Harsh Scrutiny


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Harsh Scrutiny


Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a creature card from it. That player discards that card. Scry 1.

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Harsh Scrutiny Discussion

Radeint on UB Control (Ixalan)

3 hours ago

So I got some more cards today, and updated the list which it seems tough for me to find swaps. I mainly added the cards recommended to the side board. because i am not sure what to swap since there are too many good cards lul.

Although I feel Lost Legacy will be one of the only ways to deal with Carnage Tyrant based on how many are in meta ( since it is hexproof and can't be countered). what do you think about this?

I also am struggling on swaps between 3x Negate for 3x Supreme Will since negate is a nice 2 drop. same thing with 2x Essence Scatter for 2x Doomfall. please anyfeedback on whether these swaps would be better even with the higher cost involved, which would leave me with just Harsh Scrutiny and Duress until turn 3 if i hit all my lands.

Hyperalgialysis on Mardu Death & Taxes

13 hours ago

Essence Extraction is really strong against rdw, Gonti's Machinations can be pretty good too. Harsh Scrutiny could be a main deck 2 of with 2 more in the side for creature heavy decks.

Radeint on UB Control (Ixalan)

1 day ago

Mostly this is just based off what i actually have at the moment, I want to eventually have 4 Disallow, and another Torrential Gearhulk. I have Duress and love that card but I am not really sure if that is better than Harsh Scrutiny. I was thinking that Harsh Scrutiny would be better with the upcoming set being kinda creature heavy it seems. then anything else can be caught with the counter spells like Negate. The side board is geared to come in for either more removal or step up the counters for a spell heavy opponent. having the opponent discard is probably better then scry for more control and pressure but I also have had a lot of success getting that scry when playing my current deck.

I am not new to standard but I am also not experienced so I am not sure really which is better and how the overall idea of the deck will play out in the meta. not sure if it will even be good at all. I have been messing around with all three Lay Bare the Heart ,Duress, and Harsh Scrutiny. any feedback on what is better than the other or best situations or amounts to use would be great. thanks for the response

Callmegkill on Dreamwake

1 day ago

A few cards you may want to consider adding: Lay Bare the Heart, Harsh Scrutiny as a sideboard against more creature heavy decks, Torrential Gearhulk would be great for grabbing some cantrips and other discard cars at a moment's notice (probably a 1-2 of), Duress is also pretty good at grabbing things out of hand.

Open Into Wonder may be worth looking into to make sure the damage from Dreamstealer goes through.

You may also want to have 3-4x of both Dreamstealer and Raider's Wake since that's the main synergy of the deck.

The Scarab God may also be a decent 1-2 of since it'll cut the eternalize cost on deamstealer by 2.

Some things that could be cut out: Skullduggery and Cartouche of Ambition dont do enough to warrant a spot (although I do like cartouche of knowledge for some evasion). Fourth Bridge Prowler also doesn't do much toward your strategy either (could probably be slotted out by duress).

You may also want to up the land count a bit if you're going for more of a control variant. Having 4x Drowned Catacomb would be useful as well.

That's about all I've got for the moment. Let me know if any of these work.

Illuminate21 on XLN - UB Master Control

2 days ago

I'm not really an expert when it comes to sideboards, but Iv got a rough idea of what I want. I'm thinking something along the lines of:

2x Harsh Scrutiny - To be used against aggro decks and any deck that plays Carnage Tyrant.

3x Kefnet the Mindful - Kind of replacing Sphinx of the Final Word, being a control mirror breaker. Also good against midrange decks.

1x Yahenni's Expertise - I'm not sure about this, but I have found that it is better to have a another boardwipe against token decks, mostly Vampires these days.

2x Doomfall - Another answer to Carnage Tyrant, yet also has an discard effect, which might be useful against some decks I hope. xD

3x Negate - Replacing Dispel which was used against the control Mirror, yet also good against Vehicles and pretty much any deck that runs mostly non creature spells.

2x Sentinel Totem - Graveyard hate that I want to test. Only problem is that it takes away both graveyards, causing problems for The Scarab God.

Not sure about what to add to the last 2 slots. If u guys have some ideas, feel free to suggest!

Sharkfists on Pirate Tempo

3 days ago

Don't get me wrong, Duress is still a good card, it's just a bit context dependant. Harsh Scrutiny is a bit more risky as it's a lot easier to miss with, plus with creatures I'd often rather them waste their turn tapping out to cast something and then countering it or killing it.

The sideboard is a bit _()_/ right now because I'm guessing about the meta. The idea with the Essence Scatters was for vs. heavy creature based decks like Zombies where the Spell Pierces are less useful, and they're also better than a kill spell against things like Rogue Refiner because it stops your opponent getting value off of the ETB triggers. Disallow also serves this purpose and has the bonus of being more flexible, but the 3 mana requirement makes it a lot harder to leave up the mana for it. I dunno, it's probably fine.

Qolorful on Death and Taxes XLN Standard

3 days ago

Harsh Scrutiny is probably going to be better against all the tribal that will happen now that I think about it. I also think the previously mention aether born would really help with removal

Kizmetto on Death and Taxes XLN Standard

3 days ago

I did a test and heres my write up

Your deck VS nayasaurusrex

Game 1 and 2. Show

I tried my best but maybe you can give it a shot with you piloting your deck, i think i made some misplays but i tried my best to be unbiased and fair and knowledge etc. Hope you enjoy reading and maybe can learn from it somehow? I think you need to move the Duress to Sideboard, or swap it for Harsh Scrutiny in the sideboard somewhere.

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