Harsh Scrutiny


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Harsh Scrutiny


Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a creature card from it. That player discards that card. Scry 1.

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Harsh Scrutiny Discussion

mack10k on Phobophobia

6 days ago

Transgress the Mind is better than Lay Bare the Heart, specifically because it can get Aetherworks Marvel. You might want to put Dispossess in your sideboard as well. Yahenni's Expertise is also good for weenie board wipes. Murder or Ruinous Path over Final Reward. Ob Nixilis Reignited would also be good here. Fatal Push over Dead Weight. You would get more value out of Oath of Liliana than Trial of Ambition if you put in Ob. Also Grasp of Darkness needs to be in here as well. I would even consider putting in Harsh Scrutiny

Delta-117 on clayperce

1 week ago

I attended 2 game days, I went 3-1 only losing to a control deck, and omg our match (3 rounds) went on for about an hour and twenty minutes! It determined who of the two of us made top 4. I was playing this hybrid delirium/ +1/+1 counters deck with Walking Ballista, Winding Constrictor etc.

I didn't get all of my cards that I had ordered to replace my former delirium cards all on time so I had to play some different choices, which included things like a Ulvenwald Hydra (Could fetch a Blighted Fen for a last-resort answer to an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger which my deck had a lack of answers for if cast game 1), a Liliana, the Last Hope (as a 1x of since I sold 3/4 of mine), 1x Rhonas the Indomitable, a 1x Liliana, Death's Majesty (which I have to add is a lot of fun with things like Noxious Gearhulk and Verdurous Gearhulk, among a few other things because I was lacking cards.

It was back and forth us asking how many cards the other had in hand because he had Thought-Knot Seers and Harsh Scrutiny, while I had a playset of Transgress the Minds after sideboarding, to him constantly exiling my Kalitas, Traitor of Ghets, Verdurous Gearhulk (only had 2/4 unfortunately for gameday the other 2 were still in the mail) with Declaration in Stones, Stasis Snares and Anguished Unmakings.

Then if that was not enough to slow our matches down, he was playing Authority of the Consuls after sideboarding, as well as Kambal, Consul of Allocation to punish me and all my removal (Had a playset of Fatal Pushes, 3 Never / Returns, and 2 Grasp of Darkness to gain lots of life as well of course from 3x Noxious Gearhulk which he was using on things like my Mindwrack Demon, Verdurous Gearhulk, Ishkanah, Grafwidow among others... I was using 2x Noxious Gearhulk (one main/one side) myself too which was pretty funny. Beyond that he was stealing my stuff with mainboard Gonti, Lord of Luxurys of which he had I think 2-3 of and he managed to beat me with one of my own Kalitas, Traitor of Ghets. Also 2x Demon of Dark Schemes he had which he also used t recur things, but mainly his own, although he did at times kill off my Ishkanah, Grafwidow spider tokens.

That had to be my longest game of magic, I ended up losing 2-1 after drawing 5 lands in a row and him slowly whittling down my health all the while with a Gonti, Lord of Luxury I could not afford to trade one of my creatures with, this was when I already had like 11 mana available which was lame. But I got third place anyways. Despite being long it was a challenging, yet fun match.

The second gameday I went 1-3, the problem is my deck was inconsistent with it being rather a hybrid of two strategies (delirium and counters) since I was lacking some of my much needed +1/+1 related cards. I had to mulligan a lot due to lack of lands showing up despite me using 24 which is fine. I forfeited my last match too someone I know because if I was to win he would lose his chance at top 4 and I already being 1-2 had nothing to gain from winning so I let him advance, he went on to being in the final match for the champion playmat but in round 3 because his opponent had a really, really good opening hand with zombies he just got steamrolled in the third round when they were 1-1. But the one who won is also a friend of mine who never got a gameday mat since he started gamedays in OGW, although he came close with an Aether Revolt one when it was between me and him for the aether revolt champion.

You attend any game days?

Stephencliffe on White Black Zombies Post Rotation

1 week ago

Cool deck! If you watched any of the pro tour last weekend, you already know that zombies crushed it. This might seem like a bit of a copout, but look at the top eight decklists of the PT. You'll get some really good ideas.

Off the top of my head, here are some things that I would cut/add to the deck.

Cut: Those Who Serve, Gravedigger, Fan Bearer (maybe sideboard it), Gideon and Liliana, Start/Finish, Never//Return, Harsh Scrutiny and one or two Binding Mummy. I know this sounds like a lot, but there are plenty of cards to take their place.

Add: Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, Dread Wanderer, Cryptbreaker, Diregraf Colossus (this card gets insane), Dark Salvation, Anguished Unmaking, Liliana's Mastery, and perhaps Transgress the Mind. The pros weren't playing transgress in their mainboards, but 2 copies might be nice.

I know that this changes the deck a ton, I'm just going off of what the pros did. I do like that you have Plague Belcher, that's one that didn't see much play, but I think it's perfect in this deck.

I hope this was at least a little helpful, good luck!

darcyy on Cycled Black and Red

2 weeks ago

hello, I like the deck idea, but your deck begins to play only in T4 : cycle something for 1 or 2 mana, pay 1 to create a token or drain life, and then attack with Shadowstorm Vizier as a "2/4" or maybe "3/5" flying"... if your vizier is still alive !!

Opponent has 3 turns to play 3 aggressive creatures and maybe destroy your only one creature with a cheap spell. Your deck is too slow versus current metagame (mardu-vehicules-aggro, mono-black-zombies-aggro, golgari-constrictor-aggro, boros-humans-aggro...)

To be competitive, you may need a very dangerous T1 card that could help waiting for t4 (I don't think it exists) or maybe T1 and T2 defensive creatures (easy to exile/destroy) or YOU MAY PLAY CONTROL instead of aggro.

By example, you may play cheap card$ like Revolutionary Rebuff, Negate, Harsh Scrutiny and Trial of Ambition instead of Vizier, Scorpion...etc... Opponent would lose his/her dangerous creatures/vehicules/planeswalker and then you got time to play your enchants and (re-)cycle things.

Imo, it's a better way to play with these beautiful enchants.

Firebones675 on Red/Black Lathnu Hellion Standard

2 weeks ago

I'd consider siding out the Inventor's Apprentice as you have a low artifact count. Harsh Scrutiny is decent against control but i'd keep it in your sideboad. Being an aggressive deck you would rather have something to keep applying pressure or something to deal damage rather than stripping a card from your opponents hand. This pressure can take the form of a creature, a removal spell to let your other creatures swing in for damage, or a spell that deals directly to your opponents face.

Jacklouse on THIS IS MADNESS! - Drink With Moderation

2 weeks ago

I like the look of this build however i think that Harsh Scrutiny might be excesive since the build does so much already and a mill/scry card does not follow the build so well, also you might want to get some mayor artifact removal like By Force or Dispossess since Mardu Veihcles is so popular and red damage might get short on the job.

LunaticRoom on BW Tokens

3 weeks ago

I like it. Maybe instead of Despise use Harsh Scrutiny. I would give Elspeth, Sun's Champion a try.

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