Fateful Showdown


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Fateful Showdown


Fateful Showdown deals damage to target creature or player equal to the number of cards in your hand. Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards.

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Fateful Showdown Discussion

Kjartan on Treasure Boom/Fateful Showdow (Blue-Red)

2 weeks ago

Reliquary Tower Is a land. There is no reason to not maximize your potential to have it.

As for Treasure Hunt. The fewer copies you have, the less consistant your start will be.

You only have 31,5% chance of getting one in your opening 7. And only 3,3% chance of having more than one.

Compare that to the 39,9% chance you'd have if you played 4. (6,3% at having more than one.)

On top of that, the chances of drawing one each turn, comparably with respectively 3 and 4 copies looks like this:

3 copies, starting with 53 cards in library leaves you with 5,7% (About 1 in 17,5) for the fist draw, and then with every consecutive draw within a relevant time limit, you increase that chance by something between 0,1 percent, and 0,15-ish.

4 copies, again starting with 53 cards, 7,5% (About 1 in 13,3) for the first draw, then it increases by between 0,12 and 0,20-ish.

Your deck has the ability to mulligan heavily, and that greatly inreases your chances of getting what you want. I'm not really sure how the math works here, but I think with the possibility of mulliganning 6 times, your chances of getting a Treasure Hunt with 3 copies in the deck, is probably around 80-85%. So it's not the the end of the world to just have 3 copies, really, but I still think it's probably sub-optimal. Especially if you're facing a card like Thoughtseize (I think the odds are about 95% with 4 copies.)

Now, there is a counter argument to be had here, and that is how good your Treasure Hunts will be when you get to cast them.

If we make a scenario where you are on the play, kept a 7 card hand, consisting of 1 Treasure Hunt and 6 lands, and you draw another land on your second turn.

With your current list, you're left with 47 lands, 2 Treasure Hunts and 2 Fateful Showdown, so your Treasure Hunt will on avarage give you 9,4 cards, and you will have a 50/50% chance at getting either hunt or showdown.

If you added the 4th Treasure Hunt, you will only get 7,83 cards, and that is a big difference. However, instead of a 50/50 chance, you are left with a 60% chance of getting Treasure Hunt and only 40% chance of getting Fateful Showdown.

The thing is, that off of your first Treasure Hunt you want to hit another Treasure Hunt. Hitting showdown now stops you dead in your track, while Treasure Hunt allows to get your draw engine going a second time before going off.

Your chance of hitting Treasure Hunt with 4-copies is 10% higher, that means we can add 10 percent of the avarage card count the first Treasure Hunt is going to net us, on top of it, so it becomes 8,61 cards of avarage. Still not quite as good as the other one, but close.

The second Treasure Hunt however, is going to be a bit worse with 4 copies. Now you want to hit Fateful Showdown, but the chances are only 50/50 for the 4-of startegy, and 66,66/33,33 to the 3-of stretegy. (Playing Lightning Storm here, would make hitting a 3rd Treasure Hunt way less damaging, but by this time, the 3-of stretegy is definitely doing better.

I'm not 100% sure what's actually best, but I'm pretty the math for 4 copies comes out ahead if you're running Lightning Storm and I think, the same is true for Fateful Showdown.

So just play the way you want to :)

Reliquary Tower, though, I am 100% sure about. It's easily better as a 4-0f.

Kjartan on Treasure Boom/Fateful Showdow (Blue-Red)

2 weeks ago

If you somehow end up with no Treasure Hunts in hand, four mana on the battlefield, multiple cards in hand, (including Fateful Showdown), and you're not just dead on board, the hand cycling effect of Fateful Showdown can come in handy.

And if your opponent has your gameplan figured out, Pithing Needle is good vs. Lightning Storm

But 95 percent of the time Lightning Storm is probably going to be better.

Kjartan on Treasure Boom/Fateful Showdow (Blue-Red)

2 weeks ago

Lightning Storm is probably a better wincon than Fateful Showdown.

