Cunning Rhetoric

Cunning Rhetoric


Whenever an opponent attacks you and/or one or more planeswalkers you control, exile the top card of that player’s library. You may play that card for as long as it remains exiled, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any colour to cast it.

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Cunning Rhetoric Discussion

Strangelove on Carth, Knight of Farron Keep

6 days ago


Above are all great suggestions! (expensive tho)

I would run 38 lands and 10-12 ramp that are all cmc 2 to see turn 3 Carth most of the time.

The enchantments feel odd to me. I'd cut them.

-1 Cunning Rhetoric -1 Pestilence -1 Sandwurm Convergence -1 The Eldest Reborn

-1 Vivien's Grizzly... too mana intensive -1 Vengeful Pharaoh... if you're not milling this, its not worth

Cut some boardwipes. Think about how often you want to cast them in a game. I'd run 4.

For planeswalkers I like to run each one that makes a token or reanimates a creature.

I'm a fan of +1 Elephant Grass.

And more draw! Stuff like Syphon Mind, Read the Bones, Night's Whisper, maybe even Ancient Craving, Harmonize, etc.

Oakhame Adversary and Ohran Viper are decent rattlesnakes.

Gidgetimer on Garth one-eye's "create a copy"

1 week ago

To answer the general question- When an ability allows you to cast a spell, but doesn't specify a duration for when you may, it must be cast immediately. Cunning Rhetoric allows you to cast cards as long as they stay exiled, Apex of Power allows you to cast the same turn the cards were exiled, Isochron Scepter must be cast during the abilities' resolution.

To answer the very specifics of Garth- Copies of cards are created in the zone the original card was in. Since Garth creates a copy of a spell from outside the game, the copy is created outside the game. The copy doesn't exist in the game until it is cast.

707.12. An effect that instructs a player to cast a copy of an object (and not just copy a spell) follows the rules for casting spells, except that the copy is created in the same zone the object is in and then cast while another spell or ability is resolving. Casting a copy of an object follows steps 601.2a–h of rule 601, “Casting Spells,” and then the copy becomes cast. Once cast, the copy is a spell on the stack, and just like any other spell it can resolve or be countered.

704.5e If a copy of a spell is in a zone other than the stack, it ceases to exist. If a copy of a card is in any zone other than the stack or the battlefield, it ceases to exist.

707.13. One card (Garth One-Eye) instructs a player to create a copy of a card defined by name rather than by indicating an object to be copied. To do so, the player uses the Oracle card reference to determine the characteristics of the copy and creates the copy outside of the game.

multimedia on Work in Progress - God Save the Queen

2 weeks ago

Hey, good work in progress so far for a first deck with an interesting concept.

Command Tower and Arcane Signet are two staples to consider adding. Consider adding some flying creatures who can disrupt your opponent to help you do keep the monarch and some repeatable sources of flying creatures?

Blind Obedience can be opponent mana rock ramp disruption and shuts off haste of opponent's creatures who might want to attack you. With Cunning Rhetoric opponent may not want to attack you because then you'll exile card from top of their library.

The mana curve is very high here since you have so many 5 CMC, 6 CMC or higher cards. Cutting some of them for lower CMC cards and more ramp would help gameplay. More two drop mana rocks can make it easier/faster to cast Marchesa. Since she's a 4 CMC creature then a turn two mana rock can potentially let you cast her turn three if you make your land drops.

Some lands to consider adding in place of some basic lands that are within your budget to improve the manabase:

If you're playing Dark Depths then consider Thespian's Stage? Stage is the land that combos with Depths to get Marit Lage. When you control Depths and Stage pay 2 mana to copy Depths with Stage. Stage becomes Depths with no ice counters on it and the legendary rule will take place since you can't control two legendary Depths at the same time. Choose to keep Stage and remove Depths. Since Stage has no ice counters it's saced to create Marit Lage.

If interested I offer more advice including cuts to consider. Good luck with your deck.

KibaAlpha on Killian's C.A.L.V.E.S

3 months ago


I find the compass to be too slow compared to the maze. I when playing Orzhov prefer artifact ramp over land ramp.

The colourless mana it offers isn't of an real value to me. I've brewed this deck to for the most part work with very minimal colourless mana.

The hyena and felidar umbra I considered before and am again. Probably going to swap them in.

The Umbral Mantle isn't really needed. I already have three auras that give vigilance and I have Reconnaissance .

I love Cunning Rhetoric and it's in my Liesa deck.

I appreciate and thank you for your suggestions.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on breena the demagogue deck suggestions

3 months ago

I forgot to mention the Monarch. Here's the list of everything and : Monarch in WB

Finally, as I assume you already got the Silverquill deck, Cunning Rhetoric can be useful.

B0NGUS on New hubs to be added

3 months ago

While I mentioned two cards that would also be clear group hug cards legendofa, that's not all I see politics as of course. I simply didn't go deep, for reasons of time, attention, mental disorders, etc. Anyway, incentivizing hostile actions elsewhere, deterring hostile actions towards yourself, and all manner of effects that cause behaviors to change or deals to be made is more politics than group hug.

Secret Rendezvous is a "What will you do for me if I give you three cards?"

Curse of Disturbance motivates swings against an opponent.

Cunning Rhetoric deters swings against ourselves.

Sure Femme_Fatale there are political deals that can be made without anything similar to those effects (and many more I'm missing that would be more relevant), but that doesn't make a deck a politics deck. Knowing a deck can focus on those effects and make a drastically different playstyle than the typical "politics" (however you would define it) you see at your playgroup should be enough for a hub fitting that playstyle to be added. Maybe the hub shouldn't be named politics if your view is too cemented on that particular word?

legendofa "How would you define it clearly and concisely in at most two short sentences, without simply defining multiplayer games and social interaction?" I would define it this way. A politics deck changes the behavior of other players through strategies that deter or encourage actions to your benefit. It's a value-focused style where your enemies duel it out & leave you alone while out-valuing them. Whether others agree or disagree with the semantics of the portions above, it's important to reiterate: Politics in general gameplay and a deck focused on it are very different. A deck focused on it alters game choices to a much greater magnitude and frequency.

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