Simic Manipulator


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Simic Manipulator

Creature — Mutant Wizard

Evolve (Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, if it has greater power or toughness than this creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.) T, Remove one or more +1/+1 counters from Simic Manipulator: Gain control of target creature with power less than or equal to the number of +1/+1 counters removed this way.

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Simic Manipulator Discussion

lagotripha on Wizard Games

2 days ago

I actully like this setup. I agree that its a little unfocussed. I reccomned one change- A transformative sideboard rather than an 'answers' sideboard.

'Side 15' sounds like a bad joke, but 15 cards is enough to completely transform from tempo to control, and can transform bad matchups by drastically moving your critical turns. Even against matchups that 'demand' specific answers (dredge, tron), a lot can be done just by shifting the kind of deck that you are- tron has issues if you just combo out, dredge has issues if you run more bounce effects etc.

Even if you're siding in the same 15 cards each game, if you're removing 'dead' cards from your deck you are creating a big advantage. It really helps maintain that 'diverse' feeling with less performance impact.

Getting used to switching out different cards for different gameplans in that way will also help further refine your mainboard, by identifying cards you're always removing (or never enjoying) and spotting cards you're always reintroducing.

In terms of how that transformative board is structured, I'd hide a set of Geist of Saint Traft in there, (as a clock against high-interaction decks, which the wizard tribe is unfortunately lacking), and run spells that you're plainly considering maindeck- your wraths, extra bounce tools, and wizards. I'd even go so far as to hide a Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir/Knowledge Pool lock as a 2-of, or run Vedalken AEthermage for wizardcycling to fetch a similar low-key combo. Augur of Bolas is also well worth a look,while less efficient that snappy, and sorcery speed, works wonders as extra functional copies.

Also, for fun, flavour-filled cards with various viability; (with some synergy!) check out Fatespinner, Glen Elendra Pranksters, Jace's Archivist Lullmage Mentor Meddling Mage Mistbind Clique Mistmeadow Witch Mizzium Meddler, Naban, Dean of Iteration Sage of Fables Sigil Tracer Simic Manipulator Spellstutter Sprite Talrand, Sky Summoner Timestream Navigator Treasure Mage Venser, Shaper Savant and Voidmage Prodigy.

Suns_Champion on Help me! Im building Ezuri, Claw of Infect

1 month ago

Hi! Happy to help!

Cut suggestions:

Deck seems pretty solid, I guess just start cutting redundant cards. Decide weather to focus more on tokens and +1/+1 counters or infect and go from there! Good luck!


1 month ago

I'm curious how Cultivator of Blades compares to Pathbreaker Ibex. With ibex you could plop all the counters on a creature that has a useful effect that happens with a bunch of counters being put on or pulled off of them, such as Fathom Mage , Mycoloth or Simic Manipulator , and still get the overrun effect. The most benefit that I could see from Cultivator of Blades is going wider than Pathbreaker Ibex, which gives more targets to be buffed and a three for one for the experience counters.

Geoffercake on Experiment Kraj: Blob of Activated Abilities

3 months ago

Deck looks good, I like the Hellkite, I'm gonna make two lists of suggested cards, one for combo pieces and one for value.


Viridian Joiner


Sage of Hours


Knacksaw Clique

Gyre Sage

Devoted Druid

Karametra's Acolyte

Walking Ballista

Bloom Tender

Doubling Season

All of these I would 100% want in the deck


Jodah's Avenger

Fathom Mage*** 100% want

Quest for Renewal

Rampant Growth

Farseek* good with a breeding pool

Nature's Lore


Praetor's Counsel

Llanowar Reborn

Simic Manipulator

Chord of Calling

Seedborn Muse* I know this is expensive now but it's strictly better than Murkfiend Liege

Sage of Fables

Heroic Intervention* better than some of the janky +1 counter regen stuff

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

Uncage the Menagerie* Not 100% on this one but there's some 2 card 2 drop combos with Kraj

