Time Reversal


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set (M12) Mythic Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Mythic Rare

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Time Reversal


Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library, then draws seven cards. Exile Time Reversal.

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Time Reversal Discussion

Seedubs3 on Looking for U/G (simic) card ...

2 months ago

Sorry I wasn't more specific Delta-117. The deck I am hoping to create is one that allows me to recycle my graveyard and hand back into my library. Time Reversal and Elixir of Immortality are great suggestions, but I would prefer to only shuffle my cards back. In this strategy I believe that it will be incredibly frustrating for my opponent(s) when I keep getting my graveyard back.. if this game play sounds ridiculous please say so.

Delta-117 on Looking for U/G (simic) card ...

2 months ago

Do you mean something like Elixir of Immortality or maybe Kozilek, Butcher of Truth / Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, is that sort of something you mean you are looking for? Also thought of Time Reversal and Scroll Rack.

I hope this helps.

CaosSorge on That Still Only Counts as One

3 months ago

First thoughts, be careful with the use of Thought Reflection. Wouldn't want to accidentally mill yourself if you hit Enter the Infinite and they have a way to survive - like say, Urza's Armor, Battletide Alchemist, Chameleon Blur, Channel Harm, Endure... Counterspells are nice, but you may need them to shut down your opponent's combos instead of saving them to save your own combos. You only have 4 guaranteed counters that don't have conditional modifiers after all...

You also might want to include either a method of massive mana ramp High Tide + Palinchron style, or a separate win-condition besides your commander's ability and Psychosis Crawler, something that could get around damage prevention.

Although, feel free to take these suggestions with more than a pinch of salt - I've personally never played Commander so I don't know much more than the fact that only one of each card is allowed... But generally speaking, if you think there's even a CHANCE of ever successfully casting Enter the Infinite, you'd better have a method of guaranteeing you win within a single turn when your entire deck is in your hand. Which means, making sure you have enough mana to cast counterspells, mill, damage, or loop back to the start through Time Reversal for yourself as necessary, even after counting the 12 CMC of EtI. Include at least one combo that acts as an auto-win if they don't have a counter - because with how powerful a card Enter the Infinite is, if they have a counterspell they're going to use it then.

It's definitely an interesting deck idea, but could use refinement still - I definitely think (should you be able to afford them) that Mind Over Matter or Omniscience would be a great addition.

cdkime on Doctor Strange Deck?

3 months ago
  • Unsummon. I would recommend using the 7th Edition Art, as it shows a creature being sucked into a Doctor Strange-like portal.

  • Jace's Sanctum is a pretty mediocre card--far too mana-intensive for what you get. That said, its art and flavour is reminiscent of the sanctums in the film.

  • Redirect isn't the best counterspell, but it is one of the more flavourfull ones--turning an opponents' power against them is classic wizard duel.

  • Day's Undoing ends the turn and does a number of other resets. It feels a lot like time manipulation. The art looks like one of the teleport doorways in Doctor Strange's Sanctum.

  • Time Warp and other extra turn spells would fit with your theme. The tempest version of Time Warp also has, in my opinion, the most amusing flavour text of any card.

  • Time Reversal does some time manipulation by resetting hands and shuffling graveyards. Its art also looks a bit like the extradimensional space from the film.

exaveron on Jace Turns

4 months ago

shadowinquisiterofdoom24680 I like the idea of putting Thing in the Ice  Flip into the deck, but I'm unsure as to what I take out for it and how many to include. I also feel like I'd be boarding it out for times that I bring Ajani, Valiant Protector in, because it disrupts our own combo. I was also thinking about taking Time Reversal out for a Temporal Trespass, to take out non-turn taking cards from the elixir loop.

EventuallyClassy on Maximum Discount

4 months ago

Thinking about adding Time Reversal and Treasure Cruise

smashadams83 on [PRIMER] Unesh, ex Machina!

