Regal Behemoth


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Rare

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Regal Behemoth

Creature — Dinosaur

Trample When Regal Behemoth enters the battlefield, you become the monarch. Whenever you tap a land for mana while you're the monarch, add one mana of any color to your mana pool (in addition to the mana the land produces).

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Regal Behemoth Discussion

mikaeustheinfinite on Lord Windgrace Combo

1 week ago

Here I am from reddit with my critique:

thraximunder3 on Tayova, Value Druid

1 month ago

Sakura-Tribe Elder, Ulvenwald Hydra are nice ramp creatures and Regal Behemoth with will double your mana and get monarch in your game wjich is like a fun mini game, Scavenging Ooze is a pretty good tech card, Disallow, Voidslime and Krosan Grip are combo destroyers if combos are big in your meta.

Solonqo on BUG Birthing Pod Toolbox Control

1 month ago

I really like your list and your primer is pretty solid but can you add a "why I dont play X" section to your primer? I would like to know of the cards that you know to be too powerful for your 75% build so I can upgrade this list for a more competitive meta while still keeping the toolbox theme. Basically I want to make the most broken version of this deck. It can also help some people understand why you run cards like Archaeomancer over Snapcaster Mage or Regal Behemoth over Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger. I would really appreciate this and thank you for all of your help. I already consider this to be the best toolbox deck in sultai colors so keep it up!

PhyrexianWombat on For Fun Dinos

2 months ago

I'd definitely add some more dinosaurs if I were you, so you have a higher chance of getting some off Gishath.

Etali, Primal Storm and Zetalpa, Primal Dawn maybe?

Don't forget Regal Behemoth is technically a dinosaur now and is a lot of fun. Thrashing Brontodon and the new Runic Armasaur are solid too.

Shimbuss on Zacama, Primal Calamity

3 months ago

More land doublers like Zendikar Resurgent and Regal Behemoth are a fun but expensive way to make lands matter, if you take that route.

Liscom on Gishath hungry! Gishath want eat!

3 months ago

and as a last commentary (sorry, when I brainstorm, some ideas take a bit longer), I highly suggest Regal Behemoth - he is a dinosaur anyways!

Xenagos, God of Revels and his borther Iroas, God of Victory would be awesome in this deck too. They are no dinos, but synergize very well with Gishath and the others of the pack.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Grothama, All-Devouring, All-Drawing, All-Cheating

3 months ago

Its nice to see a fellow lover of Grothama! I have a budget version that takes a different trek with Grothama. Mine focuses more on using the card draw ability as a trap for punishing opponents with the fight ability. A few cards that you might consider that can force your opponents into tangling with Grothama: Arcum's Whistle, Bullwhip, and Magnetic Web.

Foe-Razer Regent also works great with the big wurm.

Lastly, I find the "Monarch" mechanic to be really strong with Grothama. Regal Behemoth and Entourage of Trest would help there.

Here is my version if you feel like taking a look: Boss Battle. It's power level is much lower than yours due to the budget restrictions, but it seems pretty fun!

greyninja on Animar & friends!

3 months ago

@toffmcsoft me too! upvoted your deck and will try to comment asap

@delusiions totally! In the same fashion; Shrieking Drake+Earthcraft gets around haste for infinite cast triggers. I'd love to see something like that with Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger for infinite mana

@Last_Laugh I've only been able to mtg a handful of times in the past few months, and mostly played newer // less competitive decks I guess. As you and @helldanno mentioned I need to lower the avg cmc with more mana ramp

I own Rattleclaw Mystic, Beastcaller Savant, Shaman of Forgotten Ways, Sylvan Caryatid, and even Spellskite. Plus all of the 1-drop dorks scattered throughout other decks. I'd also be interested in trying to add Regal Behemoth.

I'll mull it all over! I appreciate the help everybody !!!

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