Nephalia Academy


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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Nephalia Academy


If a spell or ability an opponent controls causes you to discard a card, you may reveal that card and put it on top of your library instead of putting it anywhere else.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Nephalia Academy Discussion

Rise_of_the_Hangover on Nath of the Kilt-Thief

6 days ago

Thanks, Agnos! I think I'm at 33 right now more because the deck isn't play-tested yet. Also I'm really only playing commander casually with friends so having the fastest mana ramp possible isn't too much of a concern especially when fetch lands are out of my budget to get for every deck that I'd want. And good catch, I just goofed on that Novijen lol. I should really put Nephalia Academy in its place, good for commander in general but also specifically for the couple of my own discard spells that hit everyone including me.

xaerusblade on Puck out! (Flicker deck)

1 week ago

Also regarding the Nephalia Academy it was just there as a replacement for another colourless mana. But the thing about the nephalia it protects me from discard for free.

Firebones675 on Puck out! (Flicker deck)

1 week ago

Looks pretty good. Overall idea seems solid, just have a few general things to recommend.

The mana base seems really demanding. Even ignoring the blue and red costs to flip up some of the creatures, 27% of the lands can't produce colored mana. Seeing as how a lot of your spells require colored mana, this can lead to some awkward lands. From the goldfishing i've done, it seems like at present it would be hard to cast a turn 2 Qasali Pridemage. It's possiblei was just getting unlucky hands and I think it's gonna be a bit awkard regardless, but I think the Nephalia Academy should be something else.

Secondly, I think yuor mana curve also needs some work. Turn 1 you only have 4 cards you can play in the form of your birds (not counting using cloudshift on an opponents creature). Even then, you only have a few spells you can play that will affect the board. Turn three is where you start to kick into gear and including morphs have a lot of options. The problem is that if you don't draw your birds in your opening hand, i think you're start will be too slow and your opponents will already have the upper hand. To fix this I think you need to lower your curve a bit and/or include more mana dorks (bant eldrazi (which has similar color needs), for instance runs 5-6 or so mana accelerants. I've seen them include birds of paradise, Noble Hierarch and Talisman of Unity(or other talismans depending on color needs).

Removal: While you do have removal in the form of Dromoka's Command and Selesnya Charm, i think there are better options. I'm not a fan of command as the removal aspect can be a bit situational. To kill a creature you need to both have the command and a creature that you can use to fight. If that creature is too small, you can't kill and if it might even need to trade meaning you have to expend 2 cards to kill one creature. If your opponent has an instant speed removal spell for the creature you are using to fight with the command on the stack, they get to kill your creature, have theirs survive, and have you lose value off the command. Charm is a bit better but it's still awkward as a lot of the cards you need to kill have a lower power. You're going to need removal of some sort as most opponents will be playing things you need to get off the table and fast. I think that as far as removal is concerned, picking up 4 copies of Path to Exile instead is your best bet. Dismember would be my second choice. You are also more likely to be able to kill something with one of these removal spells in the first couple turns of the game too as the restrictions of command and charm mean killing something early is unlikely. This also is a step towards fixing your mana curve issues.

Flickering cards vs cards to flicker. Another thing I noticed in goldfishing is that you have a lot of cards to flicker your creatures. Don't get me wrong that's what you're trying to do in the deck. My worry is that while something like Restoration Angel is good even if you don't have a something good to target (it can flash in during combat and eat an attacking creature) something like Eerie Interlude is a bit more situational. To use interlude effectively, youd probably want to be flickering atleast a couple cards and when you don't have that, it just becomes a worse cloudshift/displacer/anger. I think you have a lot of other ways to flicker and so you can cut the interludes. To put it another way, you have more ways to flicker than you have things that are good to flicker. Statistically speaking hands where you have a bunch of flicker cards with nothing to target for value will occur.

Anways, overall I think it looks pretty good. Those were the only three things that jumped out at me.

Dorotheus on I Think This Works (Sometimes) Turn 3 Win

2 weeks ago

4x Smokebraider and 4x Simian Spirit Guide (idk your budget) are better than 8 of the mountains, being able to just cast Nova Chaser and Championing any Elemental is a strong play as it makes removal feel less effective. The 2 on the back end is a little rough, but that 10 power is as relevant as anything else with 10 power because Temur Battle Rage is a better card than Double Cleave and 1 of the Assault Strobes.

