Each player chooses from among the permanents he or she controls an artifact, a creature, an enchantment, and a land, then sacrifices the rest.

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Cataclysm Discussion

StopShot on Wrath (Color-Shifted Boardwipe) - Contains …

2 months ago

One of the cards spoiled in Modern Horizons 2 inspired me to create a custom card that would be the color-shifted version of it. The card on the left is an official spoiler and the card on the right is my custom card inspired by it.

Thought Process Designing the Card

Sadly the card text isn't as neatly condensed as the other card. To have the card be white I had to change how the spot removal behaves, as white doesn't do spot removal unless there's a sort of "balanced" effect.

This meant I had to change the text accordingly, however this means I could no longer use the "Overload" keyword as it wouldn't make any sense. In this case I'd have to consider using a different keyword. I considered Channel, but Channel is an activated ability, not an alternate casting of the spell, which would make the effect seem too much like a Supreme Verdict due to being harder to counter an ability.

Evoke seemed like the easiest way to go about this, but that meant I'd have to make the spell a permanent of sorts. Because it was a permanent it also might have additional problems with being blinked or removed later, so I gave it shroud to mitigate this.

How the Card Works

When casting Wrath normally, all players remove their strongest creatures, kind of like a group edict similar to white cards like: Tariff , Renounce the Guilds , Slaughter the Strong , etc.

But when Wrath is evoked it is sacrificed upon entering the battlefield. This causes its "Leave the Battlefield" effect to trigger first by putting it on the stack last. This creates a Cataclysm type effect for only creatures, meaning each player ends up with only one creature, but since the "Enter the Battlefield" effect triggers next, that means the remaining creature each player controls is now the strongest creature which ends up also getting destroyed, effectively creating the Wrath of God / Damnation type effect.


I'm interested on hearing feedback about my custom card idea and if it could be improved, (specifically reducing the amount of text on the card).

I think one solution would be to name the card "Judgment" based off of Day of Judgment . This would mean I could remove the "creatures destroyed this way can't be regenerated," clause as it appears twice and would help to free up much more space.

The card text looks much more pleasing, but the effect might be abusable with creatures that can regenerate.

Lhurgyof on BLRM (Bureau of Land and Resource Management)

4 months ago

Have you considered Fall of the Thran , Cataclysm , Restore Balance , Magus of the Balance , and/or Storm Cauldron ? All are fun stax/land destruction pieces.

Constant Mists and Glacial Chasm might be good stall pieces until you can get a win-con going.

+1, cool deck. Reminds me of my Jund take on land destruction:

Terra Solutus

Commander / EDH Lhurgyof


iplayBANJO on Elenda - Life After Death

4 months ago

Some budget suggestions:

Phyrexian Arena is apparently expensive, and also not that necessary. Pitiless Plunderer fills the role of producing colored mana for sacrificing creatures as long as you have a free sacrifice outlet.

Butcher of Malakir is a cheaper alternative to Dictate of Erebos and could be preferred because it is a creature that you can reanimate from the graveyard.

Wrath of God is Damnation , but much cheaper.

Kindred Dominance is maybe the best board wipe for tribal decks, even though it has a high mana cost. But you might not care about saving all of your vampires, just Elenda. Tragic Arrogance , Cataclysm , or Single Combat might fill that role for you.

ChaosJester on Shuffle and Lose! [PRIMER]

4 months ago

Thanks a bunch for your upvote plus great suggestion, Grind ! I have to playtest this commander. Do you have any experiences with Kraum? I play the Piper because of the white shuffle cards in my Maybeboard - especially Winds of Abandon , Cataclysm and Sharuum are amazingly powerful in this deck. Sharuum and Phyrexian Metamorph go infinite by sacrificing each other and trigger Bitter Ordeals Gravestorm effect infinite times, which is crazy as hell. So, the piper is just a flavorful flexible color fixer.

Peoyogon on Sram, the Enchantress

5 months ago

Love Sram!

Might I recommend Catastrophe ? I love the modal aspect of it as it helps minimizes those situations where strict MLD will hurt you more than another player. Ooor you could go Cataclysm and just balance the whole board. Be smart about it and, after the rubble clears, you can definitely be left with the best pieces on the board.

I use both cards in my own Sram deck, though mine is a Voltron build and has very few creatures so these might be harder to run in yours. :/

If you have the coin, Flagstones of Trokair is pretty sweet with MLD out too ;)

As always, I would definitely ask your playgroup how they feel about having this much land destruction though. Speaking from personal experience, having too much can really throw off your own plans too.

DemMeowsephs on Kelsien and Friends!

10 months ago

Sorry I never responded to the other comment I read it then completely forgot- that's my memory for you :/.

But wow! This looks great!!! I bet anything it performs so much better now, and I have to say it looks like a super fun deck to play! Great job! I have a few last comments but nothing too much, because this really does look great!

I'm not too sure why you have Luminous Broodmoth since you don't run too many creatures anyway and it's only for creatures you control? So am I missing something or what.

Literally other than that my only comments are suggestions :). Again, Teferi's Protection is amazing for any deck that has white, so if you can find a cut for that I definitely recommend it. Same goes for Call of the Death-Dweller since it'll do the same thing as the other graveyard return cards except it can give Kelsien the deathtouch counter. Could be worth it? Umbral Mantle might be nice too allowing you to untap kelsien for three mana a bunch of times and reactivate him, while buffing him too. Plus it's an artifact which fits with your theme. If you like the Divine Reckoning sort of effects Cataclysm might be nice too. And finallyyyy Rise of the Dark Realms. Hella expensive in mana but this could be a complete game turn around and could be super helpful with all your opponents stuff in their graveyard. Could be fun! Anyways great upgrades, I hope I've helped, and may this deck bring you many wins!

kdglenny on KAALIA'S CATACLYSM - Aggro/Stax [cEDH Primer MH2]

11 months ago

I came here just to see if you had the FTV version of Cataclysm. Probably my favorite art in MTG. Cataclysm

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