Goblin Gaveleer

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Goblin Gaveleer

Creature — Goblin Warrior


Goblin Gaveleer gets +2/+0 for each Equipment attached to it.


1 year ago

Perhaps Chandra's Ignition instead of alpha brawl?

Humble Defector instead of mad prophet? or some cheaper loot effect? 4 mana tap to loot is expensive.

A few ideas I don't know where to suggest cutting.

Goblin Gaveleer Goblin Engineer Goblin Welder Trash for Treasure Scrap Mastery All Is Dust

Apollo_Paladin on An Armful of Junk

1 year ago

I have a deck on Arena that runs off a similar concept, but a bit more reliably.

I think the combo you really want here is either Goblin Gaveleer (which I see you already have a couple of), or Fireblade Charger, then run 4x Colossus Hammers. All of these are 1-mana spells which come out very quickly.

Then, use Resolute Strike (both of them are Warriors) to equip the Hammer for free to either the Gaveleer or the Charger & attack (this works as early as Turn 2 if you have the correct cards in hand).

If they're still standing after 1 attack, then on the next turn you simply attack again and/or follow up with a Thud (which again, kudos on already using) and that's Game Over. As early as Turn 2, but VERY reliably by Turn 3.

The Fireblade Charger's ability actually causes a double-trigger if you Thud him, and the Gaveleer with his Trample make him also a good target.

Best of all, none of these cards are particularly expensive to purchase singles of, making getting 4x copy playsets extremely easy (and worthwhile imo).

Either way, tossing a +1 on here for you already finding some good cards to combo with. I hope my suggestion is helpful in turning this into a real monster (I know my optimized Arena deck is just brutally effective).

wallisface on Boros equipment

1 year ago

BigTurkey having played a lot with Goblin Gaveleer, I ended up favouring quantity over quality. Other than Colossus Hammer (which imo you need 4-of), i’d suggest:

The deck i used to run had around 20 equipments, and then around 18 lands, 18 creatures. That left it no room for interaction, which was very scary, but did let it consistently win by around turn 3 uninterrupted.

wallisface on Boros equipment

1 year ago

Some thoughts:

  • Running the full playset of Puresteel Paladin feels pretty important here

  • A lot of your creatures feel pretty slow/clumbsy, and not particularly designed to work well with equipmemt. From my experience, equipment decks need to hit hard & fast. I’d recommend the likes of Goblin Gaveleer and Kor Duelist. Other options include Kitesail Apprentice and Armament Master.

  • too much of your equipment has too high a mana cost, i’d recommend just playing equipments that cost 0-1 mana to cast, with a few 2cmc equipments as the absolute maximum for mana cost.

  • your current land count is imo too low, though will work out fine if you manage to lower the curve as suggested above (your deck as it stands probably wants 22-23 lands).

jacobpmesser on Nahiri Historic (Hammertime)

2 years ago

I think you need better turn 1 plays.

I've been playing with Fireblade Charger and Goblin Gaveleer .

t1 Gaveleer, t2 Hammer + Resolute Strike for a 15 pt swing. Most ppl concede. If you get the Charger and they kill it after it's equipped, that's still an 11 (13) pt pop to the dome. (t1 youll wanna play the hammer, it's not as easy to kill. the Charger gets haste on equip so T2 you can Charge + Resolute Strike)

Another card, a new one, I've been playing is Fighter Class for it's tutor effect and later, reduced equip cost.

Anything not black or red concedes. I love it. I'm thinking of modifying it for modern because the quick starts are insane.


jadearrow on Legion Helldiver Corps

2 years ago

I assume you are playing all the swords for flavour and I'm fine with that. Some of them really depend on your meta.

Protecting your Voltron commander is so important but you can't use shroud because of how equip works and it limits your options.

If there is deathtouch in your meta a Mirror Shield would be a good extra Hexproof card. Blade of the Bloodchief is a good card for increasing value even if it isn't a vamp. You don't even have to kill the creature.

While the apparent CMC is low, if you have to pay the equip costs, that can be a pain point. Since you are avoiding mana rocks if possible, may I suggest Curse of Opulence . Leads to some fun politics sometimes and I find it can simple take some aggro of you and onto the person you don't like. That would be the person with the deck that makes you sacrifice things.

I agree on the Metal Worker. It draws aggro like mad and you are probably better off without it. I would kill you immediately unless I knew you didn't have a combo in your deck. Sigarda's Aid is an amazing card for equipment decks.

I'd probably cut Sculpting Steel unless you have alot of good artifacts from other people. Explorer's Scope is unlikely to hit anything. Goblin Gaveleer is likely going to die on the first attack.

I would still suggest Fervent Champion . You probably in practice need more cheap creatures to put your equipment on then you need multiple equipments because equipments tend to stick around. Especially if you want to ramp using these cheap creatures.

Good luck.

nathanielhebert on The Mighty Gaveleers

2 years ago

Very interesting, I haven't seen the flipped lands yet! I initially tried out Kazuul's Toll Collector in an earlier build, but found he ended up hogging equipment I wanted to give to others, or having his accumulated threat neutralized by random Llanowar Elves .

I playtested a sample hand, and there was something thematically satisfying about opening with a Battlefield Forge to crank out a Bonesplitter , that I placed an order for four. In the test-run, Champion of the Flame and friend hit for 16 damage on round 3. In the second draw of cards the intrepid Goblin Gaveleer smashed his way to 19 damage with trample by the third turn. Best case scenario, but at least it doesn't take long to assemble the crew.

nathanielhebert on The Mighty Gaveleers

2 years ago

Cheers, it's a work in progress, but already serving its purpose. I had inherited a bulk of common cards, and had Goblin Gaveleer 's on hand, so expanded on that idea into a no-frills warrior themed deck, aimed at some kitchen table casual play. The supporting characters give the Gavaleer party first and double-strike, which tends to protect against early creature threats as the arsenal grows.

I might assemble the deck a little differently if I had more cards on hand — I'd like to squeeze the efficiency of the early start and see Naya Panorama replaced with something like Battlefield Forge . And while the equipment costs seem to work so far, I might splash out for some Shuko cards and take advantage of the zero equipment cost so I can shuffle it around characters when needed, or toss it onto an incoming warrior with haste once Obsidian Battle-Axe is in play.

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