Tajic, Blade of the Legion


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Rare

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Tajic, Blade of the Legion

Legendary Creature — Human Soldier


Battalion Whenever Tajic and at least two other creatures attack, Tajic gets +5/+5 until end of turn.

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Tajic, Blade of the Legion Discussion

goblinguiderevealpls on Boros Soldier Hatebears

6 days ago

id recommend Mentor of the Meek and Boros Charm, mentor for draw and insane damage or protection with charm, Field Marshal would be insane

and Legion Loyalist maybe in sideboard vs aggro or token decks

also, Tajic, Blade of the Legion and Odric, Master Tactician are game finishers especially when you can cheat them in with precinct captain, one copy of each might be worth testing!

Raise the Alarm for emergency blockers or "haste" tokens is always good, and Timely Reinforcements is an insane sideboard card

and Soul Warden/Kor Firewalker for extra lifegain :)

Sephyrias on Flight of the Vast

1 month ago

Instead of Mask of Avacyn, maybe try Darksteel Plate. Only costs 1 more to cast and has the same equip cost.

Why Path to Exile over Swords to Plowshares?

Instead of Aegis Angel, rather use Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Skyship Stalker doesn't seem worth. Maybe run a Demonic Tutor, Enlightened Tutor or Vampiric Tutor instead.

Zurgo Helmsmasher doesn't fit unless you run Worldslayer or the other Odric, but then I'd rather use Tajic, Blade of the Legion or something (and I actually do, made a list on that recently as well), but I'd stay away from that when you want to keep it creature-heavy.

Siege Dragon is a bit "meh". I recommend Rune-Scarred Demon or Hellkite Tyrant

Arian_the_Fox on Boros Tempo (Budget)

1 month ago

Gisela is a fun card. She rocks in Commander. She is just to slow for Modern in my opinion without some way to cheat her in. Speaking of cheating you might want some recursion. Return to the Ranks would be a good 1 of for mainboard or side in against removal heavy decks. You need more tokens to make front line medic work well. Spectral Procession perhaps or something like Precinct Captain, or Dragon Fodder. Soulfire Grand Master is a sweeeet combat trick with Blasphemous Act. Just laugh at your opponent as you gain an insane amount of life. So add one when you can afford it. Latter upgrades. Chandra, Torch of Defiance & Nahiri, the Harbinger are both direct upgrades to Monastery Siege I would add one of each for utility & flavor. Tajic, Blade of the Legion survives your Blasphemous Act he might he a fun 1 of. That's my 2 cents worth. Cool looking deck. Best of luck.

Mr_toppat on Hand-Me-Down of Ghirapur(<15$)

1 month ago

Hello there! I love these decks and I want to see more, so I have some suggestions for cheap generals to build the next decks,Triad of Fates is pretty funny and can run a fairly similar build to King Macar, the Gold-Cursed deck.Kaseto, Orochi Archmage is great fun and is a aggro commander, so nobody sees him coming and snake tribal has surprising amounts of support.Vorel of the Hull Clade Is a commander i always wanted to try but i am a tad strapped for cash most for the time.One i like is Tajic, Blade of the Legion, just because he is voltron tokens,(kinda like Temmet actually).I have no clue whether this helps or not XD but i'd like to see these guys built into cheap decks that are easy for me to throw together, love the work, goodbye!

3InchMeatMonster on Aurelia, the Warleader

2 months ago

i love boros decks, ill try to help best i can.

im a big fan of Berserkers' Onslaught. Brave the Sands and/or Always Watching cause vigilance and you gonna be swinging a lot with a boros deck. Combat Celebrant for more combat phases. Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile because a few removal spells are good, you will also want a few that deal with enchantments and artifacts. i would also look into the ajani planewalkers, they are really nice in beat down type decks. Tajic, Blade of the Legion is a fantastic beater. and this is just a personal thing, but i think Iroas, God of Victory is the best boros commander, provides a fantastic affect and is cheap to cast. i think Aurelia, the Warleader is best used as one of the 99. Mentor of the Meek for card draw, you are also going to want more card draw. card advantage is probably the most important thing in commander. unfortunately rw doesn't have the best draw and i cant think of any off the top of my head right now. so i would look to artifacts and colorless creatures for this.

your artifacts look good and so does your land base. maybe add a few more duel lands.