Goes off for less mana, and it deals more damage per card.

Showdown can be used to cycle, though. I just don't see that coming up very often.

Keyloada on Hello, My name is Enigma Drake

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback, most of the cards in this deck are ones I had lying around and scrounged together. I found it fun so I've been working on improving it. Forgot about Guttersnipe if I'm being honest. Used to run Cathartic Reunion but my friend Map217 and I were fooling around with not using it and going for something late with The Locust God. One of the reasons I liked Fateful Showdown in this deck was because you could throw away a bunch of instants and sorceries at the same time as doing damage before swinging with Enigma for game, though it does result in often times getting stone walled by anything which could block or kill it when it attacked. Many of the draw cards were a result of using Fateful Showdown, so getting rid of it would allow me a significant amount of space.

All things considered it's an issue of being split between going with an agro strategy or trying to control into late game cards. I'm kinda leaning towards the former.

That might have been rambley but I hope it was readable. Thanks guys!

(Time to find my Thing in the Ice  Flip. I know I have one somewhere)

Map217 on Hello, My name is Enigma Drake

3 weeks ago

This man once Fateful Showdowned me for 18

UnnacountedFor on Hello, My name is Enigma Drake

3 weeks ago

With as much spell slinging your deck does, there is no endgame in the deck. With the style of deck you are going for, you want to end games fast. Melek,the dragon, and the God are just too expensive. They'er also legendary so there can only be one of each on the battlefield which means they are dead cards in your hand if one is already out. There are many paths you can take in their place. The one I recommend the most is Guttersnipe. It ends games extremely fast and has been used by the pros for years. For a cheap creature you can imediately cast regaurdless of what land you have on the field is Blistercoil Weird. Nivix Guildmage gives you fuel for your hand and a possibly lethal combo with it's second ability. Another route you can take is with Young Pyromancer. Create a horde of tokens to wipe your opponent out.

Now, for your current Spell setup. Immediately effective as you are reading this comment, 4 Lightning Bolts! Always! Okay, now thats out of the way, Fateful Showdown, Foresee, Divination, and Time Ebb are useless. Too expensive. Plus the Showdown is next to useless. You already have the Vapor Snags and Serum Visions is a much better card compared to Foresee. For a cheaper option from the serum you can go with Opt. Instead of Divination, go with either Faithless Looting, or Cathartic Reunion. Discarding the cards may seem bad, but they can fuel your Enigma Drake.

IsolatoTG on Fumiko

1 month ago

I would make these suggestion.

razelfark on GTA:GoblinTesharAggro

4 months ago

So your infinite combo is to draw? Not sure what you do with that except maybe add Cunning Survivor as a win condition because of the discard triggers you can get yourself can make it swing lethal. All you need to do now is give it haste so you can just bring it back from the grave in the triggers.

After some digging in the card data base I found better options would be to run either Marionette Master as you generate an infinite amount of treasure or Faith of the Devoted as you can just drain them out.

For some real spice you can use Fateful Showdown. Not really reccomended

I am not sure why you have Karn, Scion of Urza in this deck idea to much, unless you were trying to get the token. I would skip that idea because the token can still be chump blocked after all. This should also save you a good chunk of cash as he will be a hot card likely.

I would also probably cut the Mox Amber as the card has no real value in the deck. It is a slow mana source as you can't tap it till you get a legendary creature. I could be under valuing it but I am not fond of how long it would take to become active.

I also advise adding counter magic to the deck to make sure you can get your combo off primarily to protect Teshar, Ancestor’s Apostle or to protect any of the suggested cards I mentioned.

Side deck definitely needs the counter magic, but also will want something like Demystify to get rid of any Ixalan's Binding that locks up a part of your combo (yes even squee can get locked up in this).

Best of luck with the deck. Might try this deck idea you have here with some tweaks when set comes out.

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