The stuff I'd recommend dropping are cards that aren't combo pieces, removal/protection, ramp or card draw/tutors. Cards like Nissa (that I recommend), master biomancer and forgotten ancient are good for getting the combo going, so I'd slot them in last if you've filled the combo piece etc slots. Kruphix, for example, doesn't offer anything to this deck.

poorpinkus on Infinite Combos in EDH - Experiment Kraj Budget

4 months ago

viveter Myriad blade wouldn't work since Kraj is legendary, but I gotta be honest I feel like I have enough ways to get around creatures that it'd be a unnecessary to ad more options; AEtherling, Cephalid Inkshrouder, Pemmin's Aura, Whispersilk Cloak, , Thornling and Morphling both work really well since they protects both Kraj and themselves while also offering evasion, Beguiler of Wills, Simic Manipulator and Cytoplast Manipulator allow me to take my opponents' blockers while getting board advantage, and Ethereal Usher gives me the option to get unblockable while also letting me get cards like Arcanis the Omnipotent if I want.

The thing with this deck is that I am trying to aim for a lot of cards with multiple purposes, so for example most of my evasion cards double as protection. If I add too many cards like Blade of Selves or cards that just give unblockable, then I have a much lower chance of drawing into a combo piece that I need. The idea is that it's supposed to be as much of a Johnny deck as possible, so if I win it is by some crazy combo, but if I lose it's fine. I don't really want to make the deck unstoppable since then it wouldn't be that fun to play against if that makes any sense.

Anyways, thanks for the suggestions! I'm not entirely saying no to them, I'm just trying to reason out how I feel like the deck should work as a whole. I'll definitely be looking into mass protection cards (maybe Heroic Intervention?) as I do see some creatures that I could remove (specifically Somberwald Sage since it doesn't work for any combos, Gilder Bairn possibly because the ability costs a fair amount although untap abilities are very nice, and Beguiler of Wills/Simic Manipulator since they draw too much attention for what they are worth), so it is good to know what other people think I could work on to make the deck work better.

LordBlackblade on Accordion Block Issues

5 months ago

Of course. I'm so sorry! I don't know why I thought you could do anything without the code! Lol

![Alt text](

My third EDH deck, and my first non-Black EDH. I chose [[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]] because I have always liked the idea of a +1/+1 counter-based deck. Blue/Green (Simic) is an ideal color combination for such a deck, as mechanics like Evolve naturally place counters on your creatures. Coupled with the Proliferate mechanic from New Phyrexia, and you have a deck that easily turns one and two drop creatures into powerhouses.
===panel:Card Draw
Card draw is a powerful mechanic, and no color does it better than Blue. In this particular deck the card draw is mostly creature-based.

[[Coiling Oracle]] - Mana acceleration or card draw depending on the card revealed.

[[Cold-Eyed Selkie]] - Card draw on damage. With all the counter generation in this deck, this card has potential.

[[Fathom Mage]] - Draw a card whenever she gets a counter, which in this deck should happen a lot.

[[Lifecrafter's Bestiary]] - Pay an additional [[symbol:G]] whenever you cast a creature spell to draw a card.

[[Momir Vig, Simic Visionary]] - Whenever you play a blue creature, put the the top card of your library in your hand as long as it's a creature.

[[Nissa, Voice of Zendikar]] - Her ultimate ability can draw a considerable amount of cards.

[[Prime Speaker Zegana]] - With all the counter generation in this deck, she should draw you at least seven cards if not more.

[[Rashmi, Eternities Crafter]] - If the cast doesn't trigger from her ability, you can put the card in your hand.

[[Steady Progress]] - Proliferate and draw a card. Instant speed.

[[Tezzeret's Gambit]] - Draw two cards and proliferate.
===panel:Counter Generation
The true essence of the Simic Combine and the bread and butter of this deck. +1/+1 counters beef up creatures and can be used to trigger a variety of abilities.

[[Avenger of Zendikar]] - Puts +1/+1 counters on its own tokens and those generated by [[Nissa, Voice of Zendikar]].

