Bond of Insight


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Uncommon

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Bond of Insight


Each player puts the top four cards of their library into their graveyard. Return up to two instant and/or sorcery cards from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Bond of Insight.

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Bond of Insight Discussion

BMHKain on Mana Identiy Color Personality Traits ...

3 weeks ago

Izzet League + Selesnya Conclave = No.

Gruul Clans + Orzhov Syndicate = No.

Azorius Senate + Golgari Swarm = No.

Boros Legion + House of Dimir = No.

Simic Combine + Cult of Rakdos = No.

After the hell on earth w/ such stupidity about this topic in the past, I still wondered if 2 Guilds of Ravnica w/ entirely different colors can co-exist w/ one another. But that's not the only reason I'm making this thread here. I wanted to know every Color Combination, & their traits, personalities, basically anything that makes them who they are. Before I get to even the first part of this topic, I'm getting over the 2nd so my personal struggle can be focused on their own.

Here are the color combos I wanted to know their traits, personalities, Pros/Cons, etc. This is because I wanted to do some actual video content on Youtube someday aside from gameplay recording on my crap PC:

Mono Color:

: Peace, law, structured, selflessness, equality

: Knowledge, deceit, cautious, deliberate, perfecting

: Power, self-interest, death, sacrifice, uninhibited

: Freedom, emotion, active, impulsive, destructive

: Nature, wildlife, connected, spiritual, tradition

: Nihilistic, Devouring, Unnatural, Annihilative, Incomprehensible

: N/A (Even with Arcum's Astrolabe , & Icehide Golem having this as part of their color identity, it can be simply comparable to any Mono-Color & eve ; as their collaborative effort is merely there as any Permanent of this type can be used as a resource; thus why this has Zilch Traits of Any Kind.)

: Thoughtfulness, Emotionless, Perceptive, Order, (Some word meaning "To force its Rules & Ways upon all those around them."), Progress (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: Nonconformity, Revisionary, Enigmatic, (Some word that Also uses Omniscience & Omnipotence in the same Definition), Deceptive, Domination (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: (Some term meaning "To care less about the needs of the group."), Self-Cautiousness, Misery, Anarchy, Hedonistic, Self-Indulgent (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: Savage, Immediate, (Some word that means: "They figure out what they want (albeit in different ways)"), Unpredictability, Brutality, Impulse (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: Community, Religion, Supportive, Morality, Importance, Unity (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: (Cycle of Life in one Word.), (Some term about Reanimation of the Dead, but a Personality Trait.), Empowerment, Adversity, Ruthlessness, Resilience (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: Improvisation, Driven, (Whatever one word describes: A word that describes "Those who would die for their cause.") (Whatever One Word for Military Pride.), Conviction (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: Evolution, Facilitation, Change, Adaptation, Observation, Curiosity (Still working on keeping it to 5 terms; unsure what to remove...)

: Oblation, Genocide, Spiritual, (Tough Love in one word, please...), Hierarchy

: Passion, Creativity, Thought, (Some word that combines both Knowledge & Freedom.), Trickery


: Cunning, Manipulative, Enduring, WIP









: Has an utter disregard for consequences. Its actions are direct and destructive, but it still can create and carry out a plan--spies, assassinations, rabble-rousing, and spreading anarchy all need patience and preparation. It just doesn't care at all who or what gets blown up, sent to another dimension, or turned inside out and upside down as a result of its plan, as long as it comes out on top. It's more about complete domination than mindless destruction. Sometimes has an Outlandish imagination.

: Can be, if not welcoming, at least tolerant of others. It definitely believes in strength by force and might makes right, but it also believes in expansion. If you're willing to work with, or at least stay out of its way, you're good.

: Enthusiastic, hope, joie de vivre, and collaboration. It spreads the wealth and love in good times and is the first to offer help in bad times. It will sometimes be a little shortsighted and trusting.

: Growth with purpose. It has a goal, Anything that doesn't contribute to that goal in question is ignored or removed.

: Are problem-solvers and methodical. It finds and applies unconventional answers to problems, and keeps those solutions available for future use, although it can occasionally overlook or reject the simplest answer.

Alternate ideas:

: These are a collective of knights and warriors banding together under a king. Rather than valuing freedom, they value loyalty. Honor and dignity is important to them, regardless of how they do so. They'll fight honorably, but won't shy away from dirty tactics or odd strategy when it comes down to it.

: A group of alchemists, wizards, etc. Their view of the world is that through new innovation, anything is possible. They value wisdom, results, and above all, resourcefulness. However, they shy away from growth and nature as a whole.

