Assault Strobe


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin Common

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Assault Strobe


Target creature gains double strike until end of turn. (It deals both first strike and regular combat damage.)

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Assault Strobe Discussion

Shane on U/R Budget Pyromancer

1 day ago

I would use Vapor Snag over Unsummon. Also Distortion Strike might be useful.You should add some flashback spells to get more value out of your cards. Faithless Looting, Reckless Charge, Nightbird's Clutches, Desperate Ravings, Think Twice

Other cards to consider Balduvian Rage, Bident of Thassa, Electrolyze, Inaction Injunction, Train of Thought,

Also Kiln Fiend loves double strike so Assault Strobe, Temur Battle Rage

Blo on Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#2 Red)

2 days ago

I brought in the Dragon Mantle to give a somewhat similar aproach as the Assault Strobe, as to get damage through. However, I can understand that it might be a bit too soon. If you have any replacement suggestions, let me know ;)

I might indeed reconsider the additional "kicker" cards, and replace them with simpler burn. As a mostly Commander player, I didn't notice it was uncommon, seeing it basically every game. Thanks for the catch!

I agree that the deck should be explosive, but the Assault Strobe put it over the top for me. However, I probably haven't tested the deck as well as you have, and I might reconsider it if it's losing too much.

Blo on Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#2 Red)

3 days ago

I added some dragon flavor with a single Lightning Shrieker replacing the Jeska, Warrior Adept I do not own. I've made a few other changes, but the deck seems really explosive. (turn 3 winable explosive).
If you draw a haster turn 1 > 3 damage, turn 2 play Kiln Fiend, turn 3 play 3 instants/sorceries including the Assault Strobe and a Rush of Adrenaline (so it gets double strike, trample and +8 damage and you hit for 18 damage > 21 damage total. Even if they block, you can use a Flame Slash before combat, to deal 24 damage with the fiend and kill the blocker.
I removed the Assault Strobe for now, and replaced it with a combination of 2 Dragon Mantle and 2 Burst Lightning. This seems a bit slower, and gives more reach should the game last longer. Both introduce a new mechanic, which might be a bit much for the complete beginner, but I haven't had any issues with the two I played it with.

Shadumahl on Izzet Speedkill

5 days ago

oh and a Assault Strobe

belugawhaleonthefloor on Izzet Speedkill

1 week ago

Kiln Fiend? Does the same job as Cyclops but you can get it out a turn earlier, possibly swinging for win on turn 4. Assault Strobe too because it's a mana cheaper than Temur Battle Rage and you don't really need trample if it's unblockable. You could also add something like Brute Strength because combo'd with Cyclops or Fiend it would be +6 power for just one mana

TaylorMk on Kiln Fiends Claim to Fame

1 week ago


-4 Temur Battle Rage (too expensive to be casting)

-3 Assault Strobe

-4 Young Pyromancer (doesn't work well with all your pump effects)

+1 Apostle's Blessing

+2 Tainted Strike (the biggest reason you play RB over UR is this card, RB trades consistency for explosiveness)

+4 Nivmagus Elemental

+4 Ground Rift

ChandrasFollower on can card:Emrakul, the Promised End ...

2 weeks ago

it was a combo that made me wonder if Emrakul, the Promised End could be targeted by an isntant when it is in a graveyard it has protection for instants but does that rule when it is in the graveyard

the combo is:Emrakul, the Promised End in your graveyard you use Goryo's Vengeance to return Emrakul, the Promised End to the battlefield and power it up with Assault Strobe to a possible turn three kill????

(by the way sorry for bad english)

Mono_Land on Scissor turn 3 win for the cheese

2 weeks ago

Mutavault or Blinkmoth Nexus can add some cheese Brute Force is a good buff card also Assault Strobe can be fun Zada, Hedron Grinder is good if the game ends up carrying into mid game

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