[[Champion of Lambholt]] - Gets a +1/+1 counter whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control.

[[Chasm Skulker]] - Gets a +1/+1 counter whenever you draw a card.

[[Doubling Season]] - Doubles all counters that would be placed on any permanent you control.

[[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]] - Places +1/+1 counters on a creature before each of your combat steps.

[[Fathom Mage]] - Evolve places a +1/+1 counter on a creature whenever a creature with greater power or toughness enters the battlefield under your control.

[[Fertilid]] - Enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 counters on it.

[[Gyre Sage]] - See [[Fathom Mage]]

[[Hangarback Walker]] - Enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. Pay [[symbol:1]] and tap it to put a +1/+1 counter on it.

[[Hardened Scales]] - Whenever a creature you control would get a +1/+1 counter it gets an additional counter as well.

[[Hooded Hydra]] - Pay X mana to have it enter the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

[[Kalonian Hydra]] - Enters with four +1/+1 counters; however, doubles the number of +1/+1 counters on all creatures you control when it attacks.

[[Master Biomancer]] - Places +1/+1 counters equal to its power on each creature you control that enters the battlefield.

[[Mycoloth]] - Gets counters equal to twice the number of creatures sacrificed as it enters the battlefield.

[[Nissa, Voice of Zendikar]] - Her minus two ability places a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control.

[[Plaxcaster Frogling]] - Enters the battlefield with three +1/+1 counters on it. Graft allows you to transfer these counters as well.

[[Prime Speaker Zegana]] - Enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

[[Rishkar, Peema Renegade]] - Allows you to distribute two +1/+1 counters when he enters the battlefield.

[[Sage of Hours]] - Place a +1/+1 counter on him whenever you cast a spell that targets him. Doesn't really happen in this deck.

[[Simic Manipulator]] - See [[Fathom Mage]]

[[Verdurous Gearhulk]] - Allows you to distribute four +1/+1 counters when it enters the battlefield.

[[Vigor]] - Converts damage that would be dealt to creatures you control into the same amount of +1/+1 counters.

[[Vorel of the Hull Clade]] - His activated ability doubles the number of counters on target artifact, creature, or land.

[[Walking Ballista]] - Enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it. Pay [[symbol:4]] to put an additional +1/+1 counter on it.
There is no more powerful, nor satisfying effect, than a well-timed counterspell. Being able to stop an opponent's big play or infinite combo is an amazing ability.

[[Counterspell]] - As basic as counterspells get. 

[[Disallow]] - Counters any spell, activated ability, or triggered ability. Potentially a lifesaver.

[[Fuel for the Cause]] - Expensive as counterspells go, but does proliferate as well.

[[Glen Elendra Archmage]] - Counters noncreature spells. Easily repeatable with the amount of +1/+1 counters the deck generates.

[[Mystic Snake]] - A counterspell and a creature that can trigger [[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]].

[[Plasm Capture]] -A little expensive for a counterspell, but gives you mana during your next precombat mainphase.

[[Voidslime]] - See [[Disallow]] 
===panel:Mana Sources
Mana is required to play spells. This is one of the most basic concepts of magic. More mana allows more spells to be cast. More spells allow for more plays to tilt the game in your favor. Therfore, getting mana as rapidly as possible increases one's chance of victory.

[[Birds of Paradise]] - One mana for a chump blocker that also produces mana of any color. A staple.

[[Coiling Oracle]] - You either draw a card, or get an additional land onto the battlefield.

[[Cultivate]] - Search for two basic lands, put one into play, and the other into your hand.

[[Devoted Druid]] - Basic mana dork with a twist. Reusable due to +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters negating one another.

[[Fertilid]] - Remove a counter and pay mana to search for a basic land. Highly repeatable coupled with the +1/+1 counter generation in this deck.

[[Gyre Sage]] - Potentially a massive mana source if you are able to put sufficient +1/+1 counters on it.

[[Kodama's Reach]] - See [[Cultivate]]

[[Nissa, Steward of Elements]] - Her second ability can put a land onto the battlefield from the top of your library.