: A group of necromancer's, dark wizards, and other devilish beings, this group believes the ends justify any means. Not necessarily immoral, more amoral. The largest running ideology throughout the group is not that it should be harm for harms sake, but harm to ensure that what must be done will be done and that freedom to do so, by any means necessary, is an absolute need for an individuals growth.

: A group of warriors, dragons and others who believe that society is not necessarily the most important thing. While they are hierarchical, it's not necessarily smarts or lifestyle that decides whether someone should be the leader, but rather a combination of strength, victories in battle and how much gold someone can collect for the dragon overlords. They believe that sacrifice is also extremely important for success and are willing to part ways with anything they feel is not healthy.

: The elves, spirits, and shamans who believe that nature is their greatest Ally. They'll do anything if they believe it'll benefit the whole more than just themselves. In addition, they look down on those who use laws, knowledge or other methods to gain power. This isn't saying that they don't believe in aiding others through violent means, but that their whole philosophy is that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

More Alts...

: the knights value honor, loyalty. They also value heroism and belief a great honor is dueling. Whether it's backing their king in a duel or a fellow Knight, they'll support the Knight in the duel- even to an unfair advantage. Mechanically, they also like armoring up to fight against battles, and will build themselves up. Hence, I used exalted. Also red is the least likely to not attack with everything they have to win.

: they believe in any good thing being done twice, even if it's reckless to do that. So they'll attempt everything twice. Also their high emphasis on magic means lots of noncreature spells. For this, I decided on using rebound as the mechanic. Similarly, green rarely cares about instant and sorcery spells at all.

: willing to use sacrifice or anything they can to gain their means, this is more of a graveyard strategy. Additionally, they'll also use tons of vile magic to get ahead. Hence, I used gravestorm. White will rarely cares about what goes into a graveyard unless it's a vengeance for its own losses as well or preventing the use of them.

: since there is such a strong emphasis on strength, and a hiearchical one at that, this can be described at best as the true stompy group. Additionally, since they don't care about the weaker, they'll use them to their advantage. Hence, I decided on devour. Blue will rarely barely about sacrificing creatures, and while white doesn't care about it as much, it does often rely on +1/+1 counters to build.

: they respect nature, and often work as a power house in terms of building armies and doing things that benefit the whole of the group. Between their decision to battle using nature and their emphasis that whatever is good for the group is good for them, it becomes apparent that they'll also attempt to win by having huge resources and build their army. Hence I used the mechanic landfall. Unless it's a swamp, black rarely cares about lands, and even then rarely cares if a land enters the battlefield.

Possible Personality Traits:

: Carelessness, Diabolical, Supremacy, Amorality, WIP

: Expansive,

: Enthusiastic, Hopeful, Collaborative, Optimistic, Joyful

: Loyalty, Honorable, Heroic, Dignity, Respected

: Methodical, Discerning, Innovative, Resourceful, (Some one Word defined as: Doing something twice, or maybe just take apart & rebuild it the way it was.) WIP

Credit for the Eldraine-themed 4 Color Perspective goes to dbpunk. Not bad, man...

& : Generalist, Philosophical, Balanced, Divine, (WIP)

Personality Traits for 4-Color Identities are credited by legendofa; though I might need some more simplification on exactly 5 traits if you don't mind; I'm not original enough to use only one trait once. :/


I'd like as much information as I can get for all there colors in terms of representation, meaning, & beliefs.

I'm doing a continuation here as my impatience got the best of me, & snapped. So based on such a topic as 4 color Alliances of two entirely different guilds, both in color, & purpose. What you may have noticed is that one color is missing from all 5 Guild duos that hate each other the most. In spite of that, maybe we can incorporate that missing color, & make the situation at least a little better. So let's start w/ what we know:

Izzet League & Selesnya Conclave Lack

Gruul Clans & Orzhov Syndicate Lack

Azorius Senate & Golgari Swarm lack

Boros Legion & House of Dimir Lack .

Simic Combine & Cult of Rakdos Lack .

Those colors would make both enemy guilds have at least a minor alliance; so here's an idea that will (NOT) work; just incorporate those colors, & see who better matches up w/ who. This means:

Izzet League w/ (REDACTED; Both allies are rejected. Terminating Program.)

