Fateful Showdown


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Fateful Showdown


Fateful Showdown deals damage to target creature or player equal to the number of cards in your hand. Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that many cards.

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Fateful Showdown Discussion

Hobbez9186 on Gluttonous Gift

2 weeks ago

I have decided... to add them both :)

Fateful Showdown was fun, but any time you get more than one in your hand you can't cast them both. I probably shouldn't have been running 4 in the first place. It was a great way to recycle a dead hand and the only mainboard way to kill anything, but I've been running tests all day and I've decided that I just need to be 100% low cost "shovels" that will help me dig for that turn 4-6 win every single game. Removing creatures and higher cost spells has done that and really ramped up the reliability. Of course it is still completely possible to kill yourself, but getting to the combo this fast minimizes the damage you take along the way and on average I hit either the Gift or the Gearhulk within 6-7 cards so I feel pretty good.

The sideboard has all of the interaction and can actually get really really wide with Drake and Insect tokens. I have mostly gambled with the mainboard and haven't tried very many games with sided cards, but I have played around with most of those cards in other decks and am comfortable with what they can do.

The loss of Sanctum of Ugin hung up my Metalwork Colossus for good I'm afraid... my favorite deck was sort of "Storm" in Standard and was able to hit 4 of them in one turn... for free... and then pick them up and replay them... Aetherflux Reservoir was a hell of a thing and really fun to build around, I might have to play around with it again. There are a lot of cards that allow you to cheat out multiple spells with cast triggers like the Expertise cards and Sunbird's Invocation. Might be fun. I digress...

Thank you, Pickacantaloupe, for the support. I'm really happy to see the combo starting to spread :)

Pickacantaloupe on Gluttonous Gift

2 weeks ago

So I'm playing this deck and I like it. It's been fun so far, but I find Madcap Experiment to be a little unreliable at times. So I've splashed white, put in Refurbish, and removed Fateful Showdown. I may put it back in the sideboard depending on how I feel. Gonna start testing, so I'll let you know how I do.

I did buy Inspiring Vantage and Glacial Fortress in order to do this, but I didn't want to shell out for Spirebluff Canal. This means I removed Evolving Wilds.

Atroxreaper on Red Deck Wins!

1 month ago

Thing with Flameblade is his menace he's hard to block all of our 1 drops are easy blocks against most decks. Combined with consuming tho and he will get in several times and the threat of pitching a hand to bomat or a card to hazoret is real. Also has had me looking into Fateful Showdown.

Hobbez9186 on Gluttonous Gift

1 month ago

So Gate to the Afterlife has come up a lot and my final thoughts on it after a lot of games is that I still like to have one around. It's true that getting it online for it's second ability is pretty slow, but not impossible. I'd say maybe 5% of games at best. So why keep it? Well, the fact that it has the second ability at all got it on the list, but the first ability hasn't come up in conversation and it turns out that is actually not a bad effect to have on the field. In games where I don't have the optimal opening hand with all of the things (1 Swallower, 1 Reunion, 1 Sanity, 1 Madcap, 3 land) I do end up with a few of the Bloodwater Entity on the battlefield because they are a decent threat in the air. Whether you hit Gate with Madcap or just cast it that first ability lets you loot when they die. That part actually has been pretty relevant as it usually gets to loot 3-5 cards a game when I've had it out early. Again, not incredible, but not completely dead.

As I type this, I've had another epiphany.

Mirage Mirror.

This actually is way more flexible for the same cmc, I literally just had this major "ah ha!" moment when going through this thought line in my head: "I already dug through all of the artifacts in Standard right now and Gate was the only one that had flexible uses and it literally pulls out the main win condition if you stall out and can't find it oh my god I completely overlooked that stupid mirror."

Let me list some things that it can do here in the order they flew by just now:

  • Turn into a second copy of Fraying Sanity before each end step that your opponent dumps a bunch of cards.
  • Turn into a second copy of Bloodwater Entity or Enigma Drake to attack for a bunch more damage.
  • Turn into a second copy of something juicy from your opponent's board and use it against them.
  • How funny would it be if you were playing in a Gift mirror and you use the mirror to copy their Gift?

But does it work on Sanity like that? It probably doesn't because it isn't attached to the opponent. Ok, scratch that first one off, but the other things are right. Or does it? If it's a copy does it share that property as well? Or is it unattached from either player and do nothing? I'm going to look into that.

Ok, so pending the results of that little tangent I think the Mirror is a solid replacement for the Gate. So much so I may consider actually having two? Dunno.