[[Plasm Capture]] - Counters a spell and gets you some mana during your next precombat main phase.

[[Rishkar, Peema Renegade]] - Turns any creature with a +1/+1 counter on it into a mana source. Very powerful in this deck.

[[Simic Signet]] - Mana acceleration and fixing in one. A staple.

[[Sol Ring]] - [[symbol:1]] to get [[symbol:2]]. Few cards are as powerful.
Some cards in a deck don't really fit into the deck's broad categories. This is sort of a catch-all for useful, but perhaps niche effects or supplemental cards.

[[As Foretold]] - Gives you a free spell every turn. Couples well with all of the Proliferate effects in the deck.

[[Blighted Agent]] - Unblockable 1/1 with Infect. Possible win-con coupled with [[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]].

[[Cyclonic Rift]] - Essentially a tool to set up for the big finish by removing all of your opponents' potential blockers.
[[Eternal Witness]] - A tool for getting back cards that have been used/milled.

[[Lightning Greaves]] - Almost exclusively used to protect [[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]] from spot removal.

[[Herald of Secret Streams]] - Doesn't generate +1/+1 counters, but makes all creatures you control with counters unblockable.

[[Invisible Stalker]] - Unblockable 1/1 with Hexproof. Becomes huge when coupled with [[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]].

[[Panharmonicon]] - Creates more triggers for [[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]]. Synergizes well with enters the battlefield effects as well.

[[Rashmi, Eternities Crafter]] - A source of free spells. Works well with the low average CMC of the deck.

[[Reliquary Tower]] - With as many cards as this deck draws, having no maximum hand size comes in handy.

[[Swiftfoot Boots]] - See [[Lightning Greaves]]

[[Trygon Predator]] - Artifact and enchantment removal on a stick.

[[Vizier of the Menagerie]] - Allows you to play the top card of the deck if its a creature. Also allows us to use mana of any color for casting creature spells.
+1/+1 counters can be powerful in their own right. Any mechanic that can put more counters on your permanents should be a welcome addition to the deck.

[[Contagion Clasp]] - A basic source of proliferate. Costs [[symbol:4]] to use.

[[Contagion Engine]] - [[Contagion Clasp]]'s big brother. A board wipe and proliferate source in one.

[[Fuel for the Cause]] - Counter a spell and proliferate. Pure advantage.

[[Inexorable Tide]] - Expensive, but the ability to proliferate multiple times in a turn is very powerful.

[[Steady Progress]] - Proliferate and draw a card. Simple and effective.

[[Tezzeret's Gambit]] - Draw two cards and proliferate. Almost always paid for using life.

[[Thrummingbird]] - A proliferation machine. Very reliable source if you can keep it alive.

[[Viral Drake]] - Repeatable proliferate. Reasonably priced for the effect.
===panel:Token Generation
A minor sub-theme within the deck. Several cards generate tokens upon death. Mainly for use as board wipe recovery. If several small tokens enter the battlefield, can give several triggers for [[Ezuri, Claw of Progress]].

[[Avenger of Zendikar]] - Creates 0/1 Plant toekns equal to the number of lands you control when it enters the battlefield.

[[Blade of Selves]] - Generates multiple temporary tokens on attack of whatever it is equipped to.

[[Chasm Skulker]] - Creates 1/1 Squid tokens equal to the number of +1/+1 counters on it upon death.

[[Doubling Season]] - Doubles the number of tokens generated by other cards I control.

[[Hangarback Walker]] - As [[Chasm Skulker]], but produces 1/1 Flying Thopters instead of Squids.

[[Hooded Hydra]] - As [[Chasm Skulker]], but produces 1/1 Snakes instead of Squids.

[[Mycoloth]] - Produces 1/1 Saprolings at the beginning of your upkeep equal to the number of +1/+1 counters on it.

[[Nissa, Voice of Zendikar]] - Her +1 creats a 0/1 Plant token.
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