4 months ago

Great job on the primer. I really like the synergy of this deck. Ive been experimenting with unesh as well. Ive been running Vizier of Many Faces (can be cast from graveyard) and Identity Thief (can flicker a sphinx for card draw) but they seem like the weakest creatures in the deck. What do you think of them?

I also included a few ways to shuffle my graveyard back into the library to prevent decking instead of using eldrazi (Elixir of Immortality, CommitMemory, and Time Reversal).

What do you think of some anti draw cards like Omen Machine and Uba Mask? I feel like these can put us ahead as we have so much card advantage and dont actually need to draw cards due to the unesh effect. I would like to improve my mana rocks eventually so Im stuck with budget ones for now. I feel like I need to fix my instants from 1 time effects to repeatable effects like some of yours(crystal shard/proteus staff), add more untap effects, and some removal and/or steal effects.
Im sort of lost on what to change though. Some cards I like from your build and would like to incorporate into mine are : vedelkan orrery, shackles, crystal shard, voltaic key, duplicant, fabricate, whir of invention, tezzeret, empyrical plate, clock of omens, trophy/trinket mage.

Would you be willing to look over my list and give me some suggestions? Heres my deck Unesh, A Riddle of Sphinxes

AllhydeNoJekyll on Jhoira, Master of Suspense

4 months ago

I'm not entirely sure what theme you are going for, but I think some of your categoriesneed to be more focused towards a set of win-cons, and about half of each be able to functionwithout Jhoira explicitly.

  • I'm fairly certain Matt had said that the Chance Encounter with Frenetic Efreet doesn't work, but I'm not sure about that. Even if that's not the case, why this particular combo? I feel as if there are stronger ones to go in Jhoira

  • Usually people use Firemind's Foresight to search up specific win conditions, or powerful X cost cards. I'm not seeing a whole lot for you to search for in this matter.

  • On that note, I think you should be really careful about your optimism with suspending things with your commander. Average Case Scenario you will play her with five mana up, suspend one thing in response to someone immediately trying to kill her, or she won't hit at all due to counterspells. A lot of your spells take for granted the fact that she will always be on the field like an enchantment you start with (see your draw category). Our meta usually consists of heavy boardWipes and consistent counterspells you can thank your boyfriend and Luke for that.

|Cards that must be cut|These are cards that are bad enough they shouldn't be in the deck at all or they have an equivalent card that is also on theme. - For example, there are a wide array of counterspells that are infinitely better/cheaper than Cancel, but Delay is one mana less and lets you control the board in your favor while being incredibly on theme (Delay a Board Wipe and remove the suspend counters, or add more as you need, etc other uses). In any case there are a wide variety of cards that should replace Cancel. Eg., 'strictly better Dissolve, Dissipate, Disallow, Izzet Charm etc.

- Thirst- Izzet Cluestone- Reduce to Dreams- Divination- Nevinyrral's Disk    - I've sort of brought my grade for this card down a little bit in recent times, the fact      that it can't save you on a draw really hurts the card and the purpose of boardWipes.       Still a great card, but not as powerful in decks that aren't focused on recurring       artifacts.
  • You have Mana Geyser listed under Ramp, when really this effect is called a 'Ritual', named for the card Dark Ritual. Besides semantics, it's a great card, but shouldn't be considered when determining how much Ramp you have in the deck. Without it, 8-9 should be more than enough anyways. As a side note, consider Reiterate, it can go infinite with Mana Geyser.

  • You have several components to Mill Combos, which is a set of great of powerful effects, but to devote to the strategy itself of mill would require a subset of 15-30 cards in that nature. Unless that is your desire, it would be best to remove non-combo pieces such as Fraying Sanity.

  • Sphinx of the Final Word is not a counterspell, but is under the category of 'counters'.

|Cards I do not understand the purpose of, but are neat|- Sphinx of the Final Word- Clone Legion- Control Magic- Eternal Dominion- Telepathy

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