Sejiri Shelter


Target creature you control gains protection from the colour of your choice until end of turn.

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Sejiri Shelter Discussion

Deathstroke2791 on YEET! [[Primer]]

3 days ago

Yeah, I do already have 9 recursion effects which is more than the bulky creatures I have. Sejiri Shelter  Flip would be fine, but the land side comes in tapped which I don't like.

Added Hall of the Bandit Lord and Hanweir Battlements  Meld to supplement what haste I already had, since they're lands.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on YEET! [[Primer]]

3 days ago

Oh yeah, Angel of Destiny is great in this deck, just make sure you give it haste since it needs to have dealt combat damage in order for the trigger to go off.

That's a fair point about Malignus, and don't forget, it's P/T is half the life total of the opponent with the highest life total. So you can still one-shot another opponent if they have less life than that. I guess then I would look at something like Wayfarer's Bauble or Gift of Immortality. I rarely advocate cutting ramp, but you already have about 12 ramp spells, so cutting one of the weaker options is a possibility. Likewise with Gift, you have a fair number of reanimation options already that are better or cover a wider number of creatures all at once. You could probably get by without Gift.

Just an aside. I am a huge fan of Sejiri Shelter  Flip in most white decks. I generally play it as a land, but in a pinch I can use it as a protection spell.

Holmhollow on STONEQUILL // Solitary Scribbler

1 month ago

Hey zapyourtumor, thanks so much for the detailed look! The deck is definitely still in the first iterations, so all these comments are super useful.

Sejiri Shelter  Flip has been pretty good to me, but I did shave one off to the side because of that exact reason (ETB tapped land). The most useful thing about the MDFC's is that they can be pitched to the Incarnations, but Malakir Rebirth  Flip is clearly superior for this deck. Protecting a Germ from an Archmage's Charm or giving Kaldra pseudo-unblockable has definitely saved my bacon a few times, though.

I generally stick to 2 max of a legendary creature in any given deck, but being able to pitch extra copies of Mavinda, Students' Advocate to Solitude makes it not nearly as bad to draw multiples. She's definitely a card I want to see every game and I've found 2 to be a little to infrequent to draw them consistently. Her being a flyer also makes her wield a Sword extra well.

Damn is mostly good to clear the entire board sans Kaldra Compleat, them being indestructible of course. Having the option to cast it single-target is nice, but yeah, Push and Solitude tend to cover that field generally well. Definitely like adding a Kaya's Guile to the mainboard though, I might be able to make some space for that. I agree that 2 yard hate cards in the entire 75 is too little. I was also looking at Thoughtseize but the problem I kept running into is that in no time, both decks run out of hand and then we're just topdecking, and I'm drawing all these cute synergy pieces one by one and the opponent just presents threat after threat and I lose. I'm trying for the more sustained value of blinking things and having a bit of recursion and card advantage, focusing more on sticking Kaldra and protecting them/clearing the way for them, than on the turn 1 Grief Ephemerate rip hands now I have a 3/2 and we both have no cards strategy. Maybe some more discard in the sideboard would do?

As for the hate cards:

Chalice of the Void looks real sweet and I might spring for two of them if they ever drop in price a bit. Chalice on one would kill most of my decks :')

Void Mirror kind of shoots my Incarnations in the foot, and I feel like Tron just gets around it by fetching a single Forest. I've considered Drannith Magistrate against Cascade though, and if I go back up to 3 Kaya's Guile I might be hedging enough to have a chance against Living End...

Stony Silence looks sweet and I should really get a few.

Kaya, Orzhov Usurper seems super strong. I can't believe I missed her when RNA came out!

Engineered Explosives is a card I run in CHARON // Seldom Headed Upriver, and it is absolutely bonkers with Lurrus. I got them when they were cheap though... When that reprint hits, I'm definitely getting some more!

zapyourtumor on STONEQUILL // Solitary Scribbler

1 month ago

Is Sejiri Shelter  Flip really worth it? I know it adds two more lands so you have 23 total but having 6 lands that always enter tapped in modern feels way too slow.

Also, I'm not sure you need 3 whole Mavindas. I definitely like the effect but at the end of the day it's still a 3 cmc legendary creature that requires at at least 4 mana to get some value out of.

And for the removal package I don't know if this list wants 2x Damn. The deck feels pretty creature heavy, and the single target option is okay but not super optimal. I think one each of Vanishing Verse and Kaya's Guile could do better in that slot which would free up the sideboard for more hate cards. Also I think it would be good to find some slots for Inquisition of Kozilek/Thoughtseize mainboard, since hand disruption is midrange's best weapon against combo and 4x Grief is probably not enough.

