Mortuary Mire


Format Legality
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Common

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Mortuary Mire


Mortuary Mire enters the battlefield tapped.

When Mortuary Mire enters the battlefield, you may put target creature card from your graveyard on top of your library.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Mortuary Mire Discussion

kamarupa on

2 weeks ago

a few lands to consider: 1xCabal Stronghold, 1xScavenger Grounds, 1xMortuary Mire. 1xUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth if you can afford it.

You've got a ton of creatures here, which is fun, but the deck would probably be more resilient with at least 4x removal spells. Fatal Push is quite in vogue, but for less money and at a slower speed, Bone Splinters would probably fit in well.

kamarupa on Warrior Horde

3 weeks ago

I know a lot of people prefer Return to the Ranks, but I favor Immortal Servitude simply because it's cheaper to cast after a board wipe.


You might consider a 1xBojuka Bog, 1xSejiri Steppe, 1xMortuary Mire.


Geth's Verdict or Celestial Flare would probably be useful in the sideboard against hexproof and indestructible creatures. Maybe also 1x Hero's Downfall/1xOblivion Ring. I would also suggest stocking up to a full set of Disenchant or Revoke Existence.

kamarupa on Shrooms ... They're everywhere !!

1 month ago

Probably should have something like Naturalize in the sideboard. Also, Beast Within is pretty useful for it's broad spectrum. I'm a big fan of Heroic Intervention when budget allows. 1xBojuka Bog can be clutch. 1xScavenger Grounds is better if the budget allows. 1xMortuary Mire might worth considering as well.

kamarupa on Mono black

1 month ago

I'd drop 2x Killing Wave, as it's best later in the game when you might not want to lose life to keep a big wincon creature on the battlefield.

Lands: Cabal Stronghold, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Scavenger Grounds, Bojuka Bog, Mortuary Mire, Buried Ruin

Sideboard: Geth's Verdict, Pithing Needle, The Rack, Tainted Remedy, Hero's Downfall, Ratchet Bomb, Elixir of Immortality

Other spells worth considering: Sign in Blood, Crypt Ghast,

justavictim82 on **Need Help*** Miracles

1 month ago

I am not sold on Telling Time. The card feels clunky to me but I may work it in. I would also run that over Think Twice for card tempo. Think Twice Flashback is negated by Snappy most of the time. Mortuary Mire would work if creatures were prevalent. I plan on Snappy only and in fairness with how fast the format is... I need as little EtTB lands as possible. I have Azcantas as well but the card right now is too slow in format to be consistent. Temporal Mastery is a great card but this isn't a Taking Turns build. It may morph into that depending on meta but I am not there yet.

Ideally flex spots right now:

1-2 Cyptics 1-2 Snappy Negate Mana Leak (May go for Remand because of the draw element)

Cards considering right now not listed above in maybelist: Remand Search for Azcanta Telling Time

Crow_Storm on **Need Help*** Miracles

1 month ago

Riverwise Augur seems perfect for your deck as a backup JTMS. You could also try cards like Telling Time, Mortuary Mire, Search for Azcanta  Flip, or even Temporal Mastery.

Ammo37 on Hapatra, Queen of Negative Counters

2 months ago

You'll want some faster card draw and creatures, and more go-wide pay offs. Disciple of Bolas, Zulaport Cutthroat, Falkenrath Noble, Blood Artist, Grim Backwoods, Sangromancer, Rogue's Passage, Whip of Erebos are all good cards to add.

Midnight Banshee is a major nonbo in your deck. It kills all of your snakes that you get from it, as well as many of your other creatures.

I dont see a reason to run Soul of New Phyrexia, Rite of Belzenlok, Rofellos's Gift, or Black Market.

Cut: Trigon of Corruption, Serrated Arrows, and Culling Dais. These cards are all too slow.

For lands you'll want to avoid tapped lands that dont further your game plan some how. Replace with basics or fast-duals: Foul Orchard, Golgari Guildgate, Golgari RotFarm, Jungle Hollow, Khalni Garden, Mortuary Mire, Oran-Rief, the Vastwood, Cabal Stronghold. provides a very helpful list of every mana source you can play given your commander.

Flooremoji on Reanimate Em All

2 months ago

Mortuary Mire or something? I know your not completely without ways to find creatures, but ,ore can't hurt.

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