Tolaria West


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Lore Mythic Rare
Future Sight Uncommon

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Tolaria West


Tolaria West enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add to your mana pool.

Transmute (, Discard this card: Search your library for a card with converted mana cost 0, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library. Transmute only as a sorcery.)

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Tolaria West Discussion

dmsamu01 on Balance As Fortold

1 day ago

Ideas that we thought of while you were here:

Ajani Vengeant - possibly 2 (Maybe board)

Spreading Seas - 4 of them

Yahenni's Expertise - 2 of them (Sideboard)

Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek

Remove 1 Path to Exile for # 7

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver instead of Ajani or Nahiri

Take out Mana Leaks for Spreading Seas

Add Tolaria West

iAzire on Zur the Immortal

2 days ago

Update to the deck:

Found an awesome trade for Mystic Gatefoil icon Expedition and a single Foil Snow-Covered Island. Also opened a Verdant Catacombs so that replaced my beat up one from Zendikar.

Upgrades coming slow as I just moved cross country and started a new job.


I have found Tolaria West to be quite slow. It is typically only useful when Necropotence hasn't produced Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel. Then it only ever tutors for Reliquary Tower. I will probably look to replace it soon. City of Brass is a good contender.

Overall the Lands are working well outside of that. I especially like the Prairie Stream and Sunken Hollow, they are Lands that can be Fetched on an opponent's End Step to come in untapped, or come in untapped all by themselves.

Rhystic Study is a great card that works well, I have been thinking of adding Mystic Remora, it will require testing but I think Remora may work better than Phyrexian Arena.

I find Karmic Justice to be quite useful in Multiplayer games. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with everyone and Counter everything. I find that it's unrestricted destruction of any permanent very nice. Playing Voltron in Multiplayer typically has me playing a bit slower than other Zur decks so it proves useful. I typically turtle up first, then combo out to kill people. People are much less likely to target my stuff when they know I can (usually) blow up anything they have on their board.

I also love Mana Short!! It is extremely underrated imo. Sadly it is not a true alter, I just marked it as alter because it is signed by the artist. In most of my decks the alter symbol simply means it is a signed card. I am a big fan of signed cards.

Thanks for your comment, and I am extremely sorry for my late response.

Ziembski on Ignite your Planeswalker spark

3 weeks ago

It is fun. At first I planned goin full mono Red with Ashling but that was very uninteractive. Then changed to Mogis, but he was drawing Hate like if we were playing archenemy. Keranos is perfect, letting me to remove essencial targets with 3 burn damage and get more draw when we get lands.

Its all about keeping your counters to defend your enchantments and big burns. Using enchantments to slow down creatures and make them not want to attack you. I love to play Keranos and casting Decree of Annihilation next turn and watch them slowly getting up while I burn and get more cards.

Atm worst matchups are big lifegain decks (thats why we have no life gain enchantments) and quick voltrons as we are not as good at removing powerfull ones (some nasty lands are on the way the way to me: Maze of Ith, Mystifying Maze and Ice Floe, also Tolaria West to fetch them). Sunken Hope is their nightmare but we dont always get it soon enought. Also actually added Fire Servant and Thassa so I wont get Hosed to Telemin Performance-like cards while keeping Feel-Like-Planeswalker theme.

When I get some more cash Ill get all those blue tutors to make it more reliable. Thanks for upvoting!

btreuther on Seas of Ojutai Control

3 weeks ago

skoobysnackz - I really like that idea of Tolaria West and will begin testing it. Could also search up a Celestial Colonnade for a wincon, or Engineered Explosives for removal. Blessed Alliance is great in this list; added removal, life gain, and of course a Dragonlord Ojutai saver if we don't have Minamo, School at Water's Edge or counterspell.

skoobysnackz on Seas of Ojutai Control

4 weeks ago

Have you considered Tolaria West to help search for Minamo, School at Water's Edge or Eiganjo Castle. Love the deck, love Ojutai! Got to say I didn't think of using Blessed Alliance to save Dragonlord Ojutai, I'll have to add a couple in my Esper dragon deck.

JaysomeDecks on No

4 weeks ago

I'm not sure if you're intending to put a full deck, or just leave it as is as a control core, but with your focus on Maze of Ith, I would suggest also including Tolaria West. It is essentially a land-tutor, as it only fetches a 0cmc card, but it is a fantastic way to dig your maze out of the 99.

Glaring Spotlight usually doesn't make the cut in most decks, but it is worth considering, since both maze and your commander need to target. A possibly better option would be Arcane Lighthouse, as it doesn't waste a card slot. It does, however, require mana to activate.

Oh, and possibly one of the most overlooked cards in EDH, Kor Haven provides yet another "Ith" effect, but with the added bonus of leaving the attacking creature both tapped and open to damage.

(If you don't like the old art, the Expedition print has fantastic art and is quite cheap by comparison. $25, but it's an option)

Tyqar on TheRealPeaches

1 month ago


I have a proposition for you!


Sunken Hollow x2

Tolaria West FTV

Cabal Ritual FTV

Temple of Enlightenment

Entreat the Angels x2

Sea Gate Wreckage

Sanctum of Ugin

Total - 24.07


Sensei's Divining Top

Total - 17.51

Let me know if this sounds okay for you.

Rzepkanut on Zombie tunnel vision

1 month ago

I like the way you use Tunnel Vision to fill your graveyard, I usually just see it alongside Vendilion Clique as a quick and easy win condition. This is more a interesting use (although i suppose you could include the clique too). I also like Intuition in my G&G zombie deck, its quite similar to Buried Alive. And Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx rules in my deck, and using Tolaria West and Expedition Map will get it for you pretty frequently.

Here is a link to my deck..

Gisa and Geralf's Family Farm of DOOM

Commander / EDH* Rzepkanut


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