One Guild was left behind; Golgari Swarm If anyone wants to pick this up, just do your research on the 4-Color 2 Guild Alliances. This is your homework, aside from the obvious already mentioned elsewhere:

1: Azorius Senate:

*Orzhov: "Their financial-regulation lobbyists are an important source of revenue for us, but of course we maintain absolute objectivity. Their customs are macabre and their methods draconian, but as long as they operate within the law, it's not our concern." (Allies via Bond of Discipline .)

*Dimir: "Our nemesis. Outwardly, we must continue to deny their existence, even if the rest of Ravnica does not. Privately, we must thwart them at every turn and stop their operations in infancy when possible. No other guild threatens us so directly."

*Izzet: "A valuable asset. The Izzet League is like a secondary Lyev Column, carrying out enactments in ways the Senate cannot. They also probe the limitations of our laws in interesting, non-malicious ways."

*Rakdos: "These poor souls are beyond help. The best we can do is prevent their overreach and to help their victims. The day will come when society at large finds them to be superfluous."

*Golgari: "We understand the Swarm least of all guilds. They serve an indispensable purpose and yet share not one iota of ideology with us. Our policy is one of cautious détente, but we would like to understand better the rules with which they self-govern." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Gruul: "Our greatest challenge and greatest opportunity. When order takes hold in Gruul lands, the unguilded there become the strongest evangelists for the rule of law. We must never allow Gruul holdings to lay fallow."

*Boros: "When we have the ear of the Legion, they are instrumental in executing operations that the Senate cannot or will not undertake. When the Legion becomes the tool of another guild, we have no greater enemy."

*Selesnya: "The Conclave generally obeys the law and keeps to itself. In time it could become a threat, but for now it is harmless—if not an ally."

*Simic: "This new manifestation of the Combine must be watched closely. We admire its rigor but cannot allow savage, anarchic wilderness too great a berth." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

2: Orzhov Syndicate:

*Azorius: "They worship process more than purpose. But we admire their devotion to strict order; it is the first brick in building an empire." (Allies via Bond of Discipline .)

*Dimir: "The Dimir are our mirror in some ways, and therefore a threat to all we attempt to create. We must see them join our hierarchy or see them destroyed."

*Izzet: "Excited children who have lost their way. They could be useful pawns if they got a lesson in loyalty."

*Rakdos: "A danger to themselves and others. A threat to longevity and wealth. They must be controlled."

*Golgari: "Death is not the end; on this we agree. But bugs and fungus do not an empire make. They are like us without hygiene, wealth, or self-respect."

*Gruul: "The Gruul are a cautionary tale. They are what become of every culture without strong leadership." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Boros: "The Boros are limited in their vision but useful in their willingness to execute. Their passions are the strings by which they may be played."

*Selesnya: "They share our vision for a unified world, but their dryads would sacrifice valuable institutions at the false altar of nature." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

*Simic: "Their roots reach deep into history. But if their interest stops at extending life, they're missing at least half the story."

3: House of Dimir:

*Azorius: "What a waste of knowledge's true power. Let them shuffle their papers some more."

*Orzhov: "Their ostentatious structures are a façade for their rotten, tiny minds."

*Izzet: "They are true seekers of knowledge, but their tools are chaotic and lacking in direction." (Allies via Bond of Insight .)

*Rakdos: "Their flesh is willing but their minds are weak." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

*Golgari: "Take our corpses and our trash, and don't forget to take your stink with you."

*Gruul: "Whenever we need a riot, a scapegoat, or both, the Gruul are always so doltishly accommodating."

*Boros: "Anything so predictable can be destroyed or altered with a minimum of forethought." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Selesnya: "As soon as we can infiltrate the Worldsoul, they will serve us as no other guild could."

*Simic: "Their minds are alien but their inquisitiveness intrigues us. We must find a way in."

4: Izzet League

*Azorius: "The Azorius freely create rules for everything but freedom."

*Orzhov: "Progress means taking risks. But when you gamble with the Orzhov, you always wager more than coin."

*Dimir: "The less we see of the Dimir, the more we know they monitor us." (Allies via Bond of Insight .)

*Rakdos: "Steer clear of these senseless riot-fiends. The Rakdos are like a party to which all of your body parts might not be invited."

*Golgari: "They are as bottomless as death. If you follow an ant long enough you will find its nest, but the nest is only the tiniest hint of the colony that lies below."

*Gruul: "Thanks to the Gruul we no longer have to wait for natural disasters to have our laboratories destroyed. We rely on our careful protections from them, or else they would destroy all that we would hope to create."

