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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Weatherlight (WTH) Rare

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Mana Web


Whenever a land an opponent controls is tapped for mana, tap all lands that player controls that can produce any type of mana that land could produce.

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Mana Web Discussion

titanic.ultimatum on [PRIMER] Death & Staxes: Competitive Meren EDH

1 month ago

After doing some play testing (in a 1v1 environment, sadly) I found Whisper, Blood Liturgist to be fairly powerful as a stax piece with Liliana's Specter or Mindslicer and Eternal Witness or Ophiomancer. The reason I say eternal witness is for situations where you have something like Smallpox in grave with two more black producing dorks or a piece of removal so the opp will, essentially, spend their turn doing nothing. In a 1v1 environment, the instant speed reanimation provided by whisper can cut the opponent off of top decking an answer for the lock you create, while also putting things into the grave that you want for the next turn, such as witness or rec sage.

Also, whats your take on Mana Web? obviously in conjunction with Winter Orb it can be very powerful, forcing the opponent into a position where they need to think "okay do i need to respond or do i want my next turn" while also acting as a psudo Arcane Laboratory against other midrange/control decks on its own, I'd love to hear your thoughts on both cards.

gdm1989 on Aminatou: Nihilistic Tendencies (Stax)

1 month ago

You'll be surprised how fast spine will come out with blink decks since I used to use brago and blink decks

atm Ixidron is not needed I would use Resolute Archangel to make yourself semi-immortal

replace Pristine Talisman with Mana Web

there's this card I'm testing in my yuriko fairy (dark brago) deck it's called Gulf Squid

but so far it's looks fine. When I update my brago blink and yuriko bounce deck I'll let you know if I see something else :)

Profet93 on Death n Destruction

1 month ago


First lets work on the mana base, that's black's strongest power...

Remove... Barren Moor, Everglades, and Polluted Mire. You need swamps. Speaking of swamps....

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Cabal Coffers, Vesuva, Thespian's Stage and Deserted Temple are your best friends. Urborg makes everything a swamp and cabal coffers, unlike cabal stronghold gives u for every swamp you control, not basic swamp. Vesuva and thespians stage copy urborg or any land you want. Deserted temple untaps cabal coffers and stronghold.

other potential, but not necessary additions can include the following...

Blue troubles? Cavern of Souls/Boseiju, Who Shelters All.

Gaea's cradle making too much mana? Strip Mine, Wasteland and other cheaper LD alternatives.

Expedition Map to find your lands.

You DESPERATELY need artifact/enchantment removal. This can be done through All Is Dust, Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Karn Liberated, Nevinyrral's Disk, Oblivion Stone, Scour from Existence Ratchet Bomb and Spine of Ish Sah.

Bonus point: Spine + Trading Post = Repeatable removal. Trading post can help you discard horrible cards you got with erebos to gain life to draw more cards, discard a creature to reanimate later. Creature a chump blocker. Artifact recursion and sac outlet for both creatures and artifacts so they dont get exiled.

Want to be rude? Bitterblossom + Contamination. You can also use Reassembling Skeleton or even trading post tokens to feed contamination.

Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor or the cheap Beseech the Queen can help you improve consistency. Blacks biggest strengths are coffers and tutors, please use and abuse them to your heart's content.

Mind Twist - Best discard spell imo

Imp's Mischief - SUPER UTILITY. Redirect's counterspells to imp's mischief to save your torment of hailfire you spent 20 mana into. Redirect some extra turn spells that target, redirect path....and best of all no one expects it from the black player.

Blue players/instant speed interaction giving you issues? Add Mana Web with urborg to make them tap out always (unless they have rocks or dorks).

A funny idea could be to add Soul Conduit or Mirror Universe to switch life totals since black operates out of life loss. If you add Necropotence (or rather when you do), you can bring yourself to one life and switch with your opponent. Necropotence also has high synergy with vensers journal. Pay life, draw cards, gain life draw cards... necro can be used for redundancy with ur commander in case someone uses nevermore or declaration of naught.

Hero's Downfall for PW removal.

Alhammarret's Archive - For extra card draw.

Thats enough for now. Proxy whatever you cant buy or want to try out. I have several ideas for cuts if you're interested. Cheers!

Cippo on Stax On, Fuck It, Stax Off

1 month ago

Stax on top of stax, that's intense. I'm a fan of the Mana Web + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth salt in the wound synergy.

