Hey Guys, thats my first approach to abuse Jeska Thrice Reborn +0 it isnt a tier build, but it can hold up in a semi competitive meta, especially in a group without infinite combos. The deck is plain and simple, as Boros is most of the time. We try to get out cheap equipments, Ardenn and Jeska for a first attack (and hopefully take one out right away). At the same time we try to slow down our opponents with a variety of cheap hatebears. It is allowed and usually the better way to equip the hatebears rather than Ardenn - although triple commander damage is spicy - because it makes us more resilient to single hate. Jeska is the power house of this deck. Either we clean the board from all the chunk of our opponents or we triple up our hushbringer who is trying to balance the colossus hammer in her tiny faerie hands. We use a variety of tutors to find the right equipment at the right time. Late game we try to stay relevant with our wheels and anjes ravager and we win through a lockdown with storm of possibility and drannith magistrate or other hatebear combinations. As I said, it is far away from a tier 1 deck, but it is so much fun to play and it has this flair of kitchen table magic (boosting creatures and win through combat damage)

Thank you for any comment.


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