Valor Made Real


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy (CNS) Common
Dissension (DIS) Common

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Valor Made Real


Target creature can block any number of creatures this turn.

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Valor Made Real Discussion

SteelSentry on Kambal's Orzhov Party EDH

1 day ago

The best way to improve this deck would probably be to take out a lot of the low impact cards, like:

Ritual of Rejuvenation (one shot, doesn't really do much)

Renewed Faith (same thing)

Valor Made Real (if you want this effect, get an enchantment that does a similar thing, like High Ground, Brave the Sands, or a creature with this ability, like Palace Guard or Guardian of the Gateless)

Retreat to Hagra (Really slow, especially for 40 life).

Cards I would consider adding that are still pretty budget:

Soul's Attendant (since you have Warden)

Greed / Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip are great in EDH.

Wretched Confluence has a lot of good modes and is an instant.

Sacred Mesa is good in a slow, grindy deck like this to keep chumping or eventually fly over for victory

Shyvana_ on Pandajka

7 months ago

Hey, thank you for your suggestion! That's actually a really cool card, I was getting ready to put in Valor Made Real for a card like that, but Brave the Sands is more consistent and then "we" can both attack and block with our 28/28 Tree of Perdition. Then, I'll take out Builder's Blessing and replace them with the other card you suggested, both are super nice cards.

Fergert on Stuffy the Tormenting potato doll

7 months ago

So you don't have anyway to prevent stuffy doll from being removed, no hexproof or shroud. I also think flickers can be good if you plan on going against more than one person. Lightning Greaves to help keep stuffy on the board. Deflecting Palm if a stuffy gets removed or can't block that would catch them by surprise. Blasphemous Act Obvious reasons. Valor Made Real if you don't want to be 100% reliant on pariah. Cloudshift or Turn to Mist can bounce stuffy back if is getting targeted or if you need to change his target. Also turn to mist can double at a removal against some targets. Sol Ring would help you ramp a lot. I like it though. Cool deck. I think this deck would be more fun in a group game where its less about getting pariah off but more about making you an unsavory target.

Fatespinner79 on Boros or Selesnya variant of ...

9 months ago

Hi all,

I am new here and I have created one deck for our game group. But I am not sure which variant I should play? Shall I go for Boros or for Selesnya? Feel free to comment any other improvements to the deck that you think would be good.

I own all commons and uncommons of the Ravnica, Return to Ravnica and Theros block twice plus Magic X. Please note that this is a strictly budget deck. I am willing to buy rares as long as they are not more expensive than 1 USD. Also in our group we have the rule not to include more than 4 rares in your decks. This should ensure that the power level of the decks is similar.

Normally we are four or five players and we play free-for-all, two-headed giant and prisma. So the deck needs some defenses.

Boros Variant

Selesnya Variant

My deck list is strangely formatted. How do I do a better deck list?

Immortalized on Hanna, the Pillow Fort Builder

11 months ago

Valor Made Real, Awe Strike, Render Silent for those pesky combo decks. Fool's Demise because yes. Winds of Rath compliments all of these, and Cleansing Meditation can be situationally fanastic. and don't forget that Oblivion Ring or Detention Sphere, as they combo brilliantly with your commander.

The7thBobba on Jail Break

1 year ago

Aw man, I should have known you were actively avoiding playsets :p cool challenge, dude!

This looks like it can screw over a lot of people ;)

I'd recommend Steel of the Godhead, Edge of the Divinity, Ghostly Prison, and perhaps Sphere of Safety. i'm a real sucker for enchantments, so I could keep on going ;)

Also: Wall of Souls+Valor Made Real is epic! You could also use Souls of the Faultless.

TroubleMaker28 on hit me i dare you

1 year ago

I really like your deck! I have made a similar one myself; Why are you killing yourself? and I found a lot of good cards here. I've got a few you might want to consider as well; Souls of the Faultless, that thing is mean, just like the doll ( althought not indestructible) and it gains you life. Also Valor Made Real and it or the doll can finish a game quickly. Maybe Spidersilk Net in sideboard for flying and Edge of the Divinity for extra boost on priest?

carpecanum on Cromat

1 year ago

Blaze of Glory, Give No Ground and Valor Made Real all combo with a lot of your walls.

Spirit of Resistance because 5 color.

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