Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Destroy all creatures with power 3 or greater.

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Dusk Discussion

YaDunMestUp1 on Baby Got Back

2 weeks ago

Just from my experience including targeted board wipes is really strong.Dusk Retribution of the Meek

CraftyCantaloupe on bw vamps

1 month ago

Looks great but I have a couple of thoughts:

My initial impression is that Glorifier of Dusk is a better 5 drop than Vanquisher's Banner because it gets you cards right away and also applies pressure. I'll admit that the banner does seem better in a control matchup because it dodges essence scatter and removal.

If you are looking for more incremental gain then I thinkTwilight Prophet beats Vanquisher banner. This also gives you the flexibility of just sitting back and draining your opponent while making horses. The bad news is that she dies. I would recommend fooling around with these over Vanquisher banner though. Also, it doesn't even hit horses! Good Grief!

I think that Adanto Vanguard is so good you should go up to a 4 of. Forces your opponent to have Moment of Craving or a Magma Spray.

I think you can go two Dusk over fumigate. Fumigate is better against straight aggro decks because of the life gain but you already have a settle and the ability to just trade a bunch of creatures and Dawn them back seems great. It's also cheaper and has caked in card advantage.

I like Sanctum Seeker. Gives you great reach an survivability I think it's worth the tax on your mana.

I like Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle more than I like queen's commision. With your curve you are planning to attack on turn 3 anyway so Mavren is the same thing as queen's commision with additional value later on. The only bad news is that it can get essence scattered I guess but I think it's worth it.

Yahenni, Undying Partisan seems good enough to be a 2 or 3 of. Tough to see where to cut. Could be Radiant Destiny. Just seems so conditional. It's a 3 mana legions lieutenant that requires you already have a board presence. I just think it fails too often to be better than Yahenni.

Interested in your lack of Fatal Push in the main. I don't think it's wrong, just interesting. I suppose you are mostly white anyway and mostly the beatdown anyway. Still good to kill sneks and siphoners though so I'm glad it's in the side.

One more card to consider that I think is underutilized (though not sure if good enough) is Elenda, the Dusk Rose. it's good board wipe insurance and sort of combos with Yahenni. Not sure if it can fit though, the horse plan is probably better.

themistocles333 on Heavy Metal Bears

1 month ago

you should definitely be playing Cultivate and Kodama's Reach. Sword of the Animist seems pretty good as well. You appear to be light on wraths with only Dusk and Cyclonic Rift I'd recommend Toxic Deluge, Supreme Verdict, Austere Command and Merciless Eviction. Other than that, some more impactful mana creatures like Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, Somberwald Sage, and Bloom Tender will reduce the clunkiness a good bit.

Pabs4444 on W/B Vampires (Updated for RIX Standard)

1 month ago

Bishop of the Bloodstained can even go in for a top of the curve creature. Goes extremely well to go Sanctum Seeker into Bishop of the Bloodstained. Also Dusk is good card against other aggro decks. Maybe go in the sideboard. Speaking of, do you have a sideboard? Would you find it helpful or be at all curious if I were to share my version of W/B Vampires?

AmazingGrace15 on Frowning uses more muscles anyways.

1 month ago

mars2059, I have considered those! I do like Dusk, and Dawn would be good for a last chance pulling everything out of the grave. Thanks for the suggestion!

mars2059 on Frowning uses more muscles anyways.

1 month ago

The Dawn half might de-synergize, but Dusk will be Plague Wind in a lot of cases.

erraticarsonist on The Shotgun

2 months ago

Maybe Dusk in the sideboard?

reaperofcakes on B/W Vampires

2 months ago

Another Success, went 3-1 at FNM

1-2 Against G/R Monsters

First game I stomped him, 2nd game I got only white lands, 3rd game I got only black lands. Should have been an easy win.

2-1 Against UR Artificers??

He was playing a bad deck, the one game he picked up was from having a thopter with 2 Inventor's Goggles attacked to it. Didn't draw any removal. The other two games went smoothly.

1-0 Against B/G Constrictor

First game was an easy win, kept his board empty with removal while he couldn't put a dent on my board. 2nd game I drew an interesting hand. Profane Procession  Flip, Dusk, and Ixalan's Binding with some lands and a creature I can't remember. This was probably the longest game I've ever played with this deck. It had to have lasted around 20 turns. Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip's flipped side saved this game. When I put it in, I never thought I would flip it. I played so poorly, so I think this game could have gone much better. It went to time and we got a draw for the 2nd game, so I won 1-0.

2-0 Against Budget Mono-Red

He ran out of steam and couldn't deal with both of my Gifted Aetherborn. Felt pretty good. If he had Earthshaker Khenra instead of Nest Robber in his deck, I think this game would have gone way better in his favor. 2nd game went similarly, with an easy win.

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