Botanical Sanctum


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Botanical Sanctum


Botanical Sanctum enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Botanical Sanctum Discussion

multimedia on Infiniti elves

3 days ago

Hey, really interesting ideas with Elves. Haven't seen Karn's Temporal Sundering with Marwyn yet, nice job.

I think Hadana's Climb and Winged Temple of Orazca is a better pay off for getting an extra turn then Wild Onslaught. Not a fan of Onslaught. In my Elves of Dominaria's past Bant version Climb was quite good with the +1/+1 counter strategy with Elves.

I suggest more Simic dual lands less Islands this will help to be able to cast Steel Leaf Champion more consistently; 5x Islands is a lot. If because of the budget you can't add more Hinterland Harbor and Botanical Sanctum then consider Woodland Stream? A turn one Stream tapped is better than having to play an Island in the first three turns. Hinterland is however a good card to invest some money into because it's a land that will be in Standard until September 2019 and it's at a low price right now only $3.

For the sideboard consider Negate. I really think it's one of the main reasons to play blue with Elves as it shores up the control matchup being able to counter Settle the Wreckage or Fumigate is very good for a two mana counterspell.

I wouldn't play green without having 4x Blossoming Defense main deck because there's so much removal right now in Standard. Defense is great with Marwyn acting as protection and pump; it's a pseudo mana ritual with her.

Good luck with your deck.

firyunda on Bant GPG

1 week ago

Maybe cut one or two of the Botanical Sanctum as they can end up becoming slow mana in the late game. if you cut one of them and want to keep the other 3, then I'd suggest going down a Glacial Fortress or a Hinterland Harbor.

Chino90 on Survival of the Fittest

1 week ago

Add 3x Botanical Sanctum. It will allow you to always play something T1

multimedia on Elves

2 weeks ago

Hey, Nissa, Steward of Elements seem very interesting with Marwyn and Rashmi. I haven't playtested this interaction yet, but I like it. Convergence is also a forgotten gem now that Lyra Dawnbringer is force in Standard. Nice ideas!

Botanical Sanctum is a big reason to play blue with Elves because it doesn't conflict with turn one Llanowar or turn two or three Champion and gives you a blue source right away. Negate is another strong reason to be blue it shores up the control matchup with board wipes and Settle the Wreckage.

In blue Hadana's Climb  Flip is a good card especially with Marwyn and Winged Temple of Orazca is a win condition land, good with Steel Leaf Champion or any other big creature.

Consider some kind of removal in the sideboard? Blink of an Eye is versatile so I suggest it in place of 3x Spring to Mind.

Good luck with your deck.

rorzor on Embrace the Nature

3 weeks ago

Nice effort with the deck. As far as the archetype, I think this fits somewhere between tempo and midrange. It is too slow to be aggro and is certainly not a control deck. I think with a good draw this deck can definitely win games, and I imagine it's best match-ups would be against aggro where you can create a board-state they can't reach through, while you can ping through unblockable damage.

The weakest match-ups would be against control variants, where you can get board-wiped and may not be able to recover advantage in time before they Approach of the Second Sun you. Holding up and even just representing Negate will be the key in this situation.

My two cents on card slots to work on:

There are very few artifacts in this deck, so Temporal Machinations should be replaced with something with a higher upside or lower mana cost, such as Blink of an Eye (though there are many other options for this slot)

Shed Weakness should be replaced with something like Blossoming Defense, since there are no "-1,-1" counter synergies in this deck, and you are unlikely to see any in most standard tournaments (for now..). Same argument for Hapatra's Mark in your sideboard.

Speaking of the sideboard, I think the Meandering River and Teferi, Timebender plan absolutelly needs to be replaced with something more versatile and useful. Teferi, Timebender is unlikely to win you the game and dedicating 5 sideboard slots towards enabling him is unlikely to pay off.

I would suggest sideboard cards that offer specific advantaged against certain decks:


Lifecrafter's Bestiary to give you card advantage. Shaper's Sanctuary would be nice against red/black targeting kill spells specifically. Spell Pierce to supplement your Negate's in protecting against big board wipes


Prey Upon (or similar fight style effects - there are many) to trade off against weaker aggro creatures.


This is a less obvious one, and would largely depend on the kind of meta game you are facing. Something like Baral's Expertise could be worthwhile against fastish midrange decks like Mardu Vehicles to give you a bit of a tempo swing maybe?

Finally (though I think you are aiming to make this deck on a budget) one of the best way to improve it would be to add some dual lands like Botanical Sanctum. Even 2-3 Evolving Wilds should be considered just to make sure you hit your colours. A big advantage to dual lands specifically is that because they cover more of your coloured mana requirements, you can afford to include a few colourless utility lands like Scavenger Grounds or Field of Ruin, which can take care of troublesome things like graveyards and other utility lands, when your main colours have no way of dealing with them naturally.

