Botanical Sanctum


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Botanical Sanctum


Botanical Sanctum enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer other lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Botanical Sanctum Discussion

Hyperalgialysis on Standard Merfolk

3 days ago

Drop 1 forest and 1 island and throw in 2 more of Shaper Apprentice. Your curve is super low, 22 lands will be plenty for most games. Standard has trouble dealing with flying so your vehicles are solid includes but you could probably drop them for Commencement of Festivities when aggro tries to alpha swing. If you choose to keep them Aether Hub is a solid include for the extra energy. Botanical Sanctum would be better than Woodland Stream if you can get them. Also Woodweaver's Puzzleknot for the sideboard against aggro, 6 life 6energy solid choice.

wolfhead on BUG Infect

1 week ago

although i really dont like your manabase.
even with become immense, Botanical Sanctum and Blooming Marsh are super useful. and you should really run more basics

Druid_of_Blight on Simic Fish

1 week ago

I really like this deck, though the lack of Botanical Sanctum confuses me. Also with a deck this creature heavy Nissa, Steward of Elements might be worth playing. Maybe as a 2 of?

multimedia on My edit on Ezuri

1 week ago

Hey, nice upgrades to the Ezuri precon.

I agree with ThallionDarkshine the Cube + Sages combo is out of place here. Honestly you don't need it.

I suggest a few Simic Commander staples that are all budget:

Bident of Thassa and Bred for the Hunt are enchantments that can draw you a lot of cards especially if your attacking creatures have trample.

For the manabase I suggest a lot more Simic dual lands most are budget:

In my opinion your deck is currently fine as is except the manabase. Before upgrading anything else upgrade the manabase.

Shwang on Green-Blue Aggro-Control

2 weeks ago

Hey, welcome to magic. Here are a few basic ways to make any deck more competitive:

  1. Put more in of the better cards in the deck (up to 4) and take out the ones that are so-so (most competitive decks will have a lot of 4s and 3s of a single card).

  2. Make a theme and stick to cards that go with that theme. In your deck, it could be merfolk, or creatures that use the explore ability, or both.

  3. Get as many lands as you can that tap for more than 1 mana. If you can afford it, Botanical Sanctum would work well in this deck. Also, 2 more Woodland Stream and 3 more Evolving Wilds.

I hope that helps! Good luck!

KillDatBUG on H: Standard cards. W: Cash

2 weeks ago

List of things I have for sale.

6x Fatal Push - $6 each

4x Disallow - $5 each

3x Gifted Aetherborn - $5 for all 3

2x Aethersphere Harvester - $2 each

2x Botanical Sanctum - $8 each

1x Botanical Sanctum - $12

1x Walking Ballista - $13

1x Heart of Kiran - $6

1x Horizon Canopy - $30

1x Spirebluff Canal - $8

1x Tezzeret the Schemer - $5

2x Inspiring Vantage - $3 each

CobaltGent on U/G merfolk

2 weeks ago

It really isn't worth it to make this deck "modern legal" for just Lead by Example, it's a really bad card. Also it's a really good idea to play 4 of the cards that are best in your deck and cut the chaff. For starters I'd play 4x Kumena's Speaker, 4x Merfolk Branchwalker, and 4x Herald of Secret Streams at the very least. They are the best cards in your deck. On the other end of the spectrum Headwater Sentries, Storm Sculptor , New Horizons , and Jungle Delver are all terrible and really low impact cards that can easily be cut from this list. Some great support spells for this strategy are Blossoming Defense and Unsummon. Both are really cheap and efficient tempo cards that work really well with Deeproot Champion. Last but not least your mana base could defiantly use some work. Botanical Sanctum is the best "Simic" dual land available in standard but it is a bit expensive, if your on a budget Woodland Stream is more than fine. Also P.S Blue in MTG is referred to as U not B, so this deck would be called U/G Merfolk.

PI3L0V3R on Spooky Scary Pummeler

3 weeks ago

Id recommend dropping both Scrapper Champion, Servant of the Conduit and Bristling Hydra. Scrapper and Hydra eat the needed energy that you want for your Electrostatic Pummeler. You can replace Them with Thriving Turtle, Aether Theorist, and either Fabrication Module or Woodweaver's Puzzleknot. The first 2 creatures I listed are low cost, can be used as chump blockers, and Aether Theorist is a good way to scry until you find the cards you want. I also recommend that you drop 1 of both Botanical Sanctum and Rootbound Crag and toss in 2 Evolving Wilds. Land tutors might seem like ass but in a tri color deck where you are running only 2 Islands and Mountains, you might find your self locked out of those colors. I understand that they both give you the colors you are short of, but I run an energy deck of my own and find that the Evolving Wilds has been a lot more useful than those types of lands. Thirdly, find something that you dont like in the deck or doesnt work out for you and try to toss in 1 or 2 more Harnessed Lightning.

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