Toolcraft Exemplar


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Toolcraft Exemplar

Creature — Dwarf Artificer

At the beginning of your combat phase, if you control an artifact, Craftmaster Paradigm gets +2/+1 until end of turn. If you control three or more artifacts, Craftmaster Paradigm also gets first strike until end of turn.

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Toolcraft Exemplar Discussion

poopiepoopiepants1 on Dwarven Roadrage [WIP]

1 day ago

Just to fit into the whole theme of dwarf-vehicle, look into Toolcraft Exemplar, an early game guy that can prove to be a huge threat seeing as you get many artifacts on the battlefield. Also, Veteran Motorist can be a huge help I think.

Argy on Grixis control - Black or ...

4 days ago

I guess in the end it comes down to different metas and choices.

With Mardu Vehicles there are more things to deal with than just Heart of Kiran, as those decks can also win without that card.

Fatal Push will hit Toolcraft Exemplar and Veteran Motorist, faster than Abrade, and those are two early hitters that can make all the difference.

As I already pointed out, Fatal Push will ALWAYS be able to hit Sylvan Advocate, whereas Abrade won't.

You play whatever works for you.

Korlus on Korlus

2 weeks ago

-When you said, "You want to have draws where you drop your -1/-1 counters from a Channeler Initiate onto a one drop at least some amount of the time", do you think I should put in 4 festering mummy's to put them on?

Have you ever read What I Know About Magic: The Gathering? The concept is that the best decks can do multiple things - they play on multiple parts of the metagame clock.

For example, if you are playing against a deck that will "outgrind" you, the best game plan may well be to race against it. Versatility isn't just about how you play from a metagame perspective, but also about trying to get the most out of you cards - Patrick Chapin calls it "Using all parts of the Buffalo".

Let's say that there's a 2% chance that putting your -1/-1 counters on a one drop is the right play at any given point (and I think it's correct close to 5-7% of the time, which is more than I would call intuative, but far less than it would be to be critically important). Not having a creature to use them up ought to come out as a net negative - e.g. adding creatures to your deck to "eat" the counters and provide you with an undercosted beater may well add to your win percentage.

Similarly, you also need to consider how good that card is. A card like Festering Mummy is a low-impact card. Unless there are specifically a lot of x/1's (or a lot of creatures who are the same size as yours, and you can get real value out of the -1/-1 counter), the net effect on the game is often close to 0. I would not advise running such a low impact card to improve your game 2-7% of the time (as it will worsen it almost all of the rest of that time). You should also then analyse the effect it has on games - both when you play the Initiate on turn 2 (e.g. when you kill it), and when you don't kill it (in a more normal game). In a normal game, it likely does very little (maybe it trades with Toolcraft Exemplar?). In a game when you drop the -1/-1 counters onto it - why are you doing that? Presumably because either you want to race, or because you need larger creatures than the opponent. Option 1 (racing) typically suggests the opponent often won't have many creatures (if they did, racing wouldn't come up as often). This means a lot of the time dropping the -1/-1 counters onto the creature, you aren't benefitting from it being a Festering Mummy - any one drop would do the job just as well.

... That means you ideally want to find one mana creatures that add to your gameplan and line up against the metagame in a meaningful way. I am not sure if I have any suggestions - I'm not trying to design the deck for you, and it is possible that the best way to build it is with relatively few one drops, but if you can find a one-drop that is on plan and also a good card, you will gain a small amount from having that synergy that you can use. It's not enough to justify playing bad cards for, but it will turn an already good card into a really good one. As I'll explain shortly, you shouldn't add a bad card to a deck just because it has a meaningful synergy with another card - so you want to find a one drop that does something "real" to your gameplan normally, that can also eat -1/-1 counters when you need to go "off plan". It might be no such creature exists.

-when you said, "Discarding to Noose Constrictor is simply not good enough without a pay-off", my intention was to pair it with Archfiend in order to use its ability at no cost. Is this still not good enough? Archfiend is the center of my deck.

You can only ever run four Archfiends, and they only come out on turn 5. On turns 2-4, your Noose Constrictor's discards are not good. If the Archfiend gets killed on the turn you play it, it's not good. If you never draw Archfiend, it's not good. They also don't stack well in multiples.

