I have been playing Magic casually now for about 10+ years. My very first deck was a Myr artifact deck (in which we allowed the artifact lands to be basic lands) but after a while I switched to Mono-Red Goblins. My next deck was a Samurai deck. I still remember pulling a foil Konda from my very first Kawigawa booster pack. The first two decks have long since been taken apart and lost to time; the samurai deck, however, is still alive and kicking.

My favorite format is Commander. I like Mono-Colored or Dual-Colored decks. Five Colored decks are alright, but the mana base gets pretty expensive. I really enjoy tribe Commander decks. My top ten favorite tribes are the following:

  1. Dinosaurs
  2. Rats
  3. Dragons
  4. Vampires
  5. Zombies
  6. Slivers
  7. Minotaur
  8. Samurai
  9. Warriors
  10. Goblins

I currently have four tiers of Commander decks. You can see what tier my deck is by the [ _ ] at the end of the decks name.

  1. Pet: This is my main deck, and I will always buy cards for it first. I try my best to bling this deck out with full art Unstable lands, foils, and German cards.
  2. cEDH: This is for tournaments. I buy cards for it after my Pet deck.
  3. Casual: These are just fun decks that I built and sometimes upgrade. Most of the time these are precons.
  4. Bulk: I NEVER buy cards for these decks. They are decks I built from my collection or I trade for.
  5. PucaProject: These are decks where I only get my cards from PucaTrade.

I am active on PucaTrade. You can find my profile here.

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My DCI is 3115704095.

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CircioTheStageLighter: Very well. I am glad that I gave you that idea. :D

May 26, 2020 11:10 p.m.

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This is not my guess, simply an observation to start conversation like I would if we were at a table playing commander (I like to think out loud).

It's mono-black with a very powerful commander in K'rrik. The possibilities could be endless. Now you did say this is a jank deck with a hidden theme. And for your "Turn One" you drop Abandon Hope without K'rrik on the field or any lands but didn't discard anything I'll let it go, so strange play (I joke since you didn't add any other cards).

So my first observation is it is either X spells but that would be too easy. However, lore wise, K'rrik had several clashes with the original "heroes" of Magic. I would like to see more before I make a hard guess, but I feel that the hidden theme could be lore related or even something as simple as X spells or discard. But where is the fun in that?

May 26, 2020 5:40 p.m.

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Aesatr I use to run Elemental Bond, and for the life of me, I don't remember why I took it out. Rishkar's Expertise looks fun, but it could end up being a dead card if I don't have any creatures on the field. Apex Altisaur is on the watch list, and I have a copy, but have yet the energy to put it in. Time of Need would be a nice card, but Gishath is really good at digging into my deck for her comrades. Ask for Mosswort Bridge it could be useful, but I am very against lands that enter tapped, also it is a bit risky. Only looking at the top 4. Gishath could easily do that for me.

May 24, 2020 2:31 p.m.

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Jacksonp I actually HIGHLY considered it, but I just couldn't switch out Gishath. I even bought the precon just for her, but I just couldn't do it.

May 23, 2020 9:09 p.m.

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Thanks Mortlocke! Loved the Zacama gang vandalism! Made me laugh. I hope that was MSPaint and you used the spray can for that!

I love the suggestions. I honestly wanted to run Mirri's Guile, Sensei's Divining Top AND Scroll Rack in this deck; but the price of Guile and Rack really stopped me from buying them (YES I know I have Cavern of Souls, but I really hate control decks). Ask for SDT, I actually have one, BUT..... My wife refuses to let me have it out of her planeswalker deck (Thought about liberating it since she never plays the deck though). I don't run any swords in the deck for I have never really been interested in them. I know having one or two of them would most likely push the power level of this deck up, but I would rather buy them for my Mardu Knights deck where they will be better used (I'm a weird person who hates shifting cards around).

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll re-add Guile and SDT to my maybe list.

May 14, 2020 1:26 a.m.

Vindicate is a good card, but if you noticed that most of my removal is instant speed for single target and sorcery speed for mass removal. That was why Vin didn't make the cut.

Herald's Horn is a nice card (and I have three or four copies somewhere) but the reduction is nice and all, but humans are pretty cheap. The added card draw is nice, but this deck doesn't lack that.

Vanquisher's Banner was considered since it is a nice anthem and card draw, but that 5CMC is what's stopping me.

Thought Vessel is a maybe because it was a cheap mana rock. I was trying to run as many cheap mana rocks that I got back at least half the card's cost back without having to do anything extra.

Angel of Glory's Rise was considered, but since she's an angle, I didn't want to open that can of worms because then people would suggest cards like Herald of War or Angelic Overseer or Requiem Angel.

I'm not going to reject your suggestions, but these were my thoughts against them. Now I was also considering switching the commander for the partners in the deck. If I did that I would most likely run Angel of Glory's Rise AND Requiem Angel.

May 14, 2020 1:18 a.m.


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