*Boros: "Every time I'm on the verge of creating a little explosion that levels a city block, or a spell that rips a hole in reality and space time, the Boros show up to spoil the fun." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

*Selesnya: "Selesnyan zealots run with dogs and worship figments of the past. They would be wiser to embrace the wonders of the future." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Simic: "I can admire the inventiveness of the Simic, but the product of what they create lacks soul and fire. They feign to tinker with life, yet they lack the inspiration to breathe true life into their inventions."

5: Cult of Rakdos:

*Azorius: "How do you make an Azorius dance? Rip out his spine and make him into a marionette."

*Orzhov: "The only thing worse than a bunch of rules is a bunch of idiots with the power to force those rules on others. Power to Rakdos!"

*Dimir: "Not afraid to get their hands dirty, but they need to learn to enjoy life more." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

*Izzet: "Too stuffy, but making bigger and better explosions is a reasonable way to spend your time."

*Golgari: "Anything that spends so much time around fungus should be put out of its misery." (Allies via Bond of Revival .)

*Gruul: "Our poor, stupid cousins. There's more to life than scraps of leather and hunks of flesh. Or at least, more fun things than they use them for."

*Boros: "The only thing angels are good for is target practice."

*Selesnya: "Pampered dryads pretending to be selfless puts Rakdos in a very killing mood."

*Simic: "Freaky brainiacs that mess with nature for all the wrong reasons." (Biggest Enemy.)

6: Golgari Swarm

*Azorius: "To the Azorius, we are background processes. We are stomach sounds and effluvia. Yet we are the foundation on which their power rests." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Orzhov: "The Orzhov are despicable ghosts, always seeking to circumvent the cycles that welcome us back to the loam. Their arrogance in seeking power over decay can only last so long."

*Dimir: "The Dimir share our tunnels and mine our secrets. They believe they rule the undercity, but they only rule those who care for possessions or status."

*Izzet: "The Izzet's methods stink of societal progress; they're ignorant of the cycles they destroy. But they manage the city as we do, providing useful magics to maintain the structures beneath the structures."

*Rakdos: "The Rakdos understand the proximity of death, but seek to hasten its cycle for petty ends. What the demon destroys, we nurture back to life again." (Allies via Bond of Revival .)

*Gruul: "The Gruul are our brethren in the untamed wilds of the city, but they lack the vision to perceive the greater cycles at work." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

*Boros: "The Boros speak a language we will never understand. Their militant dedication to words and slogans confuses and disturbs us."

*Selesnya: "The Selesnya strive to respect nature as we do, and their devotion to living systems is commendable. But they are night-blind necrophobes, useless in the face of unvarnished death."

*Simic: "The Simic have spent generations scraping at the edges of a truth that is plain to any worm."

7: Gruul Clans

*Azorius: "Our world is diseased and the Azorius are the plaguebearers. Once they are destroyed, Ravnica will regain its primal essence."

*Orzhov: "A guild of ghosts and liars. Best not to have pockets for them to pick." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Dimir: "Weaklings clad in menacing shadow. Hold the Dimir up to the light and you'll see them for the pale, scrawny wretches they truly are."

*Izzet: "While the Izzet fiddle with their theories and cower at the feet of a dragon, the strong carve up the world."

*Rakdos: "The Rakdos know fear is power. They hold no power over the Gruul."

*Golgari: "The Golgari know that to tear down this city, you start at the foundation. But their hearts have been deceived by whispers of power." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

*Boros: "We respect the Boros! So their heads adorn our pikes instead of plugging the gutters." (Allies via Bond of Passion .)

*Selesnya: "A Selesnyan would coddle a wolf, teach it to fetch sticks, and call it a dog. We prefer to starve the wolf, let it hunt for its food, and make a stronger wolf."

*Simic: "The Simic enjoy twisting nature, but they will not enjoy it when nature twists back."

8: Boros Legion:

Azorius: "Legalistic, arrogant pontificators who use law as a weapon to wield power they don't deserve."

Orzhov: "Selfish pretenders with no sense of justice or righteousness."

Dimir: "Immoral snakes who need to be exterminated for the good of the community." (Biggest Enemy.)

Izzet: "As long as their spellcraft is controlled, it can be beneficial to society." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

Rakdos: "Immoral rats who need to be exterminated for the good of the community."

Golgari: "An unfortunate guild that serves a necessary function for the good of all."

Gruul: "Lost souls who haven't been exposed to true righteousness but will embrace Boros ideals if provided the right opportunity." (Allies via Bond of Passion .)

Selesnya: "While their devotion to their community is noble, they are mistaken about what a perfect society should look like."

