves.

Sure Femme_Fatale there are political deals that can be made without anything similar to those effects (and many more I'm missing that would be more relevant), but that doesn't make a deck a politics deck. Knowing a deck can focus on those effects and make a drastically different playstyle than the typical "politics" (however you would define it) you see at your playgroup should be enough for a hub fitting that playstyle to be added. Maybe the hub shouldn't be named politics if your view is too cemented on that particular word?

legendofa "How would you define it clearly and concisely in at most two short sentences, without simply defining multiplayer games and social interaction?" I would define it this way. A politics deck changes the behavior of other players through strategies that deter or encourage actions to your benefit. It's a value-focused style where your enemies duel it out & leave you alone while out-valuing them. Whether others agree or disagree with the semantics of the portions above, it's important to reiterate: Politics in general gameplay and a deck focused on it are very different. A deck focused on it alters game choices to a much greater magnitude and frequency.

legendofa on New hubs to be added

7 months ago

wegnerdevin As I see it, Deception or Social Manipulation are part of the game around the table, not in the cards. Bongus mentions cards like Humble Defector and Secret Rendezvous that may help gain allies, but I would consider those under Group Hug. If you're only supporting one person, that's not a viable long-term strategy that I've seen, nor is it a deck archetype.

Let me ask this of the people who want a Politics hub or similar: How would you define it clearly and concisely in at most two short sentences, without simply defining multiplayer games and social interaction?

Mtg_Mega_Nerds on Any group hug experts here?

7 months ago

Since winning with these decks are slow, you could use Approach of the Second Sun as well. Some other card suggestions: Secret Rendezvous , Tempting Contract , Collective Voyage , and Magus of the Vineyard .

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