Compelling Argument I use differently depending on what I have/don't have. I'd definitely say that the best early game digging tools are Cathartic Reunion (more-so when you already have the fish in your hand to discard) and Strategic Planning (more-so when you have everything but the fish). If all I have are Arguments then I'd absolutely just use the cycling. This means I probably won't get set up fast enough to use it as a win condition but it'll still help me get there faster. If I have a Madcap Experiment and Fraying Sanity in hand but only Argument and no Reunion or Planning then I'd 100% use it to mill myself and hope that a fish drops in there, but I'd be ok with a Gearhulk and could work with a Drake or Entity as well. I'm torn when I don't have a Sanity yet, but I'd still probably do it if that was all I had. A deep Scry of 3 or more would be sweet to help in those situations but I'm unaware of a good option for that, especially since it would have to be for one mana to do on your first turn to really be worth it and not effect the tempo of the deck.

Abandoned Sarcophagus is a neat card, but I don't like it in this build without a lot more cycling. The huge problem with it for me is that any time I cast Fateful Showdown to cycle my hand, Compelling Argument myself to dig for a fish, or dump cards to Combustible Gearhulk anything with cycling would just be exiled instead of going to the graveyard. If I ran it here I'd have to remove all of those things to get the value out of it. That said, it is very "build-aroundable" and I did that with a mono-blue Sphinx Tribal deck of all things that is actually really sweet. I play it on MTGO because it was cheap as hell (less than 3TIX for the whole thing). It's great because you pretty much always cycle cards before playing them so you always have a nice full hand. It also can be problematic for your opponent because they have to keep track of what is in your graveyard because pretty much everything in there is basically also in your hand. Again, like the card a lot, but can't fit it in here the way I'm set up. (Not that you were suggesting I add it, I just wanted to get that out in case it ever came up)

Commit / Memory is a fun card. I like where you are going with it against big Dinosaurs, though sometimes just Argument on it's own to mill them away still works, especially if you have Sanity on them as well you are bound to drop things they wanted to play. Before rotation I had a few builds that were similar in design to this but without the Madcap/Artifact condition. They used a lot of these cards to cycle through the deck very quickly and get out as many copies of Fevered Visions as possible. I could have all four of them out in 8 or 9 turns, it was hilarious. The Memory part of that card was in there to keep myself from getting decked because with sooooo much draw and recycling entire hands it was impossible not to run out of cards in 11 or 12 turns. Like literally impossible. Shuffling it all back in and starting over was critical, plus any Wheel of Fortune effect that makes your opponent draw a new hand is always funny. Sometimes it helps them more than it hurts them, but that look on their face when you cast it, the eye roll in particular, makes it worth it.

I think that addresses everything, thank you Soulus101, ShpoK, and only_the_finest for all the continued inquiries and suggestions. Building and sharing is probably the most rewarding part of this game. It's truly exciting when other people play your decks or run similar combos and come back to talk about it. Much appreciation, thanks again :)

Hobbez9186 on Gluttonous Gift

1 month ago

I feel like there is enough discarding happening to justify dropping in a Drake Haven as a backup win condition with Flying tokens. Just a thought, there might not be enough mana left over to make it worthwhile with Fateful Showdown, but 4 mana for a Cathartic Reunion to dump 2 cards you either don't need or want in the graveyard, draw 3 new cards, and create 2 2/2 Flying Drake tokens seems like a pretty alright move. Gonna try one.

Ol_man on Ramunap Red Standard 2 Modern Conversion

1 month ago

Good suggestions! However, to mainboard Flameblade Adept or Fateful Showdown in this deck it would require a rebuild.

Sheld on I'll hold on to that for you!

1 month ago

Alright, here comes part 2! As I said before, it is really hard to give advice without playing the deck so these are just cards to consider not something you have to include in the deck.

  • Mystic Confluence is a counterspell, removal and card draw in one - very versitale card.

  • Commit / Memory is a counterspell, removal, grave-hate and wheel effect in one - again very versitale card.

  • Wild Ricochet can be a lot of fun and it is a counterspell and fork in one.

  • You may consider adding one or two more wheel effects (for example Fateful Showdown) to support Niv-Mizzet's and Psychosis Crawler's draw-pain theme. I know that it is not the main theme of the deck but I feel like they could get some more love and it could also make the deck more versitale.

  • Ral Zarek works with quite a few cards in your deck (including Niv-Mizzet) and he is my favourite planeswalker. :)

  • Jace's Sanctum - I am really not sure if it is worse or better than Goblin Electromancer but you may consider it.

  • Djinn of Infinite Deceits could fulfill the role of sac-outlets in your deck because you can exchange a temporarily stolen creature for a different one and keep it permanently. (At least I think it would work that way.)

  • Cultural Exchange - Again, I am really not sure about this fun but it could be a lot of fun.

As for what to take out, I really don't know. There are no bad cards in the deck, only card I question a little bit is Guttersnipe but I may be totally wrong about it. How often does it really help you to win?

Atroxreaper on Ramunap Red Standard 2 Modern Conversion

1 month ago

Found some new tech to work with bomat Flameblade Adept and Fateful Showdown will test them at next FNM.

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