Simic: "A wasteful guild preoccupied with arcane, meaningless experimentation."

9: Selesnya Conclave:

*Azorius: "One day, they will free their minds from foolish, external laws and learn to obey the voice of the Conclave."

*Orzhov: "They are lost in a lifeless prison of their own individual ambitions." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze .)

*Dimir: "A ghastly horde of disconnected murderers who never fully tasted life's true gifts."

*Izzet: "Tinkerers and meddlers under the control of one oppressive ego. Doomed for failure." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Rakdos: "Until they submit, they must be contained."

*Golgari: "These rot-grovelers could stand to learn more from our ways instead of mucking about with their bugs and death."

*Gruul: "Such a waste… and a smelly, unreasonable, destructive waste at that."

*Boros: "They shall tire of their fighting and, when they do, the gentle embrace of Selesnya will be waiting."

*Simic: "Warpers of life and nature whose downfall will be their lack of community and compassion." (Allies via Bond of Flourishing .)

10: Simic Combine:

*Azorius: "The Senate is well intentioned and far-sighted. But its insistence on caution and control paralyzes it. This is unfortunate, because the surface world needs its leadership, even if we do not." (Allied with them during Dragon's Maze

*Orzhov: "No other guild poses so great a threat to us and our mission. The Orzhov replace intellect with obedience and strength with money. They are the greatest enemies of nature and Ravnica's people."

*Dimir: "Such a disappointing waste of knowledge and insight. They do nothing but transform information into a currency with which to buy power and privilege. In time, life will conquer their deathly, shallow machinations."

*Izzet: "Their efforts are to be admired and learned from, but their disregard for natural systems reveals the short-sightedness of their thinking. Life will in time devise smarter solutions than the Izzet could ever concoct."

*Rakdos: "We must strive not to understand them, but to understand why they are allowed to persist—what needs they fulfill for the citizenry. In the meantime, treat them as rabid animals. Keep your distance." (Biggest Enemy.)

*Golgari: "If they desired allies, we would be their closest. But they focus too much on the viciousness of natural cycles, even turning against their own. They have no patience for anything that doesn't yield power."

*Gruul: "Their base desires keep them at the fringes. Our patient, measured adaptation will prevent us from suffering the same fate. When they come to us for aid, we will not turn them away."

*Boros: "A dangerous combination of emotion and organization. Whether acting of their own accord or under the influence of an external force, the Legion turns its fears and desires into effective aggression."

*Selesnya: "The Conclave understands holism but impedes progress with a layer of mysticism. We admire their collectivism but not their dogmatism. We strive to retain specialization rather than suppressing it." (Allies via Bond of Flourishing .)

I'll finish this in due time. For now, I've somethings to cut... All 90 Quotes from all 10 Guilds have been added; all of Which I obtained from The Planeswalker's Guide to (Return to RAVNICA Block), so at least I have evidence this time. The result in the end? All ten guilds would have to have different 4 color identities, two guilds that are the least of enemies, but have to work together w/ many common foes. Keep this in mind & To Heart.

This is how it will work: Each of the 5 Bonds of WAR will each have alliances of other kinds, & as much enemies. The goal of this is to work with the Bonds, & compare them to other bonds & see if it's still possible to do a 4c Double Guild Alliance outside their respective Bond. But I'll do this another time, so...

WIP (For now..)

But I still have questions like last time:

What are all the personality traits for all color combos (Unless you can't find any for Snow Mana.)

All that set, I think it's time to end a debate, & inspire the ideas for a Logo of mine...

Now Part 2 Begins...

dingusdingo on Best commander for ug high ...

1 month ago

Prime Speaker Vannifar can grab Spellseeker at X=3 to fetch High Tide from the command zone. Any creatures you add in the deck can serve as toolbox answers/support for your high tide. Rashmi does seem like the best choice overall though, that card advantage will keep you going!

Also, some slept on cards for high tide that you may find interesting regardless of what commander you choose Early Harvest Bond of Insight Turnabout Heartbeat of Spring Flood of Recollection Mission Briefing

BMHKain on Since I can't access the ...

1 month ago



Since I'm the only one who even gives a care here anymore, I guess I could sum up the 4 Color Guild Alliances.

