Chaplain's Blessing


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Common

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Chaplain's Blessing


You gain 5 life.

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Chaplain's Blessing Discussion

Schrodingers_Cat on Tribal Kitty Cats

1 day ago

A couple of suggestions of cats you could add:Prowling Serpopard to deal with control decks; Aetherstream Leopard + Riparian Tiger to better exploit charge counters; Scrounging Bandar early game creature that can help out your bigger cats late game; Scythe Leopard early game creatures; Felidar Cub can serve as artifact removal or just attack; Felidar Sovereign also a potential win condition

Some instants you could add:Acrobatic Maneuver + Eerie Interlude + Long Road Home blink a cat to avoid damage or to re-trigger Regal Caracal; Appetite for the Unnatural + Decommission makes great enchantment or artifact removal; Commencement of Festivities + Encircling Fissure to stall longer; Gift of Strength + Highspire Infusion + Mighty Leap + Shed Weakness + Swell of Growth for buffing; Gideon's Reproach + Immolating Glare for potentially cheap removal; Life Goes On is really cheap life gain and can combo with Felidar Sovereign; Lifecrafter's Gift can combo with Metallic Mimic; Pulse of Murasa is a generally good card; Prepare / Fight + Tenacity for a smack down end game

Some sorceries:Appeal / Authority + Driven / Despair + Engineered Might + Larger Than Life + Ondu Rising + Overcome for more end game smack down; Approach of the Second Sun could be a win condition if you want, especially if you're stalling; Attune with Aether for lands and energy; Chaplain's Blessing for extra life and to combo with Felidar Sovereign; Collective Effort has a variety of good uses; Dubious Challenge would work well if you get more high cost creatures; Earthen Arms + Incremental Growth for a permanent buff; Mouth / Feed for a creature and card draws; Not Forgotten to either fetch from graveyard or remove from graveyard;

Finally, a few enchantments:Cartouche of Strength + Cartouche of Solidarity + Gryff's Boon + Conviction + Iona's Blessing major creature buffs, Call for Unity + Trial of Solidarity end game smack down, Always Watching make all your non token cats stronger; Authority of the Consuls to punish your opponent and limit his blockers; Bonds of Mortality potentially add to deal with hexproof and indestructible; Bound by Moonsilver removal that can move; Durable Handicraft + Oath of Ajani + Retreat to Kazandu adds more +1/+1 counters; Overwhelming Splendor + Sandwurm Convergence wind condition; Gift of Paradise extra life and mana;

Of course, this is far more cards then you could have in your deck, so you'll need to mix and match. I really recommend Felidar Sovereign and some heal cards like Life Goes On, as this makes a potentially very easy win con. I also think you should try to exploit getting +1/+1 counters more, since green and white are perfect for that. Lots of potential cards for cat decks, I wish you luck finding a good selection.

ChessRuler on Tainted Deck

1 day ago

I think you should defenitley play 4 Sanguine bond. I know that it is expensive ($3) but it is good in your deck and can be a win Condition on its own. also Chaplain's Blessing is fun

SynergyBuild on Budget Modern Bant Deck

1 week ago

Sundering Growth against hard enchantment locks, which are faster and will beat your deck, Fog, Holy Day, Haze of Pollen, or Angel's Grace to survive for the lock, Chaplain's Blessing for the best heal against burn for survival, etc. The issue is that you have a very slow win condition.


I would suggest just to help, you fix up your mana, 24 is a good amount in three colors, but Seaside Citadel is a good cheap option, along with Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse for mana fixing, etc.

cerealkyra on It Really Adds Up

1 week ago

GW Lifegain about to suffer the SaffronOlive effect, Chaplain's Blessing $5 by weekend for sure. Deck is sweet, takes me back to when I first started magic and had a BW Pridemate deck, +1'd

------ on Commander 2017 - Spoilers

1 week ago

Licia is broken OP.

Turn1: Bloodlust Inciter

Turn2: Gold Myr

Turn3: tap Gold Myr for 1 white for Chaplain's Blessing

then cast Licia, Sanguine Tribune for 3, pay 5 life to drop 3 +1/+1 counters, tap Bloodlust Inciter to give Licia haste and

swing for 7 commander damage turn 3.

And oh guess what, even if you kill him he always comes back for 3 in a good lifegain deck, if you don't loose to Felidar Sovereign, then you will loose to this second Derevi, Empyrial Tactician.

BioProfDude on Hour of Devastation Standard Lifegain

1 week ago

I think 2x Zulaport Cutthroat and 2x Blessed Alliance would be great instead of the 4x Chaplain's Blessing. There's a couple of extra creatures and some versatility added this way. Just a thought. Good luck with the deck! +1 from me.

Argy on Metallurgic Summonings + Turbo Fog

2 weeks ago

Another good thing about Attune with Aether is that it sets up your hand to play a land that comes in untapped.

That is a big thing for this deck. There have been a lot of times where I could shut down my Opponent, if I had just one more mana ... and then I get a land in my hand which comes in tapped.

I wonder if Life Goes On would work better than Chaplain's Blessing?

jaedonadebahr on Hour of MINOTAURS

1 month ago

(me) thre land BAse Ish givn meh a STroKk(Medic) "Doctor help!!"(Doctor) " What Seems to be the issue?" (Medic) "The patient has flatlined due to a stroke from seeing a decks Land base!! It was too much and I'm worried that The Chaplain's Blessing and the Angel's Mercy wont save him!!" (Doctor)"Don't worry he'll live to play at another at another FNM."

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