Titan's Strength


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Common
Theros Common

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Titan's Strength


Target creature gets +3/+1 until end of turn. Scry 1 (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Titan's Strength Discussion

Grahamatica on Theomok the token eater *need help*

2 days ago

hmm, perhaps take out Satyr Hedonist(you are in green so you have plenty of better ramp IMO, Reckless Reveler (there are better artifact removal creatures and spells), Brute Force (your guys should be big enough without a 1 time use spell). Dance with Devils for 4 only grants you 2 guys, not that great. Same thing with Fated Intervention. Take out Stonefury, Titanic Growth, Titan's Strength for the same reason as brute force.

Your goal here should be two-fold (I think):#1 Pump out tons and tons of small token dudes. Use those tokens in either of 2 ways: Swarm and mass pump like with beastmaster's ascension. OR use those tokens to be devoured by your commander and swing with (hopefully) trampling hasting +25/25 for that 21 voltron commander damage (you need to devour at least 5 guys for 25/25). Perhaps take out other creatures that devour because you probably either want a ton of small dudes or your big commander instead of a few big-ish creatures. This will give you 2 main ways to win.

Duchys on Enigma drake U/R ~35$

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions Darsul,

  1. I'm on really tight budget, I don't wanna spend more than 1$ for one card.

  2. I wasn't sure about Epic Experiment, but I'll give it a try.

  3. Stubborn Denial, Really good advice but I'm not sure about the need of creature with power 4 or greater, since i might get a bad hand or something goes wrong and I'll have a easily counterable counter spell, so I'll rather keep the Mana Leak in the list(although I might replace the Negate/Dissolve with this.

  4. Serum Visions is out of my budget, and i feel like Thought Scour is much better than Faithless Looting imo.

  5. I am pretty filled on the 3 drops so I'll probably swap Guttersnipe with a cheaper card, as for example Young Pyromancer.

  6. I really don't cards like Slip Through Space since just a small amount of people run flyers so my Enigma Drake and Spellheart Chimera are often going through with the damage. Not sure about the hexproof but I'll keep that in mind if i meet more of creature removal decks.

  7. About the Titan's Strength and Built to Smash. I don't like having dead cards in my hand and since I don't play much creatures it wouldn't get used too often.

Thanks again for the long post of suggestions.

Darsul on Enigma drake U/R ~35$

3 weeks ago

Hello Duchys,

Where to start... It would help with suggestions if you let us know a budget range with that out of mind lets start;

First, I would say Epic Experiment > Steam Augury

Stubborn Denial > Mana Leak, Mana Leak is great card and stronger T2 but, as a whole for your deck SD is better

Serum Visions or Faithless Looting > Thought Scour, TS runs the risk of dumping your creatures and no Flash back cards, thought scour is little more then a cantrip, their are way better cantrips.

In your creature department, you have on Turn 3 you want to cast.... Enigma Drake and Spellheart Chimera and Guttersnipe? Why are you running a play set of each? Doing so open you up to hand where your staring at 3 lands and 4 creatures, and you can't play a card till turn 3. I think this is why faster aggro are giving you problems (yes you may not always or ever see that opening hand but, if even 2 of those creature are in you opening hand it's not good), this is why people are saying add someone like Monastery Swiftspear or Delver of Secrets  Flip even Blistercoil Weird, then you could have one of those guys turn one, turn two is spent setting up you turn three by Serum Visions or Faithless Looting even Thought Scour and your turn three Enigma Drake or Spellheart Chimera. In short, your curve doesn't feel right with play set of each Enigma Drake, Spellheart Chimera and Guttersnipe.

Blue is best known for Counterspell and draw power that said it lesser known/acknowledged power is its power to add evasions to its attackers. Cards like Slip Through Space and Artful Dodge would go along way. Mizzium Skin is also, a good addition.

And as last note cards like Titan's Strength and Built to Smash would have a lot value here too.