Speaking of the sideboard, you have some extra removal options, 3 lessons, and 3 artifact/enchantment removal. I think you should definitely put in some more grave hate cards, since 2 Kaya's Guiles aren't enough to give midrange decks a chance against combo decks that abuse the graveyard. Since you don't want to ruin your own Malakir Rebirth  Flip stuff I think one-sided hate like Leyline of the Void, Dauthi Voidwalker, and Soul-Guide Lantern would be better over something like RIP.

Some other hate cards:

Chalice of the Void for Footfalls Cascade, Living End, any deck with lots of 1 mana spells like Blitz/Hammertime

Void Mirror for Cascade, Living End, ETron, 5c Elementals, Affinity

Stony Silence for Hammertime, Kitchen

Kaya, Orzhov Usurper for extra grave hate, also hits all of the 1 mana creatures running around in the format and can deal with Kaldra mirror

Engineered Explosives for Cascade, Kitchen, Hammertime

JANKYARD_DOG on Raw-Magecraft

1 month ago

A few spells I like in my magecraft decks:

Sejiri Shelter  Flip - Counters removal, and can make a creature unblockable or survive what would have been a tradeoff.

Mordenkainen's Polymorph - Grants stats, evasion, and can also make for a surprise blocker if needed. Doesn't take away abilities either so cast on a Luminancer you have a 6/6 Flying dragon that will still get bigger when/if you cast more spells.

Show of Confidence - Has the potential to be a finisher, especially when both Luminarch and Lightscribe are on the field.

Guiding Voice - Sure it's a sorcery, but it offers a permanent buff and a choice of lesson which can sometimes be better than a straight draw.

Kick in the Door - again, sorcery but haste and permanent buff can be nice and venture is pretty much always going to be scry 1 the first time, and if you get to the next level the treasure can help your fixing or a gobo for a chump blocker.

Sprite Dragon - I think trumps Apprentice, at least until it rotates. It flies, grows permanently with counters, is still evasive, and considering all the other dragons floating about it could be used defensively.

What you remove, if anything, I'll leave to you. Test some stuff out, see what works for you... hope it helps.

Edit: One more note, I'm not sure access tunnel is necessary and may be more harm that good, especially in a tricolor aggro deck. Just a thought, but if it works for you it works.

Meachman on Rafiq of the many. Aka, Sniper deck

1 month ago

It sounds like you're kind of building a Voltron-style deck. I just started tinkering with making one of my own with Sarulftron and found that protecting my threat is crucial.

Whatever creature you're beefing up to swing in with is going to attract a lot of attention. I'm running ~15 pieces of protection, and sometimes that doesn't feel like enough.

Spells like Snakeskin Veil and Blossoming Defense are cheap ways to both protect and buff. Being in white also gives you great protection spells like Sejiri Shelter  Flip and Blacksmith's Skill . Swiftfoot Boots is getting more affordable with all the reprints and gives haste. I found that mutate creatures are also nice (at least with Sarulf) since they offer the flexibility to stack them onto one big threat or to cast them separately if you need a wider board presence.

Happy sniping!

Meachman on Gisela

2 months ago

Let's crank that damage!

Flamescroll Celebrant  Flip, Immolation Shaman , and Scab-Clan Berserker can all come down early and start to chip in damage, and become mana-sinks in the late game if you're not doing anything else. They also bring your mana curve down versus cards like Magma Giant or Emeria Shepherd. If you're punching everyone, Arbiter of Knollridge is going to gain them all life. Why not Sulfuric Vortex to punch them more and prevent life gain?

As for removal, Boros Charm and Abrade feel like auto-includes over Shock or Inescapable Blaze. And since each activation of Pyrohemia is separate damage, you'll kill everyone else's creatures while leaving yours unscathed!

Flame Blitz is great against planeswalkers and replaces itself if no one's playing planeswalkers.

Gisela's going to have a big target on her, so Sejiri Shelter  Flip and the new Blacksmith's Skill could be handy to help keep her safe.

klaudiohmm on Killian's C.A.L.V.E.S

4 months ago

I think that some spells can take benefit from Killian's ability as well.

Silverquill Command may be a good addition, it costs only two if you choose the "+3/+3 and flying" mode, while it can reanimate one draw engine like Kor Spiritdancer or Sram, Senior Edificer . I also like Wretched Confluence , it costs only three mana if you choose the "-2/-2" mode at least once, and the other modes are very interesting in my opinion.

If you're struggling against removals, maybe Sejiri Shelter  Flip helps you protect Killian without affecting your mana base that much. Dark Dabbling maybe helps too.

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