The end result? The ability is not good most of the time. You ~~can't~~ shouldn't run a card purely because it interacts with one card in your deck well - synergies need to permeate through a deck so that different combinations of cards work well. Try and use as much of the card as possible - that might mean building more around the discard theme of the Constrictor (e.g. adding madness or embalm cards, having other powerful synergies that key off discard, or having other cards that want to be in the graveyard, such as Aftermath cards), but ultimately, you should try and weave a web of interconnected pieces when you build a deck, rather than just drawing lines between individual cards and hoping it's enough - that is only enough when the cards are strong enough to stand on their own (and Noose Constrictor is not good enough on its own). The other alternative would be to remove Noose Constrictor if you can't find other ways to make its discard ability relevant.

Also, I thought that my manabase depended on the different colours of mana in my deck. I.E. more black mana means more black land. I haven't actually finished the deck yet, it's still not 100% so I am planning on using the land calculator from "played the game", to figure out land ratios.

Your manabase has very little to do with the quantity of cards in a deck (you use this when you have imperfect mana and want to make the best of a bad situation - e.g. in limited), but in Constructed you ought to try and optimize - that means ensuring that you hit your coloured land drops very reliably.

If you play Grasp of Darkness and want to cast it on turn 2, that means playing 20 black sources (cantrips with card selection and similar effects can reduce this). If you play fewer than 20 black sources (which achieves a 90% probability of casting it - a simple hypergeometric distribution will allow you to calculate such probabilities. You can find them for free online), you lower the effectiveness of the card by reducing the amount you can cast it noticeably. You should never compromise on your manabase for cards you will want to cast on-curve (and removal often needs to be cast on curve in this metagame). If the opponent plays Heart of Kiran on turn 2 and you are on the draw, you will need two black mana on turn 2 to avoid losing too much tempo.

BonVoyYawg on Bontucrats

2 weeks ago

I've been testing Toolcraft Exemplar and Angel of Invention and I'm definitely happy with the former taking the spot of Sacred Cat which is sad, but turn 2 attacking with 3/2 is the kind of aggro I think is going to be needed to maintain the upper hand. My ideal 3 turns are:

Rhadamanthus on Animation Module and Toolcraft

1 month ago

No, Animation Module doesn't interact with Toolcraft Exemplar. A +/- effect only uses counters if it specifically says it does, and that isn't how the Exemplar works. It just gives itself a temporary +2/+1 buff that wears off at the end of the turn.

Let me know if I missed something, or if I didn't understand your question properly (specifically: I'm not sure if you were asking about some other interaction that involves Metallic Mimic).

Cool_Cat on Animation Module and Toolcraft

1 month ago

Hello, I have a quick question regarding how a certain combo would work. Say I had played Metallic Mimic, Animation Module, and Toolcraft Exemplar out on the last turn. There is no doubt that toolcraft will get his +2 +1 for my controlling an artifact at the beginning of combat, but my question is, will it trigger the modules ability since a creature did get one or more counters? Any answers would be great help. I don't want to try to use an interaction that does not exist against friends, and I for sure don't want to use it in a competitive format. Thank you so much for reading and responding

filthyc4sual on Blue/White Vehicles

1 month ago

Instead of Caught in the Brights, use Declaration in Stone or Cast Out.

I think you should cut Pressure Point for Censor. Pressure Point can be annoying, but it normally doesn't end up doing much.

You should also cut Ovalchase Dragster for Toolcraft Exemplar. You aren't going to be able to crew your vehicles consistently right now.

I would cut Saheeli's Artistry for Skysovereign, Consul Flagship or Archangel Avacyn  Flip.

To get better mana, cut some basics and Meandering River for Port Town and Irrigated Farmland

I'm sorry if these suggestions are over your budget, but I couldn't find one.

Argy on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

1 month ago

Once you attach Siege Modification to a Vehicle you lose the one big advantage that Vehicles have, which is they are difficult to remove with Sorceries.

As mentioned above, Fatal Push will kill them, but with the Modification Declaration in Stone will Exile them.

There are also spells that are problems for Artifacts now. Chiefly Dissenter's Deliverance, and Forsake the Wordly. A lot of Sideboards pack these against the Temur Marvel decks.

Fling would get around some of these problems but you would want at least four copies.

I think there is a deck that can win with Consulate Dreadnought, but I think it is a deck that packs counter spells.

Oh, and as pointed out above, Toolcraft Exemplar would allow you much more chance of Crewing your big Creature, as opposed to Thraben Inspector. The one draw it gives you is not really a good enough trade off.

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