Being a mono colored deck, even budget, 2x Nephalia Academy is a decent way to fight against hand disruption.

Forestxavier20 on RDW 2017

3 weeks ago

May want to sideboard a Nephalia Academy due to the Amonkhet cards that make players discard.

frogkill45 on BluBur

3 weeks ago

One thing I did a while back with nivix cyclops and kiln fiend was splashed black for a Playset of Tainted Strike but you would need fetches to color fix. It gets around life gain decks. Leyline of Punishment is also good.

W/B spirits or was it just tokens? That can be a hard match. Echoing Truth can help wipe all the tokens and you need gy hate to stop Lingering Souls from coming back. The anthems would be hard to remove so you need to try to counter those.

Junk/abzan is always a hard match, but that's why it's expensive. One thing that hurts them the most is messing with their lands. Blood Moon or Spreading Seas / Sea's Claim might be useful. Keeping them off colors and bolting dorks slows them down quite a bit. The cards to punish this deck aren't really in your colors. The discard is what hurts the most. Leyline of Sanctity is the best but since it's not color viable for you Nephalia Academy might be a better budget choice.

Just tossing out some ideas. It's hard to sideboard for every deck in modern so sometimes it feels like a game of rock paper scissors. You can't beat rock with scissors but paper will always lose.

Best I've ever done with my version of this was 2nd place and I also lost to junk. I had Gitaxian Probe and Mutagenic Growth with just some unblockable spells on a fiend or cyclops. Spell heart was in there for a while till I played Wee Dragonauts in its place. Keep trying to make it better and the more you play the better your match ups will be.

xrex479 on Zurgo's toolbox of death

3 weeks ago

I should try to run less rocks take out all the diamonds. With my Mana base Gratuitous Violence has never been hard to cast (with the triple red).

Phage the Untouchable has always been in the deck to stop Telemin Performance or other cards that hurt me for having no creatures in the deck.

Nephalia Academy was in the deck because of my meta but I've recently replaced it IRL but not here. Even though Open the Armory is in the deck I rarely cast it. I probably should run more equipment because they are good late game.

My deck mostly focuses on early game wins. I try to get Zurgo Helmsmasher out turn 3-4 and killing an opponent before turn 5-6.

WargRave on Zurgo's toolbox of death

3 weeks ago

I'm not an expert on mana base construction, but isn't 32 lands and 15 mana rocks an extreme ratio? I know the general rule is "2 rocks = 1 land" so your total is still 39.5 "lands", but still, 47 cardslots are dedicated to mana production, meaning you will draw less gas. I think so many rocks also forces you to resort to some that are worse than simply lands. Having a rock instead of a land only ramps you if you are already hitting all your land drops, and 32 lands probably won't do that for very long. Once you empty your hand of land, drawing a rock actually slows down your mana compared to a land, and rocks are easier to destroy; Cyclonic Rift and Vandalblast hitting 1/3 of your mana sources really hurts, for example. The trio of diamond rocks are most cuttable; Coldsteel Heart is better. Gratuitous Violence and Phage the Untouchable are hardest to cast, so if your mana isn't consistent enough I think they must be the first suspects.

There are 13 board wipes, is it possible for that number to go down? I notice there are very few sources of direct card draw, so maybe the least good wipes can make room for that. Outpost Siege should always be on Khans, so Phyrexian Arena would serve better.

Open the Armory is a voltron staple, but this list has only 7 targets for it. Battle Mastery is a good one, and Loxodon Warhammer can replicate the function of Homicidal Seclusion. Tenza, Godo's Maul is super efficient. You can also add a negative aura so Open the Armory can function as removal. Replacing Banishing Light with Arrest for instance.

How has Lapse of Certainty been? Holding up 3 mana for a worse Cancel seems unexciting even if you are exploiting your opponents' color pie expectations, though I do like Not of This World and Rebuff the Wicked since it's much easier to hold up 0/1 mana, and Not of This World even counters abilities!

Nephalia Academy is a curious choice to me, I suppose discard is common in your meta?

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