Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist

Legendary Creature — Kor Scout

At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may attach any number of Auras and Equipment you control to target permanent or player.

Partner (You can have two commanders if both have partner.)

plakjekaas on Questioning the Iona Banning

2 months ago

You didn't specify which deck you were playing when you bashed Mindbreak Trap. You were arguing that Iona would help the situation in the same paragraph, I assumed you were playing white. Rule of Law wouldn't prevent the Trap from being cast, it would prevent your plays being "countered for free, because, you know, blue" because 4 spells in a turn under Rule of Law is kinda hard to realize. Red Elemental Blast breaks the Mindbreak Trap in mono red.

Of course the blue player could play many artifacts to get out under Iona. If it's right to play Wurmcoil Engine in your deck, 40% of your deck will likely be colorless cards and you will shrug about Iona the way Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist shrugs about Null Rod. Just because you're not effected doesn't mean the card is not breaking something.

I once had a Heliod, Sun-Crowned mono white +1/+1 counter deck that really relied heavily on the Commander's ability to generate those counters. Then the Mogis, God of Slaughter player ramped out an Erebos, God of the Dead on turn 3, and got mana screwed after, never gathering enough devotion for my Swords to Plowshares to solve this Indestructible enchantment that was blocking out the very tactic I built my deck around. Now I know there's a few cards in white that could exile enchantments, but I'm not playing Forsake the Worldly when Shinewend has a similar function with a lot more synergy with my deck. My opponents wouldn't touch the player with Erebos, because it seemed to be completely immobilizing me. Yet I got by with a Mother of Runes, a True Conviction and my commander for player removal and went on to win that game after the Mogis player died.

My Juri, Master of the Revue deck got Leyline of the Voided, rendering all my Nether Traitor clones and Blood Artist variants useless for what they were supposed to do. Yet Ophiomancer, Goblin Bombardment and Impact Tremors made for a fast enough clock to make the leyline player regretting making themselves a target.

So yes, I think you're a bit of a drama queen for complaining this much about single card counterplays for your main strategy and how they shouldn't exist because you want to be able to do unimpeded what your deck is supposed to do.

Especially because at the same time, you started this topic to argue bringing back a card that does exactly that to others in a different deck you play.

You've said in this topic that Rest in Peace shouldn't exist in the format because specifically your archetype can't deal with it. At the same time you said Iona, Shield of Emeria being unbanned would "help the situation". You're both salty about being locked and advocating you should be able to lock others. And yet you don't see what's wrong with that, despite your superior reading comprehension.

plakjekaas on Ranking the Swords of X …

3 months ago

Nobody is even mentioning the protection aspect of the swords. Protection from White means the creature can no longer be target of the ability of Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist or Sigarda's Aid and that's why those 4 are not high on my list, Sword of Hearth and Home the highest, because flickering a Stoneforge Mystic is amazing. Black and Green are deathtouch colors, Sword of Feast and Famine is great for keeping your creature alive through most combats. Protection from Red is great for surviving damage based boardwipes and such. Milling your opponent is more and more of a downside with all the graveyard options that exist nowadays, I'm not high on Sword of Body and Mind either. I'd say protection from blue is probably the least useful.

But the best thing you can do is collect and combine them, Voltron up, get blanket protection from all colors, and go to town. They're not made to look down upon each other, they get together and have a great time.

IHATENAMES on Light-Paws, Divine Kitsune

3 months ago


Kor Spiritdancer a better shram in the deck id run both

Eidolon of Countless Battles + for each aura

Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist moves auras especially for faith fetter type effects

Heliod's Pilgrim aura tutor

Boonweaver Giant aura tutor onto a body

Umbra Mystic Totem armor effects in general are good. One of the recent precons was aura based id look at that one for ideas!

Nomad Mythmaker recursion

Skybind interesting flicker effect for enchantment perms with sigardas aid out you can blink your lands to cast more auras next opponents turn. or flicker tokens etb creature ect.

Mistveil Plains return auras to re tutor for with your commander.

Homeward Path vultron doesn't like opponents taking their toys

Lost Leonin Infect if you choose is an option here is one to look at.

Flickerform Decent especially if you run auras that etb draw

Hero of Iroas cost reducer that gets a benefit when targeted.

Faith Unbroken removal aura

Sage's Reverie HIGHLY suggested card draw and powerful aura

Sphere of Safety If you want a late game plan this might give you time to do something else like Approach of the Second Sun

plakjekaas on Your Favorite Plays

4 months ago

Turn 1: Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh (commander) + Darksteel Citadel + Mox Amber + Colossus Hammer + Masterwork of Ingenuity copying the Hammer

Turn 2: Plains + Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist (other commander), go to combat, equip both hammers for free and swing in for 20 commander damage.

MillerBrewing on Ardenn-Esior Caw Blade [Pauper EDH] "Contest Deck"

5 months ago

I'm new to PDH, and I'm working on my first deck, so I don't know if I have much to contribute at the moment. Also, I'm not really tweaking this deck, but instead creating a new deck with a different partner for Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist.

I actually came to Ardenn by mistake. I read somewhere that scry was one of the most powerful things that can be done in pauper, and I suspect that is true. I found Siani, Eye of the Storm and Eligeth, Crossroads Augur from another site, not realizing that Eligeth has always been printed as a rare, and so illegal for PDH. But before I dumped the brew, I looked around for a new partner for Siani, and came up with Ardenn.

Siani and Ardenn have never been combined before, as far as I can tell. But they seem to have some synergies. Both contribute enchantments. For instance, I'm thinking about using Ardenn to move a blue enchanment from a creature to a commander. Both colors contribute flyers that Siani can use. White looks to contribute some blue combos. So I didn't set out to build an Azorius deck, but that's where I am.

PyrusTrysek on Galea Swings Big Stuff at your Mata

7 months ago

This List already looks pretty good! A couple of things I noticed in building my own Galea that i wanted to mention.... 1. The 'swords' cycle is awesome in equipment only decks, but can sometimes mess up your own auras if it gives protection from the auras colour(s) to your creature, as the aura then unequips and has to be discarded :( 2. Top deck manipulation can be just as good as card draw in this deck, so getting extra ways to play stuff off your library like Augur of Autumn, Courser of Kruphix or even just extra ways to scry are sweet. 3. Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist is sweet for reequipping both Aura's and Equipment FOR FREE, which is always nice. You can even move around your Imprisoned in the Moon and Kenrith's Transformation to new targets if you so wish.

multimedia on Equip/Aura Galea

7 months ago

Hey, you're welcome, nice update.

When you get down to 100 cards some further upgrades to consider are more cards that care about both equipment and auras such as Ardenn, Intrepid Archaeologist, Open the Armory, Sigarda's Aid, Armored Skyhunter, All That Glitters, Nettlecyst.

Ardenn, Aid and Skyhunter are other effects for free attaching equipment.

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