Synergy up the wazoo. Everything in this deck either causes drain triggers or makes them stronger or makes them happen more than once. Value Town!!!

Turn 1: Land

Turn 2: Kalastria Healer

Turn 3: Drana's Emissary

Turn 4: Cliffhaven Vampire

Turn 5+: Panharmonicon, Bontu's Monument Trespasser's Curse etc.

Once your board is full (because you don't want or need to block anyways), use Eerie Interlude to make all your guys trigger again all at once and with Cliffhaven Vampire and Panharmonicon out that's a lot of freaking drain.


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-2 Swamp main
-2 Plains main
+2 Aether Hub main
+2 Live Fast main
+2 Declaration in Stone side
-2 Dusk / Dawn side
+4 Throne of the God-Pharaoh side
+2 Live Fast side
-1 Panharmonicon side
+3 Authority of the Consuls side
-1 Ondu War Cleric side
-2 Alms of the Vein side