Eldrazi Devastator


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Common

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Eldrazi Devastator

Creature — Eldrazi


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Eldrazi Devastator Discussion

lagotripha on The Barber

1 month ago

So, modern. For casual play modern is pretty much anything goes, but when playing competitively the game is decided by turns 3/4. This means that the majority of spells are as low cost as possible, intended to remove your opponents threats Path to Exile Be a threat itself Lingering Souls or help stall that decision until later turns where something larger can defeat your opponent Remand into Supreme Verdict, for example.

There are four common archetypes- aggro (kill your opponent as quicly as possible playing fast efficient creatures and spells like Lightning Bolt or Goblin Guide with just enough protection to make sure they hit your opponent for that final bit of damage, Midrange which aims to trade 1 card for one card in the first few turns to prevent damage then cast efficient mid-cost creatures in the 3/4/5 slots to win the game Siege Rhino/Thoughtseize style, combo where if you can get the peices onto the battlefield with enough to protect them you just abruptly win (usually turns 4/5/6) eg Melira, Sylvok Outcast/Kitchen Finksetc, and control which is almost all spells to screw over your opponent with a couple of cards that eventually deal enough damage to win, Supreme Verdict/Celestial Colonnade.

I've listed the kind of cards that are the most archetypal examples, but the variation within these strategies permits for an astounding variety of viable decks at every price and in every colour. Certainly most won't win major tournaments, but they can win your local FNM.

This deck is kinda split down the middle in terms of what it wants to be, running high cost combo or control threats like Foundry Champion or Eldrazi Devastator Warstorm Surge and Assemble the Legion, aggro tools like Boros Swiftblade and midrange tools like Gideon's Avenger.

I'd reccomend making this a creature based control deck based around cards like Nearheath Pilgrim, Boros Reckoner, Spitemare, Lightning Bolt, Flame Slash/Roast instead of shock and some bigger spells, aiming to stall the game with infinite life to resolve an Assemble the Legion or Foundry Champion (which oddly can dodge a lot of removal at the moment if you have mana. Weird). The rest of the deck should be dedicated to resisting your opponent 1-shotting you and removing growing threats. Condemn or Oust is cheap, and if you aren't planning on killing your opponent quickly the drawback is minimal (and screws over Death's Shadow). Legion's Initiative provides some combo protection, and should be retained, but Gleam of Battle and Brave the Sands can be replaced with tools to help . Ready / Willing, Ephemeral Shields, Ajani's Presence and Valorous Stance are all good options to enable the combo. With your sideboard it looks like you're trying to transform into aggro, if so look at threats like Keldon Marauders, Monastery Swiftspear, Skullcrack etc. You'll still want a Shattering Spree or similar artifact/enchantment removal in your sideboard for people playing Ensnaring Bridge, affinity (Batterskull decks) and if you're unlucky hexproof with Worship.

All told, good luck, happy testing and have fun.

Errast on Reanimator Control (Don't Ask)

3 months ago

I agree with Lordeh on the need for more strong reanimator targets in this deck. Although the gearhulks are your best options, there are a lot of huge beaters in Battle for Zendikar that may peak your interest for mere pennies.

Stuff like;- Bane of Bala Ged- Eldrazi Devastator- Breaker of Armies- Void Winnower- Plated Crusher- Demon of Dark Schemes

Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with this deck, and I hope you'll consider some of these suggestions.

HalfaCatfish on 1,... 2,... 3,... Tron. (Pauper mono green tron)

3 months ago

Rogue_Titan thanks for the suggestion, I like Eldrazi Devastator because it can block unlike Ulamog's Crusher and he has trample. I'm actually running him in another pauper ramp like deck. I may add him.

Rogue_Titan on 1,... 2,... 3,... Tron. (Pauper mono green tron)

3 months ago

I was going to suggest Bane of Bala Ged because he essentially has annhilator 2, but unfortunately he is uncommon. Maybe some Eldrazi Devastator?

Eilel on [NEED HELP] Green Eldrazi Ramp

4 months ago

I'd recommend removing Tangle Golem, replace him with Eldrazi Devastator if you want trample or Hand of Emrakul for alternate casting cost.

jandrobard on So I Went EDH Pauper!

4 months ago

Though it does lack certain things like wraths or beatsticks (the highest base P/T creature is Eldrazi Devastator clocking in at 8/9, and only 5 other creatures with both power and toughness of over 6) pauper EDH does have its charms, and it has a huge variety of playable commanders.

Cagar on Blue & Red pellecontrol

4 months ago

@Lord_KhaineI guess it's my fault for not giving a proper description.It's my first deck, made from a big library of cheap cards and some boosters.It's supposed to be a.. semi-control deck.

Basically, it's:-Some low cost creatures in the early game, letting the enemy do the same-To clear the board from the early game enemy creatures, Seismic Rupture, Pillar of Flame, Skin Invasion  Flip, and if the need be, Valakut Invokers.

-Then start counterspelling from mid onwards to prevent enemy's big creatures -Or if I get Switcheroo or Mind Control, let one big creature in and trade it for my early game low cost creature that hopefully still exists

-Win the endgame by having battlefield advantage thanks to counterspells

TLDR:Play normal early game with low cost creatures with the opponent, then try to destroy the early game stuff for my own advantage and counterspell, and win the game by turning your low costs with Hour of Need, Sphinx of Magosis, Eldrazi Devastator, Sorin, Grim Nemesis stolen enemy creatures.. and so on...

It has worked fairly well against my friends Delirium, lifegain ally, and Timmy/ramp green decks.I've been trying to balance this so that it's equally good against different types of decks, but aggro is still a big problem... I need better straight up damaging spells against that, I think.

But keep in mind that I'm someone who's just getting into the hobby and I have limited cards, but so do my opponents and this has worked extremely well. I haven't noticed any glaring problems, except that I feel like I wouldn't be able to handle proper aggro.

HalfaCatfish on Not just your average pauper elves

4 months ago

Thanks Wonky.wombat., but I've considered that option, because Ulamog's Crusher is better, although I really like to have trample on a big creature, and Eldrazi Devastator can also block unlike Ulamog's Crusher

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