Prophet of Kruphix


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Prophet of Kruphix

Creature — Human Wizard

Untap all creatures and lands you control during each other player's untap step.

You may cast creature cards as though they had flash.

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Prophet of Kruphix Discussion

SwiftDeath on Wizards R&D to take over ...

6 days ago

As someone who was greatly affected by the Prophet of Kruphix ban, it was needed. As a card it is to good for the effect. I used it in a bant build and in combination with Reveillark I made sure it never left the board even after a board wipe. If it wasn't so easy to recover then I would've been more upset but overall in a casual setting it impacted the game so much that it was considered whoever lands a Profit of Kruphix first has a 20% better chance of winning. To note we didn't always play casual decks as my playgroup played strong EDH decks and commanders using both expensive and powerful cards and combos.

iAzire on Wizards R&D to take over ...

6 days ago

To be fair, I did also mention people playing uncompetitive decks. I guess we could include unoptimized decks.

I feel this issue is really easy to solve. What players/games had issues with Prophet of Kruphix? It was your Casual/New players. The RC even said it themselves.

The point is simply not debatable. The more competitive players, and people with more optimized decks did not have issues with this card.

I also neglect to see how you "lose access to Blue" as Prophet isn't Legendary and won't be used as a Commander. Prophet could only be included in the 99 so the replacement cards should only be included in the 99, you only lose out on Blue if you choose too. Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir is, in my opinion, the better replacement card over Yeva, Nature's Herald.

Regardless, my original point still stands, Competitive players are REQUIRED to follow the ban list, the more casual players are not required. Banning Prophet is simply an example of unnecessary bans. Unnecessary bans creates a cluttered ban list, and such a banning shows that the RC isn't quite up to the job.

WotC taking over the Multiplayer ban list would force the list to be more tournament focused. Casual players, (those not playing in tournaments), can and will play by whatever rules they desire.

I especially like the comment about how Commander wasn't created to be competitive and the ban list reflects that. That is EXACTLY the reason it is time for WotC to take control. Regardless of how you feel about cEDH, it exists and needs better regulation. Simply put, the RC has outlived its usefulness, the format has evolved and the RC has not evolved with it.

Note, the RC does not "ban cards that are oppressive in virtually all scenarios," the RC bans cards based on Casual playgroups. To my knowledge they haven't changed their mission statement and that remains their focus. What we have now is a group of players forced to follow a list made for players that can choose whether or not to follow it.

LordMithos on Wizards R&D to take over ...

6 days ago

I do feel that Wizards getting more involved with directing where EDH is going has upsides and downsides. One of the things that makes Commander special is that it's a player made format with most of the creativity in it originating with players rather than Wizards pointing us where to go. In recent years they have obviously been riding the hype train that has created and obviously would love to take control of it.

I strongly agree with the ban of Prophet of Kruphix and feel that the people disagreeing above are using very weak arguments. The kind of deck that Prophet wants to be in is a combo/control shell that has no problem shrugging off and protecting against the kind of removal that most decks not running counterspells have as their tools. Especially once the turn has passed and they have all their resources back. The Seedborn Muse and Yeva, Nature's Herald is a terrible counter example as that pairing loses access to blue and a 2 card combo is far easier to disrupt meaning it's a completely different situation. And saying that only "casual and new" players are the only ones unable to deal with it is as insulting as it is wrong.

iAzire on Wizards R&D to take over ...

1 week ago

The ban wasn't justified because Prophet of Kruphix isn't a problem except to the most Casual of players. It's new people or people with uncompetitive decks that have issues with it.

I've always said the ban list should reflect Competitive play because Competitive players are those that are required to follow the ban list. Casual players typically don't follow the ban list or have their own version, often making house rules on cards to play.

As Prophet isn't a problem for Competitive, and only Casual players have an issue with it, they could easily say it isn't fun and ask people not to play it.

Cards shouldn't be banned for all players when it is really just your beginners that have issues with it. The ban list should be reserved for the cards that are truly degenerate.

redkhan on Wizards R&D to take over ...

1 week ago

I don't really understand why people are saying the Prophet of Kruphix ban was unfair. It was near impossible to remove if you were playing against a hard control deck and it was a constant target of cloning and reanimation. In general if you weren't playing it games were unfun.

iAzire on Wizards R&D to take over ...

1 week ago

I'm not sure I would care if Wizards took over EDH. The RC is garbage anyway, banning stupid stuff like Prophet of Kruphix. That was a necessary ban? Sure, maybe for new players, but are those players really following a ban list anyway?

The 1v1 ban list isn't necessarily bad. It makes sense that tournaments are using that ban list because that is the official list from WotC.

Would they do a bad job with multiplayer? I'm not convinced they would.

To the comments of Atraxa being the most popular Commander, I only need to say, she wasn't even the best Commander released that year. She is most popular because of Casual players.

WotC taking over EDH isn't really a bad thing, look at the Atraxa precon price if you want evidence. Casual players are the majority of the player base which typically means they aren't very good.

WotC can release products that are going to get sales, like Atraxa. People will buy it up, but at the end of the day, those decks don't have much of an effect on Competitive/Tournament play. I would much rather face Atraxa than Breya or Yidris lol.

maxon on Wizards R&D to take over ...

1 week ago

dbpunk, what makes you think banning Prophet of Kruphix was an unfair ban? I only have competitive casual as a reference point, but I was thrilled when it was banned as it basically gave the creature control player all the turns.

anonymousperson184 on Dust Drinker

1 week ago

neosapien: I actually shifted the deck to GW right after you posted this haha. But you're right, Prophet of Kruphix would have been bananas. The only problem was that even though I had a massive mana advantage over my opponent, I had no real way to win after that.

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