Mandate of Peace

Mandate of Peace


Cast this spell only during combat.

Your opponents can't cast spells this turn.

End the combat phase. (Remove all attackers and blockers from combat. Exile all spells and abilities from the stack, including this spell.)

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Set Rarity
Commander 2019 (C19) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Mandate of Peace Discussion

Enral on Bend The Knee

8 months ago

I think cards like Mandate of Peace , Containment Priest , and Rakdos Charm are better cards to stop combo (rather than Rule of Law ) while letting other players have fun. Also, most of the infinite combos in EDH doesn't require "casting" spells and are often infinite reiterations of an activated ability loop (walking balista/mike etc.) so it doesn't really stop them from going off. Most combo decks also basically save their removal till the turn they go off so having that card doesn't really achieve anything other than feel bads. From my personal experience, rule of law effects often draw unnecessary negative attention towards me since players often want to play multiple spells a turn in EDH. Unless this is a dedicated stax build, I just don't think it is worth it. Just my 2 cents.

davidsays1 on Selvala 2.0

9 months ago

Elvish Archdruid and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds as the last 2 infinite mana dorks in the deck. Elvish Harbinger as it counts as an elf, and tutors for your elves Ezuri, Renegade Leader to regenerate your elves Savage Summoning + Walking Ballista is an uncounterable win-con Mirror Entity + Wirewood Symbiote is amazing synergy add Wood Elves to that, and get all your forests Veil of Summer is really good. So is Mandate of Peace .

I also play selvala EVERYBODY PARL(T)AY [Combo][Primer]

Iraruel on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

10 months ago

Hi again wanted to get an idea of what criteria Edgar Markov doesn't meet within the guidelines for competitive play? Been working on the list for a little bit of time and wanted to see other than CA in the command zone, what he lacked in regards to making the competitive tab?

The Pulls towards the deck is it is a similar playstyle to that of the Sidisis, focusing on fast combo and reanimation. It has one of, if not the, largest amount of layered cards between it's Skullclamp and Razaketh, the Foulblooded lines, as well as the fastest razaketh the foulblooded lines, usually going off with between 0/2 mana usually. The Razaketh lines included also are able to win from 2 creature + 0 mana, and with the recent addition of Dockside Extortionist an alternative line for later in the game that doesn't rely on chaining 0 drops. This allows us to have a low curve and also plays post Ad Nauseam fueling, Carnival of Souls as well as Phyrexian Altar which layer with the Oathsworn Vampire combo within the deck.

The clear disadvantages of the deck being the number of "dead" cards we layer to form more redundancy within the list, as well as the lack of Blue which would supply cantrips and counterspells for the deck. This interaction suite of the deck is slowly improving with more printings of stronger cards as well as effects such as Mandate of Peace .

Symphony of the Knight

davidsays1 on [PRIMER]Parley Girl cEDH

10 months ago

Also, Mandate of Peace is really damn good, I'm trying to find a spot for it in my deck.

davidsays1 on Selvala "Twiddlestorm Explorer" cEDH Primer

10 months ago

I was going to mention Mandate of Peace but seen you had added it in your recent deck update. The card is working wonders for me, not only against strong combat decks, but also whenever i want to win i go to combat and cast it ending combat.

JMarostica on Marchesa, Political Queen of Pillows

10 months ago

Dear, I look forward to hearing from you about some of the new Commander 2019 cards. There are cards with good potential: Bloodthirsty Blade Mandate of Peace Pendant of Prosperity

StopShot on cEDH in C19

10 months ago

@ToolmasterOfBrainerd, You were probably thinking of Orim's Chant . Orim's Chant seems better against combo decks whereas Mandate of Peace seems better against decks that prefer to win on the combat step. Mandate of Peace is probably better at protecting your own combo, but Orim's Chant doesn’t have a timing restriction which is also important to consider.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on cEDH in C19

10 months ago

Mandate of Peace seems like a potential cEDH candidate. It's really good for protecting your combo turn. It's basically Silence but hits all 3 opponents, but doesn't have any offensive uses.

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