Valor Made Real


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy Common
Dissension Common

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Valor Made Real


Target creature can block any number of creatures this turn.

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Valor Made Real Discussion

carpecanum on Cromat

1 week ago

Blaze of Glory, Give No Ground and Valor Made Real all combo with a lot of your walls.

Spirit of Resistance because 5 color.

mufasamike on Double Tribal Trouble

2 weeks ago

Valor Made Real is an awesome card, thanks for the suggestion. It'll totally shut down my buddy's goblin aggro deck.

Redace878 on Double Tribal Trouble

3 weeks ago

Maybe a Valor Made Real for token decks, or Silence for combo or storm decks. Sideboards mostly depend on what your current meta is, so once you figure out what type of deck is beating yours, you can choose cards to sideboard.

Journeytodiscoverychannel on Stop hitting yourself

3 weeks ago

Get rid of Hex Parasite and put in Rhox Faithmender trust me on that.

And if you would like toss out Valor Made Real and one Sanguine Bond you only need 3 (its a 5cmc what would you do with that the first 4 turns?) and put in 3 Phyrexian Unlife. You can then have multiple win cons

Get a Immolating Souleater out with a phyrexian unlife you can pay 40 life and give him +20/0 then use one of your children or tainted sigil and gain it back and if you have a Rhox Faithmender out you gain 80 life and now your sitting at 60 life.

You can bid up Pains reward for 40 life when you have 20 if you need four cards or just give up the number of life the opponent has and use Vizkopa Guildmage or Sanguine Bond

Soulus101 on Masochists Dream

2 months ago

Assembled Alphas is surely a shoe-in for this deck, especially if you go with Valor Made Real. Or hey, splash green for Roar of Challenge and catch them on the offensive. Brave the Sands is a good KTK enchantment that will give a some of the effect of VMR to all of your creatures.

Baconfish on Did somebody call a medic? Needs opinions

3 months ago

I have, and I have used it in a life gain/loss deck with Orzhov Guildmage, but I just dont feel it in this deck, as I would prefer never actually dealing damage to an opponent if I can avoid it.

But yes, it does so amazingly well with Valor Made Real

LordJello on Did somebody call a medic? Needs opinions

3 months ago

Have you considered Souls of the Faultless?

It is another amazing card to combo with Valor Made Real, plus one of my personal favorites.


3 months ago

Hey, I made one of these! Which makes me remember, I haven't made a Every Legend Ever in a long time. Anyway, it's basically voltron with some cool tricks with Valor Made Real effects. I'm kind of boring that way.

Every Legend Ever: Zhao Zilong

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