Temple of the False God probably deserves a spot somewhere.

Candles of Leng could probably get swapped with Arcane Encyclopedia for cheaper draw. Sunset Pyramid is cool too but I imagine things slow down pretty quick and 3 turns may be a deal breaker for this much stax.

MillionLittleE on Glissa, Who Won't Let You Do Anything

1 month ago

ZuesAwoken Your Judgement of the deck is so far off, i have a feeling you are judging from a casual point of view.

Executioner's Capsule is a trap, is too much to destroy a non-black creature, Its hard thinking of a creature that sees play that this hits that isn't an one, or two drop. Even Three drops is mana neutral value, so the only things that it efficiently hits are four drops and higher. Can you name any relevant creatures that size in Cedh?

Cabal Coffers can make make mana when you have 3 swamps out on the field,as you can tell i have no slow lands, everything enters untapped and produces mana in all situations. Cabal coffers does not, early game matters more than late game. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth is here because it synergizes with Mana Web and that is enough.

Solemn Simulacrum, Filigree Familiar, Moriok Replica, and Treasure Keeper these are all too expensive for what this deck wants to be doing. Notice most of my draw is 2 mana or less, the exceptions being Ad Nauseam, Necropotence, The Gitrog Monster. Ad Nauseam isn't actually a draw card its a win condition, the times I Ad Nauseam and don't win on the spot is low, but can still happen. Necropotence always fills my hand and replaces the dead cards in it. The only one that stands out is Gitrog Monster, he is a repeatable draw engine that doesn't need to be recast and helps with the sub land theme of the deck, could he go? yes, but i wouldnt replace him with a card that needs to be recast to get value.

Ichor Wellspring was in the deck originally, but was removed for a lack of being able to get it in the graveyard at will, there aren't many good free artifact sacrifice effects to be worth it. Winter Orb is in the same boat, with lack of ways to abuse it, and remove it at will.

Junk Diver is just a more expensive myr retriever, and a worse scrap trawler, we don't need more of this effect, two is plenty.

Ashnod's Altar is a KCI for creatures. The main use for this effect would be for the combo in the deck. I would rather have KCi over alter because of the sheer number of cards that feeds it over Alter.

Skullclamp along with Contamination best cards are Bitterblossom, and Bloodghast. These are repeatable cards that doesn't require cast glissa in a bad spot. If i have glissa out i also get to add Walking Ballista (walking ballista on two equip skullclamp and ping a 1/1 and draw two cards and return walking ballista to hand)

Reanimate, and Animate Dead are just value reanimate effects, cheaply returning a needed creature, or if i can't cast glissa again. Good Cards are Good.

P.S. you can easily go off with trinisphere in play, I've done it multiple times.

generalrenard on Using Muldrotha in Stax (WIP Primer)

2 months ago

I’ve playtested with the dredge cards before, CommanderAdbentures, and I haven’t especially liked them. The graveyard has been more of a way to replay cards that I have lost due to my Stax effects.

Megalomania: I really like the idea of using Forbid, and I will use it. This list has also sucked without Muldrotha, the Gravetide out, and that’s is why I suspect I need more protection for Muldrotha. If Crucible of Worlds is not in this deck, than that is a mistake in need of remedying. Contamination and Infernal Darkness are two options that I’ll add in in replace of other Stax carss as a test to see they’re potential. I don’t especially like Mana Web as I have no real way to break the balance of tap cards, outside of Vedalken Mastermind, I also could potentially use aa Mind Over Matter as a way to break the balance, but I have no real way to draw the absurd amount of cards necessary. The best option for that would be Life from the Loam.

Megalomania on Using Muldrotha in Stax (WIP Primer)

2 months ago

Second time i've seen someone try a stax build with Muldothra and I love both lists. One spell which might be a good addition here is Forbid.

I'm a bit concerned about how good of a stax deck it would be without its commander in play. Maybe going heavier on mana denial by adding Exploration, Crucible of Worlds, Contamination and Infernal Darkness. I would also take into consideration Mana Web as a way to screw control heavy decks.

BMHKain on

2 months ago

Obviously I'm trying to win without CMDR Damage; Although I'm trying to find backup combos besides Final Fortune Loops. Thus why I kept Manabarbs & War's Toll, unless Mana Web can target more than one opponent...

I just want more Draw, Ramp, & actually decent tutors here. Ideas, enpc?

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