Settle the Wreckage

Settle the Wreckage


Exile all attacking creatures target player controls. That player may search his or her library for that many basic land cards, put those cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle his or her library.

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Settle the Wreckage Discussion

EpicBox75 on Mono White lands that doesn't want lands

6 days ago

Hey, glad you liked the deck.

I also believe that white is starting to have enough effects that synergizes with destroying your own lands to gain advantage while providing lands style effects. Only time will tell if this is correct.

I thank you for your suggestions because I had completely forgotten these cards. Brought Back and Second Sunrise synergizes especially well with Lotus Field, Lotus Vale and Scorched Ruins and Settle the Wreckage synergizes with the decks idea so well while being really good interaction piece.

McToters on Mono White lands that doesn't want lands

6 days ago

I like this style very much. I'm attempting something similar with my Mageta the Lion deck, but more focused on wiping the board. I think white has set pieces to do the sacrificing lands and keeping the board state at equilibrium, it's just a matter of finding those pieces and seeing what works best. In an odd way stuff like Second Sunrise, Brought Back or Settle the Wreckage are bizarro ways to ramp in white. I think it can be done and I've been trying to brew it up--but maybe others have already figured it and i just haven't seen it yet.

jamochawoke on Sram-nation!

1 week ago

I really like Sram when you can keep the draw engine going! (that's the main reason I don't use him in my deck, I'm usually cheating in stuff rather than casting and my deck is only equipment). Although, you still might want to peek through a few of the cards in my deck Pure Nahiri for some upgrades. Note: my overall deck strategy is a bit different, but it shares a lot of cards.

The one that instantly stood out to me is using Settle the Wreckage over Winds of Abandon. The main reason to use Settle is that it can hit your own creatures and if you ever pump out a bunch of tokens you can instantly turn that into a ton of lands. You can even combo that in a political move with attack triggers if the board is stalemated.

For example: once I had Argentum Armor I had cheated out on a 1/1 soldier token with a bunch of other tokens I had flooded the field with and some other equipments I didn't have the mana to equip. I also had a Heavenly Blademaster in my hand I wanted to drop but couldn't pay for and keep protected from removal at the same time. I bargained with another player to let me swing at him without reacting so I could use the Armor's attack trigger to blow up another player's commander that was preventing me from winning. I Settled my own soldiers (leaving one behind as a chump blocker) before combat damage and got about 5 plains on the field. The next turn I dropped the Blademaster and attached everything to her and won (hint, Blade of Selves and the Kaldra equipment are particularly nasty on her if you can get them all out at once).

Abandon is really good for wiping the field of things like Indestructible creatures or creatures you really don't want in the graveyard, so I can understand keeping it in. Just thought I'd make the suggestion since White lacks a lot of ways to get explosive ramp. Although Blade of Selves can also be used on a Knight of the White Orchid attacking a green player and as long as you are in a typical 4 person EDH pod you'll get 3 lands that come in untapped from the 3 ETB triggers.

pixle_res on Azorious Approach Control

2 months ago

Oh hey thereOmniscience_is_life! TBH, I wasn't expecting to get any feedback on my decks, I keep them here more to help me keep track of them, but I appreciate the help.

  1. I had no idea Swan Song was in the format- I definitely need to make room for it somewhere in the main deck or sideboard. However, Miscast and Spell Pierce are both less useful late game- and since I'm looking to drag the game out to turn 10-13 (so I can cast Approach of the Second Sun and still leave mana up) those cards often end up unable to do anything in my hand (especially since I'm playing Settle the Wreckage) whereas Censor can be cycled. I also played around with Essence Scatter but found it to be too narrow, and I have a lot of creature removal anyways. Dovin's Veto absolutely should replace negate though. I had Dovin's Veto in my sideboard but took it out and must've forgotten to replace Negate with it. I do really like Censor being able to counter any type of spell early on is very useful. It can even counter large spells if the opponent taps out.

  2. Oh that's a good idea. The four mana hasn't been an issue, but Thirst for Discovery costing three mana and drawing three cards can help if I'm desperation drawing for some interaction.

  3. I've found three copies of Approach of the Second Sun to be very dangerous lol. Back in Rivals of Ixalan Standard I had too many games with multiple copies stuck in my hand. The thing with Approach is I don't want to have it for a looooong time. The only reason I'm running two is so I can mill over an early copy or if one of them gets countered. There's enough card draw/selection that I will get a copy eventually, and being a control deck I'm more than happy to wait.

  4. Haha yeah, I wasn't able to afford Search for Azcanta  Flip when it was in standard so I'm happy to finally be able to play with it.


4 months ago

I remembered other two spicy cards:

  1. Settle the Wreckage. A global removal in that looks like a Path to Exile, but works only against attacking creatures.
  2. Field of Ruin. Despite the name 'Ruins', this land rewards all players with ramp, while you get rid of any nonbasic land.
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