Harsh Scrutiny


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Harsh Scrutiny


Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a creature card from it. That player discards that card. Scry 1.

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Harsh Scrutiny Discussion

Flickstro on My Modern Black Discard Deck

5 days ago

Nice! This gives me some ideas for my own discard deck. I had included Harsh Scrutiny in mine, along with Duress in order to clean out anything that wasn't land. I also like Trespasser's Curse and Torment of Scarabs for some additional arm twisting.

K1ngr3ese on Hulkamania 3.0 (Mardu God-Pharoah's Gift)

5 days ago

Greetings fellow reanimator! We have some bad matchups in meta... ramunap red (hyper agro), heavy control, and the always solid temur energy.

Sideboard for 2 of the 3 mainboard for the other.

Tips for these matchups. Hyper agro requires a consistent 1 drop removal, and 3 drop sweeper to setup turn 4 gpg pain. Temur requires a way to kill bristling hydra. Destroy sweepers like Fumigate or my preference, hand control Harsh Scrutiny. Control requires hand control to protect your stuff. Duress Gonti, Lord of Luxury Kitesail Freebooter Dreamstealer are all good options.artifact hate like Dispossess Abrade and By Force are for the mirror match.

How you choose to set that up will be based on your meta.

Notes on the main deck... Metalwork Colossus does not get cheaper from gearhulks, only your G-PG(its noncreature artifact)... and furthermore G-PG only brings him back as a 4/4 with no cool ETB, so i dont think he really works here... esecially since he has his own recursion from Gy. I am just not a fan of madcap at all. I would rather dig for a refurbish. When i played with madcap it lost me the game a few times so I took it out and never looked back. You should also run a minimum of 24 lands(missing a land drop with this deck, hell, in this meta is generally a loss... especially with our average cmc around 4.

My opinion, mardu gearhulk reanimator is weaker with G-PG(your creatures come in with minuses essentially). That is why i use Liliana, Death's Majesty. You can view my version(s) in my profile if you would like.

Hope this helps.

Athraithe on U/B Pirate Mill

6 days ago

replace the cancel with Disallow, run 2 evolving wilds, and a couple Unburden or Harsh Scrutiny wouldnt be bad

Hyperalgialysis on Nicol Bolas Prototype

1 week ago

I appreciate the suggestions, I haven't updated the list in awhile. What I am now using is Duress Lay Bare the Heart Harsh Scrutiny Opt Glimmer of Genius Torment of Hailfire Torment of Scarabs The Scarab God Harnessed Lightning Fatal Push with Dragonskull Summit Drowned Catacomb and Evolving Wilds as non basics and 8 swamps 2 mountain 2 islands. The whole deck has been revamped to be more focused on discard. It honestly could almost be monoblack. I will update it when I have a chance, so you guys can see what I have been using. I used to run the hub, but found my mana relatively flexible if I need it to be. I did tinker with the gearhulk as well, and with all the sorcery speed stuff I am using now I tend not to have many targets. The tower was tested as well, but given how radically I changed the deck I didn't try and use it again. I will test it some tho, as well as the summonings someone posted. Thanks again, never against trying something if it might help

Snivy__ on Ditch green when playing control

1 week ago

Hey PickleNutz. I've taken some of your suggestions into consideration.

Harnessed Lightning is better than Lightning Strike. Since my deck is somewhat energy based, Harnessed Lightning is better because I'm not targeting the player.

Vraska's Contempt is better than Hour of Glory because I've used it to get rid of planeswalkers, mostly because I don't use creatures to manually kill them. Also it gains me life, and I've never had an issue with the double black in the mana cost.

Harsh Scrutiny is definitely a great card because most of my casual matchups use Carnage Tyrant, and Harsh Scrutiny is one of the best cards to get rid of that. Plus I can scry :D

Primal Amulet is just there to test, but I think I'm going to take it out because you were right and it is too slow.

I might actually add in Baral, Chief of Compliance just for testing in replace of Primal Amulet.

Thank you for the suggestions!

PickleNutz on Ditch green when playing control

1 week ago

You have a lot of dual devotion black and red cards but the bulk of your deck is blue, you might want to try finding alternatives that serve similar purposes. Hour of Glory is a great sub for Vraska's Contempt. Torment of Hailfire just wont likely be much help and you could replace it and Bontu's Last Reckoning with Harsh Scrutiny. Harsh Scrutiny grabs creatures directly out of their hands. I also think you could cut two Disallow and try out Essence Scatter mainboard for more creature control. Lightning Strike is also a better choice than Harnessed Lightning in my opinion. Strike gives you the ability to do direct player damage and that can win games in matchups against aggro tokens that go wide. Blazing Volley is also a great sideboard for token decks, if you routinely meet any. Primal Amulet is also way too slow and stalls control decks, you could easily replace them with Baral, Chief of Compliance and get similar utility for casting spells cheaper and card draw for every time you counter a spell. It will also draw out removal spells from your opponent at some point, which clears up ways to utilize Hostage Taker. Since most of those spells are significantly cheaper of easier to cast because they dont require multiple devotion, you can also cut one land from the deck and replace it with an extra spell. The only reason I am suggesting these edits is because I too ran a deck very similar to this and I routinely ran into the issues I mentioned, once I changed it up the deck is now monstrous. Good luck.

backinajiffy on FLIP THAT SH*T BRUH!

2 weeks ago

Hey Galaad thanks for the insightful post

I think with only one copy of Cathartic Reunion I'm not in too much trouble to keep it in the deck, and having a 2 mana spell countered isn't the end of the world for me... I'd much rather have them counter that than primal amulet.

Also, using cathartice reunion with primal amulet flipped is probably not a good thing because that means you have to have 4 cards in your hand AND you have to discard all of them... which you probably don't want to do. So in this situation Cathartic Reunion is actually not good to have, but its very unlikely I'd get myself into that situation with only 1 copy.


Lightning Strike

I had it in the original rendition of the deck, but wanted to do things a little differently with this deck so I took it out. What I found, is that when you substitue in Harsh Scrutiny and Unburden you create a HUGE setup for casting torment of hailfire and you get increased card filtering to search through your deck for primal amulet

And on the ridiculous side, if you can Unburden with a flipped amulet, you discard 4 of their cards, making their options just about 0.

And putting in Lightning Strike while I already have Cut for creature removal means if they put out a big boy the three damage just won't cut it (haha)

The sideboard is that way because as we all know, if you're playing against people with brains, they will take out ALL of their creature removal because they will see clearly that you have no creatures.

And of course, this is a big weakness of the deck, but it allows us to win game 1 very often because half of their cards cannot be used and just take up their hand (unburden tosses them in the trash though)

And when they take all their creature removal spells OUT, their deck gets much harder to deal with, but they lose the ability to defend against creatures... and GG game 2.

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