First: Azorius Senate : They have an Alliance with the Orzhov Syndicate via Bond of Discipline , and are somewhat like allies with the Simic Combine via Beck / Call . In these terms, they would be like The Witch-Maw, Atraxa, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Second: Orzhov Syndicate : They have an Alliance w/ the Azorius Senate via Bond of Discipline , and are somewhat like allies with the Selesnya Conclave via Ready / Willing . In these terms, they would be like The Witch-Maw, Atraxa, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Third: House of Dimir : They have an Alliance w/ the Izzet League via Bond of Insight , and are somewhat like allies with the Cult of Rakdos via Breaking / Entering . In these terms, they would be like The Yore-Tiller, Breya, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Fourth: Izzet League : They have an Alliance w/ the House of Dimir via Bond of Insight , and are somewhat like allies with the Boros League via Catch / Release . In these Terms, they would be like The Yore-Tiller, Breya, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Fifth: Cult of Rakdos : They have an Alliance w/ the Golgari Swarm via Bond of Revival , and are somewhat like allies with the House of Dimir via Breaking / Entering . In these terms, they would be like The Glint-Eye, Yidris, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Sixth: Golgari Swarm : They have an Alliance with the Cult of Rakdos via Bond of Revival , and are somewhat like allies with the Gruul Clans via Flesh / Blood . In these terms, they would be like The Glint-Eye, Yidris, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Seventh: Gruul Clans : They have a Alliance with the Boros League via Bond of Passion , & are kind of like and are somewhat like allies with the Golgari Swarm via Flesh / Blood . In these terms, they would be like the Dune-Brood, Saksia, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Eighth: Boros Legion : They have a Alliance with the Gruul Clans via Bond of Passion , & are kind of like and are somewhat like allies with the Izzet League via Catch / Release . In these terms, they would be like the Ink-Treader, Kynaios and Tiro, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Ninth: Selesnya Conclave : They have a Alliance with the Simic Combine via Bond of Flourishing , & are kind of like and are somewhat like allies with the Orzhov Syndicate via Ready / Willing . In these terms, they would be like The Witch-Maw, Atraxa, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.

Tenth (Final): Simic Combine : They have a Alliance with the Selesnya Conclave via Bond of Flourishing , & are kind of like and are somewhat like allies with the Azorius Senate via Beck / Call . In these terms, they would be like The Witch-Maw, Atraxa, & the identities' 4 Color Personality Traits.


Witch-Maw: 4

Yore-Tiller: 2

Glint-Eye: 2

Dune Brood: 1

Ink-Treader: 1

I'll decide the identities later, But I'll say this:

All Witch-Maw Results ended w/ the same result: Bond of Discipline & Bond of Flourishing every time. The only Ink-Treader result had Bond of Passion , & Izzet League . & the only Dune-Brood result had Bond of Passion also, but also had Golgari Swarm .

I'll decide this later. I just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for terms for 2 Color Identity Personality Traits of One Word each, but 5 of them. At this point, I'm only doing personality traits for Non Artifact-Related anything & even won't count Planeswalkers. Just Eldrazi & Colored Eldrazi w/ Devoid (I'm trying to find a term for "Not having Compatibility with Reality", as well as "Existing outside our understanding of our World."). Based on what legendofa said for the Four-Colors, can you think of 5 terms for this? Any 3 Colors? The Dual Colors are a mess. & is there such a thing as 5 Personality Traits? I'd really like to see 5 for all of them; Mono Color did that in spades; so since such a person might have been asked too much, Why not you, Boza? Haven't heard from you in awhile, any opinions on this? Oh, & one last thing; All qualities need to be different for each of the 5 Traits. I hope this isn't too much, guys. I'm believing I pushed one of us too far. My bad. X/

avedium on Jace, Self Milling Master (Oathbreaker)

2 months ago

Take a look at Traumatize , Fact or Fiction , Jace, Memory Adept , Fraying Sanity , Increasing Confusion , Bond of Insight , Duplicity and maybe Fleet Swallower .

Some nice combos with Tunnel Vision are Conjurer's Bauble and Canal Dredger . I believe you can ignore the drafting rules text (especially if you're playing casually).

Looking at some random cards on the database I saw Disciple of the Ring . Could be fun.

Those are all possibilities. I'm not particularly knowledgeable about self-mill.

Also, and I know many would disagree with this, but I have a soft spot for Fog Bank .

HelloSirIndeed on Inalla, Archmage Ritualist

2 months ago

Pretty solid list, I'm always a fan of Curiosity combos too (as I'm sure you know). I'd probably play like Sudden Spoiling over Polymorphist's Jest and like Mystic Retrieval over Bond of Insight though.

You could also play something like Jace's Archivist to combo with your Narset, Parter of Veils , but I don't know how much of a monster you're trying to be.

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