Titan's Strength


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Common
Theros (THS) Common

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Titan's Strength


Target creature gets +3/+1 until end of turn. Scry 1 (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Titan's Strength Discussion

ellie-is on Mutagenic Growth in RDW?

1 week ago

Sadly bolt hasn't dropped much with the reprint. Cards like Nettle Sentinel fell from ~5 dollars to ~80 cents, but Lightning Bolt's drop was only one dollar from it's previous four-dollar cost. $12 for a set is still a bit much for me at the moment (it is, in fact, the entire cost of the rest of the deck, hah).

I like Magma Jet a lot. I own a set of that, so I might play around with it a bit and see how it goes! But at two mana I worry it's a bit slow for this deck. If anything, I at least still have the scry from Titan's Strength.

ellie-is on Mutagenic Growth in RDW?

1 week ago

This deck, before anyone asks.

Someone suggested it a while back. I was wary of the suggestion, because as they pointed out, it's weaker than the other buffs I have in the deck - Built to Smash, Brute Force, and Titan's Strength - but comes with the obvious upside of not costing mana.

This deck is built around buffing either Viashino Slaughtermaster, which has double strike, or Kiln Fiend, which does what Kiln Fiend does, with Monastery Swiftspear and its Prowess ability for support.

I've been offered a playset of Mutagenic Growth recently, so I started considering adding it again. There are a lot of situations where it comes in handy, and it helps with getting more consistent hypothetical turn 3 wins. One of the biggest problems is that with this being monored, I do not have the option to simply pay as a stompy deck might. I also don't want to remove one of the other buffs, as +3 becomes +6 with the two main beaters of the deck, and +2 becomes only +4. Still enough to help get a lot of wins, however.

I'd love to get people's thoughts on this if possible. Whether or not this will really improve this deck, what I could remove to make room for it, or even just seeing general thoughts on whether the card itself works in non-green decks would be lovely.

Grubbernaut on Kiln fiend deck

2 weeks ago

Gitaxian Probe seems good, free trigger off Fiend or digs for Fiend.

Also, for SB, Built to Smash seems like an odd choice; I might recommend Reckless Charge, Titan's Strength, Rush of Adrenaline, Rouse the Mob.

Temur Battle Rage is also a must-have in the mainboard, since it gives double strike AND trample to fiend. I'd probably move Searing Blaze to the SB to make room; blaze feels really bad if you don't have a target for it.

Seems sweet! Cheers!

DarkStarStorm on Heroic (Mono Red)

3 weeks ago

Great, though I'm not sure about Lava Dart. Wouldn't a Titan's Strength or something be more effective?

MTGPALADIN on Blue-Red Cantrips

1 month ago

1.I would cut the Artful Dodge for Sleight of Hand. More cantrips will help you build spell count while filtering through the deck

  1. I agree drop the Gut Shot for Rift Bolt. This will give you needed removal so your creatures can attack while adding to spell count.

  2. Soul-Scar Mage for Monastery Swiftspear4.maybe run x3 Elusive Spellfist instead of Kiln Fiend because it gives its self unblockable and pick up one more copy of Stormchaser Mage for the haste.

  3. As much as it pains me to say delver of secrets instead of Blistercoil Weird. Neither one of these creatures are going to swing turn 1. Delver does have evasion and while it doesnt pump with spell count its still a very real clock and complements the Titan's Strength and the Assault Strobe.

I hope these suggestions are helpful, but you should make the changes you want for your deck.

Gattison on Live Fast, Die Young

1 month ago

Hey! Love your deck series! +1!

Would you consider replacing Titan's Strength with 4x Renegade Tactics? it produces an effect similar to Slip Through Space ensuring your dudes get through, and it's a cantrip, rather than "just" a scry.

Also, Preordain is typically better than Serum Visions and roughly the same price. =)

HackSlice on Budget Mono Red Kiln Fiend

1 month ago

Essentially, Faithless Looting is doing nothing for you and the scry 1 from Titan's Strength for Miracle's.Maybe consider Akroan Crusader and Expedite, Built to Smash is also very good. Asssault Strobe as well...Combat Celebrant is also really good Searing Blaze instead of Faithless Looting, maybe Magmatic Insight or Tormenting Voice, Reforge the Soul maybe, Bedlam Reveler and Renegade Tactics Are all considerable cards.

Sorry I didnt say individual comments for each cards, but I just want you to have a better deck.

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