Benalish Marshal


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Game Night (GNT) Rare
Dominaria (DOM) Rare

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Benalish Marshal

Creature — Human Knight

Other creatures you control get +1/+1.

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Benalish Marshal Discussion

Wizardhat91 on Casual Mono White Humans Help

6 days ago

Indeed, the buff from Benalish Marshal or Honor of the Pure are state-based effects, so it applies to creatures before you get Mentor's trigger, so playing Imposing Sovereign with Mentor and HotP out, you would not get the draw. In contrast, if you had on the battlefield a Mentor and HotP and then cast Kazandu Blademaster, you would have a 1/1 on the stack that becomes a 2/2 as it enters the battlefield and two triggers at once, and I think it goes that you put them onto the stack in the reverse of the order you want them resolved. Then you pay 1 to draw a card, then you put a +1/+1 counter on it to make it 3/3.

My opinion on this is that Mentor of the Meek generally doesn't play well with state-based buff effects and creatures with 2 power, so it presents a question of quality vs. quantity, where Marshal represents quality and Mentor represents quantity. Of course, you get great value out of anthem effects with a large quantity of creatures under your control already, so I think the essential thing is that Mentor loses most of its value if it lands after your anthems, but not vice versa. I think the most straightforward thing to do is either play a bunch of one drops and then Honor of the Pure or WW two drops and then Light from Within. I run Marshal for either of those. Mentor is a new take for me.

I'm no expert but I think people would tell you a 1-of Vial is a bad idea, because the real deal is having one in your opening hand, which is a point of conflict any way you look at it because even with 4 of them you have just a 40% chance of seeing one in your opening seven (you have a 12% chance to see a 1-of in your opening seven). And you don't exactly want to mulligan after it, because then you stand to lose a critical mass of bodies that makes white aggro what it is (an issue to me if you have multiple vials in your first ten cards).

That's concerning the lack of card advantage that's typical of white weenie. If I owned an Aether Vial, I would totally put it in a creature deck, but my thought is that it's a terrible top deck if my hand is empty, but a fine top deck if I have creatures in hand or card advantage to abuse the vial. I think any number of vials would only help a deck with 4 Thraben Inspector and 4 Mentor of the Meek as a starting point. But you know. The best way to take advice is to smile and nod, then do it however you like :) And testing, if you have the chance, beats theorizing.

GoblinsBeatElves on Casual Mono White Humans Help

1 week ago

Thanks so much for be input, Wizardhat91!

Your last point brings up a good question: Does the buff from Benalish Marshal apply when the creature enters the battlefield? If so, Mentor of the Meek doesn’t work on very many of my creatures with Marshal out, and I might want to replace Mentor with something else.

I have already considered most of those first few cards you suggested, but I hadn’t heard of Militia Bugler yet. That might be worthy of consideration. Those bottom card lands might have to wait until I get a chance to upgrade the deck, as it’s already sitting at about $70, which is around my maximum price for most decks.

Your deck looks pretty neat, Good job on that. I like the idea of soldier tribal. I might try to make my own soldier tribal deck. Speaking of Aether Vial, what’s your opinion of including it in my deck? I actually own one copy in real life, so I’m wondering if it would be good or not in here.

Wizardhat91 on Casual Mono White Humans Help

1 week ago

The list looks pretty utilitarian and I'm liking it. Some humans I'll put to your consideration on the chance you may not have considered them are Accorder Paladin, Precinct Captain, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Militia Bugler, and a few that sit in the blurred line of budget-friendly: Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip, Hero of Bladehold and Mikaeus, the Lunarch.

I built a soldiers tribal with mostly humans, it's not budget so it's just a theoretical build for me (I don't actually own Aether Vial or a number of the others). This is it if you're interested.

My version very much thrives on the CA provided by Mentor of the Meek so it doesn't use Honor of the Pure or Benalish Marshal, as they turn off the card draw from 2-power creatures. It's tricky but I was trying to minimize internal friction and maximize potential at the same time. Perhaps it's still better to include a couple of Anthem effects regardless.

Ceru99 on Abzan Knights

1 week ago

I run Benalish Marshal and Steel Leaf Champion and get them out on turn 3 consistently.

Ceru99 on Abzan Knights

1 week ago

So I like the deck list, I built my friend something pretty similar, but why no Benalish Marshal?

multimedia on Emmara Convoke Deck

1 week ago

Hey, I'm a big fan of Emmara, but she needs a lot of help to build a deck around. Been playing her since Guilds was in Standard with Elves. You want a lot of cards with convoke or ways to tap/pump Emmara so she can successfully attack. Conclave Tribunal is one of the best cards with her. Consider more Tribunal? 4x Tribunal is recommended for any deck using convoke as the main strategy.

Consider Song of Freyalise? I played it for a while and it's good with Emmara as a way to tap her to make a Solider as well as mana. Song's also good with Trostani and March as these cards make tokens which makes Song better. Being able to ramp into Trostani with tokens is very good. You can convoke March end of opponent's turn before your turn where you'll chapter three sac Song this can can make a powerful army of 2/2 indestructible Soliders with lifelink/trample/vigilance. Song can also help with the less than ideal budget manabase situation.

Consider more Saproling Migration? Other than Emmara, Migration is your second best turn two play, getting two Sap tokens early is great with convoke. Having only one consistent turn two play is not enough for early game plays. More Migration can also make Song better.

Here's some suggested cards to cut. Benalish Marshal is a good card with tokens, but I wouldn't play it in a deck with 10x Forests :) Marshal is a creature you play in a mono white deck or two color deck only splashing the second color with lots of dual lands. 1x Pelt Collector is not doing much unless you can play it turn one which consistently will not happen with only copy. Same can be said about 1x Flower / Flourish, not impactful enough to play one copy. I'm not a fan of Shanna, Sisay's Legacy. 2x Luminous Bonds can be replaced by 2x more Tribunal as Tribunal has much more synergy with Emmara and tokens.

After all my suggestions consider cutting 2x Marshal for 2x more Migration, cutting 2x Bonds for 2x more Tribunal, cutting 1x Collector, 1x Flower and 1x Shanna for 3x Song of Freyalise?

Good luck with your deck.

fettywapmtg on MonoWaggro

2 weeks ago

good concept but a little greedy with the bombs, particularly short in the 2-drop area. This deck is not the aggro it claims to be, or you would be running Adanto Vanguard. Honestly 10 2-mana spells should be good in the mainboard, so I'd go 4 KOG, 4 Adanto, and 2 Honor Guard (as well as 2 honor guard in SB). Those 2 field of ruins in the sideboard may as well be right in the mainboard (22 plains is plenty for Benalish Marshal to be cast on curve). You've need room for Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants anyway.

Dawn of Hope definitely belongs here as well, at least in the sideboard. Drawing a card here and there at your own pace is a great solution to your deck's clear vulnerability to running out of gas. The Immortal Sun works there too, which you totally safely include include at your current manabase. Check out my deck here, which mainboards both: Fountain of Hope

Fountain of Hope

Standard fettywapmtg


tdmurrell on B/W Knights

3 weeks ago

Pulled out the Benalish Marshal and put in the Midnight Reapers, I'll try them out, bc it definitely will be easier on the mana. Also swapped my 2 Cast Downs for 2 Vanquisher's Banners. So I can still get my pump on.

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