Blasphemous Act is good and if you have Akroma's Memorial out it wont affect your creatures. Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Blind Obedience are good to keep your opponents a turn behind for creatures and with stop any chop blockers they try to make. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is also a must include for decks like this.

DarkRequiem on Akiri and Nahiri

2 months ago

You're welcome. Have you considered Ancient Den and the red one (something's furnace - at work and gatherer is blocked, oddly enough)? More artifacts with 0 impact on the gameplay (in the way that there's no drawback) that might help you out with Metalcraft.

I'd also add stuff that allows you to draw more. Skullclamp comes to mind. Infiltration Lens would be nice if paired with the helm (from Mirrodin's block) that gives Lure to equipped creature.

I'd add True Conviction. It does have a Boros feeling to it. Have you thought of less creatures and more token creating options? Like Mobilization for example? You get small creatures that get pumped by the equipments you're running.

There's also Tajic, Blade of the Legion... You could run it and equip it with Worldslayer for fun and giggles. More so if you run more indestructible creatures. Like Konda, Lord of Eiganjo. Which brings me to the next 2 suggestions: Eiganjo Castle and Kor Haven..

Enough for now. :D

DarkRequiem on Daxos Curses You!

2 months ago

Mana producers can't be removed. The deck is running 36 lands + 4 mana rocks. That's the minimum for me. I'd only remove Mind Stone for some other mana producer.

As for BW or RW fun commanders (please note that I prefer low cmc commanders)...

Well, I love good old Teysa, Orzhov Scion (and she can be quite efficient), Athreos, God of Passage might be fun and Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim has lots of potential going on.

If you're into equipments Akiri, Line-Slinger is your guy, I run a fun Anax and Cymede deck, seen some Brion Stoutarm decks that were pure evil, Depala, Pilot Exemplar since it allows you to go Vehicle and/or dwarf tribal (although I don't think that there are that many exciting dwarves out there), Iroas, God of Victory is a pain and Tajic, Blade of the Legion can be stupid with the right combos.

DespairFaction on Angel Tribal (work in progress)

2 months ago

Quicksilver Amulet and Belbe's Portal are awesome for this style of build with a lot of high cost creatures. You can flash in your creatures on the end step, which is a pretty big deal, and paying 4 on turn 4 and 4 again on turn 5 is much different than paying 8 on turn 8 (assuming no mana rocks). I haven'tried explanar, caged sun, or gauntlet of power because my mana base is setup different. I use Coalition Relic, Thran Dynamo and Gilded Lotus and the 2 cost mana rocks.

Sunscorch Regent and Taurean Mauler are awesome definitely run Sunscorch if you aren't married to angel tribal. I don't care for Malignus that much, it really needs trample to shine, and it will get smaller as the game goes a long.

I have had the same problem with Marshal's Anthem where it sits in the hand. Reya Dawnbringer is good, but I haven't been able to get Emeria Shepherd into play with the right situation, but it seems good against board wipe heavy opponents. I haven't tried out Dawnbreak Reclaimer I am interested to check it out though, but it does seem situational.

For this style of deck I personally wouldn't run Adriana, Captain of the Guard, Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas, Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder, orHellrider. Kalemne, dies too easily and doesn't have evasion, plus gets worse as the game goes long. Instead of Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder I would Duelist's Heritage you lose the lifelink piece but its much harder to remove. My problem with Adriana, Captain of the Guard is that you have to attack everyone to get max value, and that makes it so everyone at the table hates you. I haven't played with Adriana at all, but ive use the myriad cards, and its similar.

Tajic, Blade of the Legion is solid. If you gives a blocker against the big dumb creature on the board, and when you get battalion online it gets huge. Iroas, God of Victory seems reasonable, but may not be necessary with all the protection spells you have, but maybe you cut a protection spell for Iroas, he offers decent utility.

I haven't used Crown of Doom but it actually seems pretty good, I will need to check that one out as well.

It will interfere with your curve a bit but True Conviction is good for a deck like this, if the curve can support it.

How have Slate of Ancestry Tamiyo's Journal and Blinding Angelperformed for you?

Mana cards to check out Gift of Estates I run instead of Armillary Sphere its more conditional the mana savings is pretty big. Another interesting card is Oath of Lieges, I am still undecided on it, since its awesome if you are behind on lands, but a dead card if you are head or tied on lands.

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