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Hatebears Kingdom [Pure Artifact Hate Edition]

Commander / EDH* Combo Competitive Control Primer Stax



When the hatebears are out, we can sit back and relax for a while! In a stax deck it's important to keep the hate tuned against trends. The current meta is plagued with Treasure tokens, 0-cost mana artifacts for Turbo Ad Nauseam or Underworld Breach strategies and even semi-auto-win commanders (Codie, Vociferous Codex). You know what, let's blank 10+ cards per deck! Full artifacts-hate mode on!

The deck main decision points are: which hate bears to look for, when to stay back with interaction, when to try and push for the win.

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0 wins 3 losses. Not exciting but sometime this is magic! There were not enough players and there was a table with 3, I had the luck of always going in the table with 3 players, which especially for this deck is not really good. Finally 2 tables out of 3 had very strange decks for which the stax was not tuned for.

Table 1, T&T, Karamax. The stax comes out fine, I think I lost when I tapped WW to play Linvala in order to stop Thrasios, at that point there was a RoL effect in play and a Lab Maniac. I had Dovin's Veto in hand. I think to myself, the kalamax player will not tap out and guard with a counterspell that labman, but he decides not to and taps out in my EoT. The T&T player had the Consultation in hand and kalamax player didn't really think it through and also failed to remove the Labman in his turn, passing and T&T wins with natural draw.

Table 2, UB Zombie, GR Goblin combo. Not much to say, I have no idea what those decks were up to. The RG deck has plenty of creature removal which kills my mana dorks. I probably throw away too many of them. The UB zombie is not playing anything. This is a classic table where the stax will not work at all. Somehow the goblin player wins.

Table 3, Tharsios Kraum big mana taking turns, BG saprolings. BG saprolings sits there and gains life, Thrasios Kraum counters everything I do. Linvala and some other bears manage to bring K&T down to 13 before being wrathed away by some pyroclasm effect. The deathmatch bells sounds, K&T expansion//explode me to 0 but then can't manage to hurt the saprolings player enough, who wins for having more life. Such is magic.

Final Thoughts: this deck needs to play against decks that it is designed to battle with, bringing it to a random meta was a poor choice!



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