Narnam Renegade


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Narnam Renegade

Creature — Elf Warrior


Revolt — Narnam Renegade enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn.

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Narnam Renegade Discussion

bartlettphoto on Jund Elves

3 days ago

EpicFreddi, I was thinking of replacing the mountain and swamp with Bloodstained Mire for more chances of an optimal Narnam Renegade T1 drop and can still fetch my shocks. Thoughts?

Master_Of_Obscure_Blue_Spells on Do the Sylesnya Stomp (T5-6 Win on a Budget)

1 week ago

Lmaokai Thanks for all the suggestions! I will certainly play Ridgescale Tusker instead of Stomper. I was splitting Natural Obsolescence w/ Dissenter's Deliverance for Indestructible\Scrapheap Scrounger, and because I'm not really familiar w/ my LGS's standard meta. I run only three Scrounging Bandar because they're dead if there are no valid target for it's ability. Then it's just a vanilla 2\2. I will consider Nature's Way instead of Prey Upon, but I'm not sure if I will switch them out. I usually just use Prey Upon on Narnam Renegade to kill a bigger creature (Deathtouch) and trigger revolt when Narnam dies. Since I can usually swing lethal on T5, I'm worried that Evolving Wilds will slow me down, but the ramp with Renegade Rallier is undeniably great.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

In return, I'll +1 one of your decks



Lmaokai on Do the Sylesnya Stomp (T5-6 Win on a Budget)

1 week ago

Canopy Vista Evolving Wilds. Wilds are for revolt trigger if you draw them for you double striker and if Scrounging Bandar are as important as you seem to be making them probably throw a 4th one in in place of the Narnam Renegade. Honestly I've been wanting to find some stupid f@#$ing reason to play Arborback because it's such a good card. Nature's Way is honestly the better Prey Upon but it does take up slots for 2 drops, but seeing how standard is more about the power of 2,3,4 drops now instead of the hella nerfed 1 drops I would recommend it. 2x Natural Obsolescence is questionable compared to 4x Dissenter's Deliverance if there's a reason please do tell. Ridgescale Tusker vs Arborback Stomper idk I think that arborbacks are best in sideboard rather than mainboard and if you run them you should run at least 2 in mainboard. Now the Tusker is a different story running one mainboard just for the super f@#$ing clutch draw that ramps the hell out of the game but doesn't make the deck drastically less consistent is a good idea. Overall I would cut outburst run 2x tusker in mainboard 2x stomper in sideboard make swap if against incredible aggro decks 4x Scrounging monkey thing, take out a herbalist believe me I've tried that idea but a 2/2 vanilla isn't all that great unless your running a shitload of board pump where you need bodies to just soak for a dickload of damage. Find some place for a couple more solemn recruits and if you have an evolving wilds on a draw with 1/2 of the out that'll be quite a tempo change when they trigger. Anyway I'm going to probably build this deck a bit differently but damn I still REALLY want to find a good place for arborback. GL in your gameday dude.

Master_Of_Obscure_Blue_Spells on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

2 weeks ago

puetypoo Sorry, I didn't notice the first two, but I would still reccomend siding one more. Also, maybe Narnam Renegade? It's a great turn one play and because of revolt, it isn't a dead draw turn 3-4. And 4 Sunscorched Desert seems like a bit much, especially since you aren't running any cards that require colorless mana, and I think that Haze of Pollen should either be shelved or sided as a two-of. Maybe put one Yahenni's Expertise in the mainboard, because even if the -3/-3 only hits one of your opponents creatures, the free spell ability is still relevant. Replace Greater Sandwurm with a second copy of... Aetherwind Basker? Oh, and consider Winding Constrictor. You are running Attune with Aether, Aether Hub and Glint-Sleeve Siphoner. Hope this helps!


Badass on Edric and Tiny Thugs

2 weeks ago

Sweet deck, man! Have you considered deathtouch creatures? I run Gnarlwood Dryad, Sedge Scorpion, Narnam Renegade and Wasteland Viper in my Edric, and find they almost always end up getting their damage through. Plus, they deter attackers beautifully while chillin' with summoning sickness (or whenever else necessary). I'll paste a link to my deck below if anyone's curious.

Edric Multiplayer

Trakonis on Fight to the Deathtouch Standard (AKH)

2 weeks ago

Kevaka yes I did consider it, just never made the cut. I still feel like I get more value out of Supernatural Stamina but maybe I can re=arrange a few things to throw a couple in.

I think you are right about Narnam Renegade too just need to figure out how to fit him in and how many...I will make changes shortly to try and include him!

Kevaka on Fight to the Deathtouch Standard (AKH)

2 weeks ago

Have you considered Destined / Lead? Seems like it would fit well. Also I know it's on your maybe board but in a deck like this Narnam Renegade would be solid.

razelfark on Exert Domination

3 weeks ago

Nice deck idea. would like to suggest trading the Bitterblade Warrior out for Narnam Renegade. This change will give you a 1 drop from your deck that it is currently lacking and give you a creature that has deathtouch at all times. This is particularly useful because you are using spells like Prepare / Fight meaning you can force trades and cards like Always Watching make it so you can attack and defend at the same time with a creature they don't want to attack into.

Best of luck with the deck. +1

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