Hope was I was of some help,GL HF

Eilel on Mr. Nibbles (Cheap deck)

3 weeks ago

I play a very simular deck with a bit more expansive cards like Lightning Bolt (still not too expansive) if you want a budget option Shock works well. They are great of getting the final points of damage to an opponent.

I only play 12 creatures, all with prowess! Monastery Swiftspear is the all star of the deck, don't have it in your sideboard, play it in your main instead of Mage-Ring Bully. Consider the change of Uncaged Fury to Temur Battle Rage, since it has the possibilty to gain trample and is more cheap in mana.

Titan's Strength is a bit overkill if you already play Brute Strength and Rush of Adrenaline, Brute Force is probably the best pump spell you can have!

Cards like Vapor Snag will make sure your creatures get through to an opponent.

Kiln Fiend is a great budget option and much better then Mercurial Geists since it only costs 2 mana, play an Expedite and for 3 mana you have a 4/2 haste! Mercurial Geists is also a 4 drop and in my opinion I think Niblis of Frost is the better 4 drop!

Anyway, Love your deck!

Catalog9000 on Using the stack correctly with ...

3 weeks ago

So I run an Izzet Unblockable deck where I cast spells such as Titan's Strength, Brute Force, and Distortion Strike on creatures like Kiln Fiend, Nivix Cyclops, and Elusive Spellfist.

One of the big hangups of the deck is that Distortion Strike is a Sorcery, which means my opponents see it coming from a mile away. I could put Quicken in here but now I am adding extra complications to my deck. I considered Hypersonic Dragon but at 5 he's slow and I already have Zada, Hedron Grinder taking up my free slots.

So I looked online and the only relevant card I could find is Veil of Secrecy. Yes, there is also Piracy Charm but there is no guarantee my opponent will be running U, much less having actual Islands.

And this gets to be the problem. Veil of Secrecy gives Shroud. So if I just casually tap my lands and throw down a Titan's Strength, a Brute Force, a Temur Battle Rage, and than a Veil of Secrecy when things go to resolve, will my Veil resolve first and actually prevent the rest of my spells from taking hold?

Catalog9000 on Best Commander / Colors for ...

3 weeks ago

Oh man, thank you all for so many options to look into!

These are definitely great suggestions. I'll look into some EDH decks posted on here and get a feel for how particular ones are built.

I think I'll try my hand at LoneCrusader399's suggestion of Gahiji, Honored One. I currently have a Turn 3 Izzet deck centered around creatures like Kiln Fiend where I cast spells like Titan's Strength to push massive damage through at instant speed. My largest amount of unblocked damage was 158 in one turn. But I also have an infinite combat phase Boros deck combining Aurelia, the Warleader + Flamerush Rider (The token he generates will trigger a 3rd combat phase. You sacrifice the token and repeat. Cast indestructible on your guys and beat face eternally).

I'd also have access to Omnath. I understand the +(2) cost each time your Commander is removed, so I'd like to keep with a lower-cost boss first.

And since R/W/G all give access to tokens, Gahiji gets even deadlier.

Not to mention the Archetype of Aggression, Courage, & Endurance are here, too.

lagotripha on Outer Reel

1 month ago

OK, interesting setup, looking to make use of going wide with power boosts and double strike. I can work with that. You're siting really high on the curve for modern aggro- most of the time 5/6 drops only get cast in control/ramp . They're awesome cards, don't get me wrong, but I'm not feeling them here.

If you want to go all in on the Boros Swiftblade strategy, you could do worse than run some Fencing Ace, Scourge Wolf and Viashino Slaughtermaster to really all-in on the strategy, backed by solid lifegain and protection (if you want to draw the game out) or Titan's Strength/Brute Force/Apostle's Blessing type voltron style. Usually the latter style is reliant on Temur Charm/Boros Charm to double strike out and is outperformed by infect, so I'll focus on the former, test a little and see if I can put together a list for you.

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