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My Imaginary Friend Won't Bite...I Promise!!!

Commander / EDH* Counters G/U (Simic) Infinite Combo Midrange Multiplayer


Pir and Toothy

This is my Pir, Imaginative Rascal & Toothy, Imaginary Friend goodstuff deck that focuses on generating value from card draw and boosting my creatures with +1/+1 counters. The more card I draw, the further ahead I am in the game.


How the Deck Works

Deck Anatomy

  • Counters: Creatures with counter abilities by themselves are not really strong and low impact. The best type of counter support are those that gives counters to creatures without them. Card like Forgotten Ancient is great because they enhance the boardstate with counters by themselves.

  • Ramp: I will be drawing a bunch of cards during the game and having ways to play out multiple lands per turn is a good way of taking advantage of my handsize. Cards like Oracle of Mul Daya fills that role perfectly and is never a dead draw early or late game.

  • Bounce: Toothy, Imaginary Friend has a "leave" clause which means that in order to cash in on the draw, I have to find a way to get it to leave the battlefield. Cards like Temur Sabertooth lets me cash in on the draw at instant speed and Deadeye Navigator flickers toothy which lets it come back with the same amount of +1/+1 counters to be abused again.

Notable Exclusions

  • Doubling Season : I was never happy drawing it at any point in the game. It's a dead card early game, eats removal or draws unnecessary attention mid game before it even matter, and a win-more late game. Vorel of the Hull Clade is much better in this deck. I think it's better suited for a superfriends build as it has a bigger impact.

  • Zameck Guildmage : The first ability was rarely activated and the second ability is more color mana intensive compared to Shapers of Nature . Needs more testing between the two.

  • Gyre Sage : This is a trap card. Doesn't do anything by itself and is highly dependent on me dropping a bigger creature to make it a mana dork. It is only good in Ezuri due to the fact that he can dump a bunch on counters on him the turn it comes down. Voyaging Satyr is much better due to the fact that it can untap a Gaea's Cradle .

  • Champion of Lambholt : Decent drop early game but most likely a dead draw mid to late game. It is only good in Ezuri due to the fact that he can dump a bunch on counters on him the turn it comes down. Herald of Secret Streams impacts the board immediately and fits in this deck better.


Infinite Combos



Updates Add

Took an incomplete version of this deck for a spin and it did surprisingly well in a 3 player pod. The best card from testing is Crystal Shard as it allows me to play both aggressively and defensively while controlling how many cards I wanna draw off of Toothy (prevent drawing myself out). Sacrificing some optimized plays for more ramping into turn 5 or 6 seems like the right approach before transitioning into mid game since this deck feels pretty mana intensive. Genesis does nothing all game so I will be taking it out. Can't wait for the new RNA cards to come in the mail to complete the deck.

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