Anyway, I hope some of that might be helpful to you, best of luck!

Jungin on abzan lands (dominaria)

1 month ago

Gosh yeah, sultai is a direction I really want to go in, honestly. It even has more fast green mana with Botanical Sanctum, and gives us access to Ipnu Rivulet, which can help out Ramunap Excavator in the late game. On top of this, having more creature based value finishers, like Tatyova, Benthic Druid, or Muldrotha, the Gravetide makes Adventurous Impulse, Memorial to Folly, and Memorial to Unity even better!

I actually have a sultai list, that I'm looking at a bit, over here:


I do actually have a single Nissa, Vital Force in the sideboard, but I find that I don't play her often, simply because my lgs has a bunch of grixis control running around. Whirler Virtuoso and his thopters effectively shut down her ability to ultimate.


Esper sounds interesting, especially with all of the good enchantment removal in Dominaria, which would help get to the cities blessing, while dealing with Glorybringer and the likes! one thing I'm worried about though is the loss of low costed board wipes which I get access to in black. This deck folds to aggro faster than a dude betting his last penny.


I am woried about going four color with this deck because the land slots are actually really tight. I would need to throw in blue basics, and/or deserts, and I am already a bit pinched on green mana, nor wishing to take out any of the currently present lands.

Even more, (to take this chance to describe some of the other wincons of this deck) I'm often looking to get two deserts with Hour of Promise in order to get two zombies and the cities blessing for wayward sword tooth around turn three or four. Also, a big plan for the late game is to get out Dunes of the Dead and an Ifnir Deadlands to slowly work through the opponents creatures, while also getting a tonne of zombies. Hour of promise is basically my tutor card for that plan, while also having some flexibility to get any silver bullet lands that may be needed. Placing more demand on what that card initially gets could ultimately hurt the efficiency, and strategy of the deck.

Gift of Paradise would be a good way to go four color, but at that point I don't really think that wold be the same deck any more, because that card would go in the place of ramunap excavator, and wayward swordtooth. This would also nullify our ability to get excessive value out of Tatyova, which kind of ruins our reason for going four color in the first place.


But I would love to see a four color list! There has been a sultia lands deck using cards like that, with only carnage tyrant as creatures, which been getting some results, so I think its very viable.

0b1ivi0nwa1k3r on Budget UG infect

1 month ago

I think 4xBirds of Paradise sould take the place of 3xIchorclaw Myr and 1xPlague Myr. You need mana dorks in order to ramp up and play lots of spells turn 2 and 3 that buff your one or two infect creatures. Birds of Paradise also help with being able to tap for blue or green because you dont have any dual lands. It is 5$ but it is the best card for the price.

Inkmoth Nexus is alittle pricey, but it is so good for infect decks!!

You have the right instant and socreys.

Cheap mana bases for multi colored decks are hard because the fectch and shock lands cost an arm and a leg. I would consider putting Yavimaya Coast and Botanical Sanctum they arent that much money and would really help your mana base.

LOLCHICKEN92 on explorers of ixalan

2 months ago

So, first and foremost: I love the idea. I've been wondering about a deck that focuses on exploring for a while. However, I would make a few changes. I think Jadelight ranger needs to be a 4-of for sure. They're expensive, so no need if you're looking to keep it on a budget, but I think they'll really help the deck a lot. Two explore triggers is huge if you T2 a wildgrowth walker. This deck has a low curve, and almost all of the cards are explore cards, so I would look to cut a land or two since all of your creatures will help you find that last land or two you need to curve out. You also need some kind of pay-off for exploring so much. Hadana's Climb  Flip seems good here, and Appeal. With the explore triggers, you could flip it the turn you play it. Also, Verdurous Gearhulk seems good here. You have some fliers and such, but a card that gives you some trample will help you push damage through and will act as a combat trick/removal. You might also consider Spell Pierce in place of your cancels. They'll likely fit better on your curve, and with the size that your creatures may become, it probably won't matter much about what creatures your opponent plays. You're going over the top of them. Shaper's Sanctuary is always a super good card for the sb of a green aggro deck to resist control/mid-range removal spells. Nissa, Steward of Elements as a 1-2 of would be good for exploiting the explore triggers (using your knowledge of the top of your deck to inform your 0-ability activations), or to just dump a ton of Mana into and kill people with fliers. I'm also a fan of Vizier of the Menagerie, if you want to be able to explore into being able to play creatures right off the top. Get yourself some Evolving Wilds, Woodland Stream, Hashep Oasis, and/or Botanical Sanctum and you'll be all set! I hope some of this helps, and good luck! Keep us posted on results! +1

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