Astral Cornucopia


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Born of the Gods Rare

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Astral Cornucopia


Astral Cornucopia enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it.

: Choose a color. Add one mana of that color to your mana pool for each charge counter on Astral Cornucopia.

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Astral Cornucopia Discussion

schulle on Atraxa Counter Stacks/P-Walkers EDH

1 day ago

Hey,my first question to this deck is,does it feel clunky when you play it?If you have bought the pre-con,I would defintely put back Astral Cornucopia and maybe 2-3 Signets,because you have a couple of lands that come in play tapped and some colorless wich can colorscrew you in early to midgame,

Things i would cut:Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker was in my experience to slow to really matter in game,and when he got relevant after a couple of turns,he was mostly destroyed or bounced,same would apply to Managorger Hydra

Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper I'm pretty biased on this one,it never worked really out in my games,so in my oppinion it's a really unexciting card in this deck.

Duelist's Heritage I'm biased here as well,you don't have that much trample,so often the one doublestriker would just be blocked away.

I don't know your Meta,but these point's held me back with my deck.

bowdika on Atraxa Superfriends

1 week ago

Farseek, I would keep in because it could search for Shock lands. You could switch Rampant Growth for a signet, but I would go for Chromatic Lantern or Astral Cornucopia. Lantern really helps with color and Cornucopia can proliferate to get large amounts of single color mana, especially after Deepglow Skate hits the field.

Vampire0940 on Atraxa, Black sun's voice

1 week ago

Hi thanks for upvoting :)I wanted to build a Deck with new strategies and Persist with Mikaeus is not new ;)I decided to build without infect because the deck should make fun and infect isn't funny in my opinion.Astral Cornucopia is a good suggestion, thank you :)

P.S:For Persist you should give the new Vizier of Remedies some attention ;)

roelvanesch on Atraxa, Black sun's voice

1 week ago

I was thinking about making the same sort of deck! How about some more persist (Glen Elendra Archmage, River Kelpie, Kitchen Finks, Twilight Shepherd) with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and/or Hex Parasite? Also infect (Phyrexian Crusader) makes for a good wincondition and gives blockers -1/-1 counters. For mana I like Astral Cornucopia for this commander.

makattack on Atraxa Friendly Control**Primer**

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comments, @fiftyshotzlater

Aura Shards is definitely a choice based on the playgroup I have and the LGS where I play. It is consistent enough that I will take out 1-2 troublesome artifacts or enchantments in any match. As for Astral Cornucopia, I used to run a Pentad Prism, which I actually found more consistent than the Cornucopia. I think if I were going to replace any creature for Oracle of Mul Daya it would be Rasputin Dreamweaver. I love the old fool, but he's there more sentimentality than true function. Good call, I should do that.

Fiftyshotzlater on Atraxa Friendly Control**Primer**

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment on my planeswalker Atraxa deck. I also like what I see here but there are a few things I am curious about. I do not feel like Aura Shards is really needed with this deck. Sure you get tokens from some of you're walkers but they aren't going to be consistent I feel. Only 3 walkers give creatures (not including ultimates) and 10 other creatures overall so you will only get mild spot removal from including it. Also how can you not have Astral Cornucopia with atraxa? It's the mana rock that just keeps on giving with her :p. One last thing also really like your choices for creatures in this deck. Makes for an interesting build on superfriends however, I would suggest swapping out or finding a spot for Oracle of Mul Daya. The extra benefit of cycling through your library to play a land over say asuza where you can only play them from your hand is very beneficial. Having both out is even better though. +1 from me though :)

Enral on Right Out of the Alinsky's Playbook

3 weeks ago

Drakeown: The deck runs pretty smoothly. I've won 3/4 of the games without even comboing out. Clockspinning is definitely the MVP of this build...the number of times I've won without Mizzix due to that card and Astral Cornucopia/Everflowing Chalice to build up a high counter is great. The start can be a little slow but by turn 4 to 5 if there are no disruptions I can usually get my engine going.

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