Darksteel Reactor


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel Rare

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Darksteel Reactor


Darksteel Reactor is indestructible. ("Destroy" effects and lethal damage don't destroy it.)

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may put a charge counter on Darksteel Reactor.

When Darksteel Reactor has twenty or more charge counters on it, you win the game.

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Darksteel Reactor Discussion

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Vorel's Discount Counters

1 week ago

Given some time, Vorel can turn out a winning Darksteel Reactor pretty easily.

mahdik on Green EDH: "Where they @?"

2 weeks ago

wyatt0781 I see a standard player, is it true?

Not to sound cocky, but in commander you work with creature with value, not only simple attack stat. Considering any creature in green have their stats roughly equal to their mana cost, whatever their B-side effect helping on the long run is, like drawing cards, preventing your opponents to go crazy, or interaction with the gameplay (like seeing the library for instance). Having simple attack stat is kinda lame and under-productive, winning in a constant beat down isn't normally the goal, you normally win with a single and overwhelmingly big attack (ex: Blightsteel Colossus killing in one turn cost as much as a 12/12 Endless One, this one taking 3 turns).

Follow me, if your commander works around counters, with modular for instance, those cards can be really good, but in this deck it's not enough. Walking Ballista can deal damage to creature or player, which is nice because you can interact with the board, or kill the opponent in instant speed with an infinite mana-combo, but other than that, these 3 creatures are just barely making the cut. In a Vorel of the Hull Clade deck, along side hydras and enchantment making them trample or anything, they will shine, but here they just can't reach the full potentiel of the deck.

If you are interesting in creating 40/40 Hangarback Walker, I strongly encourages you to look for Vorel of the Hull Clade decks, this commander can be dope with any type of counters, so you can do infect, planeswalker, experience, any counter works so do +1/+1. Any "you win the game" like Helix Pinnacle or Darksteel Reactor works too. But for this deck, I prefer value cards then over the top creature; destroying a 10/10 Walking Ballista is less forgiving than a Lotus Cobra, considering you will always get disrupt for being as fast as you are.

theanimetrix on The Cure for Damage

2 weeks ago

You can also use Darksteel Reactor for the indestructibility and lols

sonnet666 on Is Azor's Elocutors a viable ...

2 weeks ago

Azor's Elocutors

Not really. The timing and the drawback really kill it. For starters it tracks each instance of damage, so if someone hits you with 4 or more creatures you're back to square one. Super easy to do. Plus the win condition is only when the upkeep trigger resolves, so even if you proliferate to 5, your opponents still get their whole turns to do something about it. You can proliferate up to 4 before the trigger resolves in your upkeep, but in order to do that you need to start the turn with at least one counter, which your opponents will go out of their way to keep from happening (if they're smart).

If you're playing a grindy, staxy deck that can support a win-con like this, I suggest going with Darksteel Reactor instead. Yes, twenty is a lot, but it's much harder to set back or remove, and charge counters have additional support like Coretapper and Energy Chamber that can help on top of proliferate to close the gap. As an added bonus it doesn't matter when the twentieth counter is place on it, and there's no "if" clause in the ability, so removing the reactor in response won't keep you from winning the game.

Just don't forget that putting counters on it is a "may," which means you can miss it by drawing for your turn too quickly.

Cmasa435 on Artifacts that use counters? (Atraxa ...

4 weeks ago

You got Lux Cannon, Darksteel Reactor, Ring of Three Wishes, Coalition Relic, Smokestack, Tangle Wire, Aether Vial, Astral Cornucopia, Everflowing Chalice, Any artifacts with Sunburst. Thats all i can think of off the top of my head.

Karzalar on Atraxa Counters, Less OP SO MUCH FUN

4 weeks ago

I'd suggest removing a one-time proliferate source, such as Spread the Sickness, which is BOTH costly and slow (5 CMC destroy target creature at SORCERY speed? Ew.)

Also, for 4 color decks goodness : Command Tower, Commander's Sphere, Darksteel Ingot for color fixing, which might be better.

What i'd do :

Command tower replacing a land like Yavimaya Coast

Commander's Sphere replacing Fertilid (since you got like 7 basics total)

Darksteel Ingot replacing Tumble Magnet.

(That's if you have manafixing problems, but always have a Command tower in a commander deck that's 2 or more colors)

Honorable mentions and/or suggestions, if you prefer : Ring of Three Wishes, Darksteel Reactor

Odysseus_97 on Colorless Artifact

1 month ago

How about Darksteel Reactor?

Might be a win con :)

TheDragonking564 on Atraxa Deck Help!!

1 month ago

DrLitebur I certainly appreciate the help, though I was trying to avoid the Superfriends deck archetype. While it certainly would be interesting to try, the thing I feared is it getting boring after a while, since the one Superfriends deck I have seen was literally just Planeswalkers, Planswalker effects, and fogs.

enpc I can certainly see your point, and I will certainly be looking into Beastmaster Ascension since the quest counters get proliferated as well, so that could be fun. I guess the way I would be building it would end up being aggro, though I also have been looking at various other counter effects, hence the Myojins, the artifacts with various counters such as Darksteel Reactor, and the various enchantments with counters like Luminarch Ascension and Quest for Renewal. I have started the process of cutting cards on my own, and will likely be slowly updating the deck on here as I make major changes overall.

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