Assault Strobe


Target creature gains double strike until end of turn. (It deals both first strike and regular combat damage.)

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Assault Strobe Discussion

Boza on What's a worthy modern legal ...

3 days ago

I think the best substitute is Lotleth Troll + Varolz, the Scar-Striped + Death's Shadow to give the troll 13 counters for 1 mana.

If you want to go the combo route - t1 paly Mountain, exile Simian Spirit Guide, cast Ravenous Bloodseeker. Turn 2, cast Assault Strobe on it and attack, discarding 5 cards to deal 22 damage. Oops, bloodseeker gets +2-2, ignore this.

Siani on Luxuria (Hottest RDW)

2 weeks ago

AdamChafee on SpellHeart Rush

2 weeks ago

Cool deck, reminds me of my own deck Power Blitz.

I would go with Enigma Drake instead of Spellheart Chimera. It won't die to bolt and if you play your cards right you won't even need trample to get your damage in, especially since it already has flying and is evasive. I noticed you're trying to do budget so I'm not gonna suggest any crazy cards. Try maybe Cathartic Reunion or Tormenting Voice to get cards you don't need in the graveyard. Possibly try Guttersnipe too. Assault Strobe is what makes my deck especially dangerous; if you have a bunch of cards in the graveyard you can easily double your win-con's power for one mana. Fevered Visions might do more harm than good in your case, especially if your opponent draws removal for your win-con. You might want to also consider Apostle's Blessing for protection. Sure you have to pay 2 life, but it'll be worth it once you swing. Check out my deck if you feel it might give you some ideas. Best part is that none of these cards are over $1, pretty sure.

Dope deck though, hope this helps out! +1

Catalog9000 on Card creation challenge

3 weeks ago

Also, Iamme10000;

So 18 damage on T2? Damn. And it'd be game if they didn't drop a creature so you can Lightning Bolt them to the face.

fencerman2 on Budget Izzet Counterburn

3 weeks ago

This deck looks pretty sweet, if you want to go all in with the Nivix Cyclops package, you could include something like Kiln Fiend along with Artful Dodge, Assault Strobe, and Mizzium Skin. Alternatively, you could go more burn heavy with a full 4 bolts, as well as Monastery Swiftspear and some other cheap burn like Lava Spike. Have you run into any trouble keeping the amount of cards high in your hand? You could consider some cheap card draw like Chart a Course or something. Hope it works out!

beakedbard on UR prowess aggro

1 month ago

Personally i'd run Distortion Strike or Slip Through Space over Run Amok for better evasion at a cheaper cost. Wild Slash is a strictly better Shock. Also you are better having some form of 1cmc counter over Mana Leak something like Dispel or Spell Pierce because most of the time your counterspells are there to protect your creatures. Assault Strobe is also worth considering over Temur Battle Rage. Delver of Secrets  Flip could maybe find room in here as well although he's not massively needed. I'm sure there's some other things I've missed I've been trying to get this deck running since Prowess first came out only problem is it loses hard to targeted discard unless you draw a god hand. I hope all of this helps.

Darth_Savage on Invincibility

1 month ago

Hi pohotu3,

It sounds like your looking for ramp; Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual, Infernal Plunge and Simian Spirit Guide could all help you play faster, though you wouldn't use them all in a single deck. Soldier of the Pantheon, Monastery Swiftspear and Bomat Courier are probably better options than Furnace Scamp, Gibbering Fiend and Priest of Iroas. You also might want to consider Boros Charm and Dawn Charm.

Even with additional ramp Rage Reflection and True Conviction are expensive, I might be tempted to use Phalanx Formation, Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion Assault Strobe or Double Cleave. Then again Boros Charm is possibly the best option, since it has other modes.

I hope this is of help, have fun brewing your deck

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